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On June 4th, Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander in a very brutal way.  She delivered 29 knife wounds to his body,  a gunshot to his head,  and slashed his throat almost ear to ear.  Jodi received only  a few cuts to her hand.   The brutality, the multiple weapons, and the imbalance of injuries make the killing look intentional.  The defense knew this, so they had to find an explanation as to why it was not.  To do so,  they claimed the incident started with an act of self-defense that lead to a mental break and the resulting  brutality of the killing.  

Jodi's defense was faced with a steep uphill battle.  Jodi and Travis dated;  she had known him for 19 months, she said lots of nice things about her in her journal, and she drove 1000 miles to his house to see him on June 4th.   She also had sex with him that day,  took a naked photo shoot, and slept in his bed.  All those actions did not speak fear.  They appear to speak of her trust in him not to hurt her.   

The defense had to demonstrate that despite her actions,  Jodi  had a reason to fear Travis.  They tried this via allegations Travis physically abused Jodi.  However, with their claim they had a major problem to overcome.  None of Travis's past girlfriends ever made allegations of abuse.  Not one.  So, why Jodi?  Why would Travis abuse Jodi and no other?   There was not one piece of evidence to support Travis was violent to any woman, man, child, or animal.  Travis did not even do as much as destroy property when angered.  However,  Jodi's past included animal abuse.  She kicked a dog,  squeezed a cat too hard,  and left one alone for two weeks locked in a room with food and water.  She also admitted to past episodes of becoming violent when angry.  She said she kicked holes in walls,  kicked down doors,  smashed windows, and broke things.  "I found out my anger,  to my regret, is very destructive" Jodi once wrote in an email to Travis.   Jodi's coworkers corroborated seeing those actions when Jodi was upset.  

Nonetheless,  the defense said Travis physically abused Jodi. In order to explain why he would abuse Jodi and not others,  the defense claimed it was because Jodi learned a secret about Travis. They alleged she learned he was a pedophile.  They claim her knowledge caused an increase in the  intensity of abuse and Travis became dangerously violent towards her.  The defense alleged it was this violence that gave her reason to fear him.  

Thus, self-defense based on fear r/t physical abuse that escalated from knowledge of pedophilia.  It all starts with pedophilia.  

However, the evidence supports the pedophilia incident never happened.  And if the pedophilia incident never happened,  what would have caused the abuse to intensify?   It doesn't matter  because the evidence also supports the abuse never happened.  The only evidence Jodi Arias could supply to support her claims were her own lying words.  The words of a known liar. (for a detailed look into Arias's lies,  see Lies, Lies, - the Arias way).


Arias alleged she caught Travis masturbating to the image of a child on January 21, 2008.
Her story is as follows (paraphrased):

"I got off Mimi's in the afternoon.  I went over Travis's house to help him move some boxes. After that, we hung out for awhile.  I left and started to drive home but forgot an Angel at his house.  So I called his house phone, and no one answered. Then I called his cell phone  and still did not get an answer.  I decided to go back and  get the Angel.  I hadn't been gone ten minutes, so I just walked in when I got there.  I went upstairs, and into his bedroom. And then, I caught him masturbating to a picture of a little boy.  At first, I froze.  Then, I ran out, got into my car,  and drove home.  After pulling in the garge,  I went inside and vomited.  I cleaned myself up and went back to my car to get my phone.  There were 3-4 calls on it from Travis.  I didn't want to talk to him, and I was afraid he might come over to talk to me.  So I left and drove around for awhile in Mesa.   Eventually,  I ended up at the LDS visitor center, and I hung out in there for awhile. I was collecting my thoughts and trying to figure out how to handle the situation.   After awhile I went outside and found several missed calls from Travis and a frantic voice mail. It said, "Come over and talk to me."  So, I finally called him back, and we made arrangements to meet that night to talk about it.  Then I went home and fell asleep.  We met up later that night and talked.  He explained he didn't like that deviant side of himsef and felt normal when he had sex with women. I wanted to help him, so we had anal sex that night."

However, Jodi's story does not fit the evidence.  There are many flaws in it.


Phone records from 1-21-2008 show only 5 calls from Travis Alexander to Jodi and only 5 calls from Jodi Arias to Travis:

1-21-2008  3:53 PM   Jodi  called Travis (J1)

1-21-2008  4:09 PM  Jodi  called Travis r (J2)

1-21-2008  4:29 Travis Alexander called Jodi Arias (T1)

1-21-2008 4:53 PM Jodi  called Travis (J3)

1-21-2008  4:54 PM Travis  called Jodi  (T2)

1-21-2008  5:11 PM Travis called Jodi (T3)

1-21-2008  5:20 PM Travis called Jodi (T4)

1-21-2008  5:48 PM Travis called Jodi (T5)

1-21-2008  5:53 PM Jodi calls Travis (J4)


Evidence shows Travis made only five calls;  Jodi alleges he made many more.  Some claim Travis decided to use his house phone instead of his cell phone to call Jodi.  It's possible, however unlikely.  Land lines keep phone records as well.    If the barrage of calls existed as Jodi claimed, the defense could have entered them into evidence to give support to her story. There would be no reason not to if her story were true.  In fact, his home phone records would have been imperative to support her claim because she already was known to lie twice about the killing.   The defense didn't include them because they don't support her claims.

