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Nazi Propaganda and the Arias Cult - article one.

Websites such as J4J have no evidentiary support for their lies, so they take away the people's ability to point those lies out.  They do such things as invoke dictatorship over their page and slap a big fat white "silence" gag over those who would speak the truth ;)

These individuals will open multiple websites on different web pages in order to flood the market with lies and half-truths.   They have no ammo to debunk the real truth so they try to subvert it. 

Hitler did such tactics with his propaganda campaign to stay in power and force his lies.  He said:

"Propaganda must not investigate the truth objectively and, in so far as it is favourable to the other side, present it according to the theoretical rules of justice; yet it must present only that aspect of the truth which is favourable to its own side. (...) The receptive powers of the masses are very restricted, and their understanding is feeble. On the other hand, they quickly forget." 

His propaganda campaign was successful and helped him to stay in power so he could exterminate millions of people.  However,  had there been freedom of the press and the WWW,  Hitler would never have been able to hide the truth. The USA does have freedom of speech and access to the information highway where all sides can be found,  including the truth.  WHEN will Jodi's supporters learn that?

However,  they still try their best to make others believe their lies. Such an attempt has been done to make others believe Travis was a pedophile. A summation of the "proof of porn" has appeared on J4J.   However,  it is filled with nothing but lies and 1/2 truths. 

J4J's summary: 

Let’s review what we already know with Dr. F’s assertions:
1 The porn, including child porn, found on Alexander’s computer.
2 Phone sex recording where Alexander states “sounds like the orgasm of a 12-year-old girl” and references “Corking the pot of a 12-yr-old.”
3 Alexander bought Jodi “Spideyman” underwear, boys underwear that did not fit because they were boy’s size.
4 There is an IM (internet message) from “Julie” that complains he is pursuing someone too young, he states “no such thing”.
5 April 2007 email from someone named Damien Ashdown that says “Stop emailing my 9-year old daughter.”
6 Alexander confessed that he had sex with women to feel “normal”
7 Friends told Alexander to seek counseling, but he did not.
8 His relationship with Lisa Andrews, still a teenager.
9 The photos of boys that Alexander was masturbating to.
10 The time when Alexander and Jodi were at a party and she noticed an exorbitant amount of attention he was giving a young boy.
11 The possibility that the explosive argument in May was the result of Jodi threatening to expose him in an effort to force him to get help.
12 BREAKING 12-1-2014: A witness has come forward who knew Alexander (before Alexander met Jodi) that may testify in the penalty phase of the trial that he has knowledge of Alexander’s lust for child porn.

Five of J4J's "proof facts" come from Jodi,  a woman who is a self-admitted liar. She was a liar before the killing, and there is corroboration by other she was a liar.  (see Lies Lies LIES - the Jodi Arias way of Life).  One's words and stories can never be corroborating evidence to support their other words and stories. 

One of the 'proof of facts'  is from a vocal supporter who alleges a situation which is unlikely to be true.  It goes against common sense. The secret witness was not in a position in Travis's life to be a confidant, which makes Travis's alleged confession about child porn to him very suspicious in nature.  Does a person tell someone they do not know very well they have committed a felony, and then gives them access to concrete evidence that could be used to convict him (ie the computer)?  Would a person risk an arrest and jail time to someone who is but a mere acquaintance? Wouldn't that destroy the rest of a 20-something year old's life? Such a scenario is not reasonable.  If it's not reasonable,  it is most likely a lie.   It's like sharing your personal bank account numbers with a neighbor you only see in passing:  it's possible but not reasonable a person would take such risk.

Two of J4J's 'Proof facts' are bald-faced lies.  If 16% of the list is a bald-faced lie,  how trustworthy is the rest when it involves just 12 questions?

The remaining four 'proof facts' are only sharing just the side of the truth that is favorable to the defendant ---  A standard practice of Hitler's use of propaganda to spread his lies.

1.  Dr. F said Travis was not a pedophile in her testimony.
2.  Alexander never said he wanted to "Cork the pot of a 12 - year old girl.  He and Jodi talked about him wanting to cork the pot of a 28-year-old woman. 
ADDENDUM - I respect the truth and if I make a mistake I will post it.  Someone suggested Travis did say he wanted to cork the pot of a little girl. So, I went back and listened again, paying close attention despite Jodi's loud moaning.   I still say Travis never said he wanted to "cork the pot of a 12-year-old girl". But he did make a comment about corking the pot with a little girl.  The following is the  transcript from the sex tape as it sounds to me:
JODI moaning loudly 32:44 starts the conversation if you don't want to hear her moan.
TA - "well, well that's so hot....  well, actually,  the way you moan baby,  it sounds like you're a 12-year-old girl having her first orgasm.  That's so hot"
JA - "It sounds like what?"
TA "a 12-year-old girl having her first orgasm"
JA (laughing)
TA - It's like corking the pot with a little girl
JA (laughs loudly) - your bad,  you make me feel so dirty.
TA - You are dirty baby
JA -  moans softly in pleasure

I suggest you listen to the tape too because the tones are important to help determine the context. (plus it gives you the opportunity to make up your own mind).  Jodi is giggling a lot and laughs loudly when Travis says it's like corking the pot with a little girl -- she takes it as it was meant - an absurd distasteful joke.  Had she believed it to be an honest expression of interest in children,  she would not have continued on so eagerly with the sex.  It would have served memory of her alleged vomiting and her allegation of wanting to help him. Jodi isn't a stupid person and she knows continuing to have sex with an alleged pedophile while he was visualizing little girls is not 'helping him'.

There was no shock, hesitation, or concern expressed in Jodi's tone of voice when Travis made the statement.  If we consider Jodi's allegation,  Travis would have known Jodi did not approve of his alleged sexual interest in children. So why say it?  And, if it was a slip up, why would Jodi joyfully laugh at such a statement as if it was a joke?  Wouldn't the opposite show through, such as disappointment?  But, instead of disappointment,  Jodi continued to encourage and joyfully participate in the sex with TA.

It's because Jodi knew TA wasn't fantasizing about little children,  and he had no sexual desire for a child.   He was fantasizing about Jodi and that is what Jodi wanted. It was a continuation of their role playing school girl sex games.   And, Jodi was a big participant and a driving factor with that.  After all,  it was Jodi who included the word little  in her request for him to fuck her like a school girl.  She could have saved lots of words and "made him feel normal"  by sending him "Fuck me like a dirty porn star"  instead, right? 

But, don't take my word for it.   Listen to the tape for yourself and make up your own mind.  Is it a desire for children Travis is expressing or is it a roll playing sex game such as the "Spank me Daddy - I am a bad little girl"  some couples play?


3. Alexander disliked Spiderman, so why buy it?   There is not any evidence beyond Jodi Arias's lies to suggest Travis purchased the underwear (See LIES LIES LIES - The Jodi Arias way of life for evidence of her lies).  
4.  Julie says the message was taken out of context. They were in a playful mood, and they were talking about a woman being too young for him,  not a girl.
5. The April 2007 email was to Travis's business account.  Travis sent out mass emailings from his business account (spam)  to attract business to PPL.
6. Only Jodi Arias stated Travis said this.  Jodi Arias admitted she was a liar before she killed Travis (see LIES LIES LIES)
7. Friends told Travis to seek counseling for his commitment issues.
8. At the time they met, Lisa Andrews was an 18-year-old woman, and TA was a 30-year-old man.  Lisa was of age, just 12 years younger.  At the time they dated, Daryl Brewer was a 42-year-old man, and Jodi Arias was a 22-year-old woman.  Arias was of age,  just 20 years younger.  People date younger all the time.  There was nothing wrong with Jodi and Daryl doing it,  and there was nothing wrong with Travis and Lisa doing it.
9.  The 'photos of boys"  was a lie by Jodi Arias. She claimed she saw a photo of ONE boy in his underwear.  The same liar sent a text one month later to try to turn on this man she alleged a pedophile thru  using the idea of sex with a little girl.
10.  Per Jodi's lying account only and no other corroborating proof.  (see LIES LIES LIES)
11.  Per Jodi's lying words again.
12. The witness was not a close friend of Travis's and only just recently claimed child porn even though he claimed being aware of a porn addiction during the guilt phase.  The man has been very vocal all over the internet but says he is too afraid to testify if the court is open to the public because the public might be aware of his true views.   

No matter how hard her supporters try to suppress it with their dictatorship ways,   the truth is a factor they will never be able to suppress.  J4J's 'summation'  of the facts has been passed from one hand to the other in an attempt to 'flood the information highways'  to subvert the truth.  But, like all the other attempts to hide the truth it will fail.   Jodi supporters will continue to use their own websites and words to corroborate the lies.  

Nazi Propaganda and the Arias cult will be an ongoing article to combat those lies with the full story of the truth. 


  1. Excellent writing. It's good to see you back!

    1. I had to add an addendum to my article because I respect the truth, no matter what the truth is. Please see.

  2. Excellent how you put this all together, Thanks

  3. Excellent. It's a pity I've only now discovered your blog, however I will catch up with those I have missed.

  4. Great read. Nice to have you back. Missed our fun exposing Spazzy Speights.

    1. Speights makes a lot of valid points! He's smart and educated.
      I haven't seen ANYONE debunk him siccessfully.

    2. Have you seen the article Prevent Stolen Valor? It's a pretty good one and everyone should read it. It really exposes the sad sad status of those who claim honors of those who don't deserve it. I mean, what kind of person would do such a thing, right?

      And as for Speights --- those "in the know" understand that the man lacks knowledge of medical science. I have educated him on some things. I was so pleased to see he listened to my instruction and changed his incorrect labeling of the superior vena cava from 'major artery" to "major vein. I mean come on, it's all there in the name of the vessel as to what type it is.... "Vena". Those who know and understand medical terminology can easily see that.
      I did have to roll my eyes (and I am sure other's did too) at the absurdity of some of his claims, lol. I mean, when he claimed Travis would still be upright and continue to attack after his carotid was severed was so absurd if it was not such a sad situation it could have been a comedy. To say a man who has lost quite a bit of blood volume would remain upright and continue to attack after his throat was slashed long enough for JA to knife him all those times in the back is something from the fantastical world of the horror flick. It seems like maybe Speights gets all his 'medical knowledge' from watching TV. Maybe that's why his "proof" he provided to his background has fallen through so bad he figured just ignoring his screw-up would make it go away. Speights was awfully vocal on here until the details of his forgery was pointed out.

      . No one really has to debunk him, he does it to himself with his uneducated medical claims. Speights' really does lack the medical background to understand the errors in his own claims. His "theory" is quite the funny read for those of us who know. It's like the fish lady's support of the pajama girl's 'forensic medical science" ;)

  5. Fans of hers will never be open to the truth. They cling too tightly to their conviction bias. Like Nietzsche said, "some people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions shattered."

  6. IM stands for "instant message", not "intrenet message"

    1. Thanks for pointing out my typo - much appreciated! I will have to get to fix that soon.

  7. Hi Debbie; Do you know if Juan will be able to use the interrogations videos between JA and Detective Flores in the Penalty Re-Trial? The reason I ask is because I was watching some re-runs on Nancy Grace on the interrogations and I found it quite interesting that; When JA lied about the "Ninja's murdering Travis she was explaining some of the details that matched forensics, only she put the Ninja in her place. She had to explain some of the details as it happen to make her story stick. There was no fog then! The fog came with her 3rd story. I wish the jury could see that tape and recognize there was no fog. No fog, no abuse. Just more lies!

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