Jodi's phone calls to Travis do not coincide with her allegation either.  Jodi had no other phone than her cell phone.  Her cell phone only shows five calls to Travis from Jodi that day.  Jodi called him at 3:53 and 4:09.  These are the only two calls which can even come close to fitting her story of the two calls she made prior to catching him in the alleged act. However,  they still don't fit.  Those calls  are 17 minutes apart.  Jodi claimed to have only been away from his house for less than 10 minutes.   Perhaps she was mistaken,  and it was longer.  But since she only lived 5 minutes away from him,  it most likely is not. 

The log of Jodi's calls to Travis that day:

The phone records showed Jodi Arias only made 5 calls to Travis on January 21, 2008.  Jodi agreed that it was accurate. The times are:
3:53 pm
4:09 pm
4:53 Pm


If Jodi caught him in the afternoon after she made two calls to him,  the 3:53 and 4:09 calls are the only ones which could fit her timeline.  After she allegedly caught him, Jodi said she avoided calling Travis back until awhile later when she was at the LDS visitor center.  This third call occurred at 4:53 pm, which is only 44 minutes after the 4:09 call.   If we believe Jodi's account, she was so upset she vomited.  She was so upset she would not answer his multiple calls.  She was so upset she left her house so he could not find her there.  And, she was so upset she drove around for awhile.  But,  how upset can a person be when they avoid another for only 44 minutes before they call them? 

44 minutes is not even enough time for all to have happen that she claimed happened.  

4:09 (second call before she arrived back at his house)
- Jodi calls Travis, no answer.
She drives back to his house.
Goes inside,  up the stairs, and into his bedroom.
Catches him masturbating to a photo of a child
Runs back down the stairs, out of the house, and gets in her car.

(Fair enough to call that 5 minutes?  (even though it was probably longer)- 4:14 Pm now)

4:14 PM
 - She drives from his house on  E. Queensborough blvd to her house on E. Nido St.

(5 minute drive 4:19 pm now)

4:19 PM
 - She goes inside,  goes upstairs, vomits,  cleans herself up,  and returns to her car.  She looks at her phone and finds several missed calls from Travis

(Fair enough to call it 15 minutes? (even though the first call from TA shows 20 minutes later then the time she called him before her 'discovery') 4:34 pm now)

4:34 PM
Jodi drives around for awhile and eventually ends up at the LDS visitor center on E. Main Street.
(to go STRAIGHT to the LDS visitors center,  it takes a minimum of 18 minutes.  She drove around for awhile too.  Awhile is usually used to describe more than a brief period of time.   Fair enough to call it 30 minutes total?   (however,  Jodi's testimony supports it was longer because she was allegedly distressed and avoiding him ) 5:04 now)

5:04 PM
When she arrived at the visitor center, she hung out for a little while.  Then she went outside to her car,  found a bunch of missed calls,  and listened to a frantic voicemail which said "Come over and talk to me".   She called him back, after awhile, and they agreed to meet up and talk

(Fair enough to call it 15 minutes? (again,  Jodi's testimony supports she spent more time in the LDS center because she was so upset) 5:19 pm now)

Using the evidence with Jodi's description of the alleged incident,  she would have called him around 5:19.   However,  evidence shows her call after the alleged pedophilia incident to be at 4:53.  See the problem?   In addition to avoiding someone for 44 minutes not supporting a claim of "being traumatized",  all her actions as described don't seem to fit within the 44 minute time frame. 


Jodi said when she called Travis at the LDS visitor center,  they made plans to meet up and talk.  

"We were going to swap cars before FHE. At the time,  I was driving his car.  He didn't want to drive my car to church. We never hooked up before FHE.  I had a migraine and I just needed to sleep.  I woke up later in the evening and I went over to his house later that night.  We talked about what I saw - he did most of the talking." 

The text message starting at 6:41 pm debunks much of what Jodi alleged about the phone call and meeting up that night 

11-21-2008  6:41 pm Jodi "Can we swap cars before FHE?"  
Per Jodi,  this was already known. So why is she asking if they could do it then? 

It doesn't fit because her story is not true.

11-21-2008 7:19 pm Jodi - 'Never mind because one of the stores I need to go to closes at 8pm. I'll just go tomorrow.

1-21-2008 7:20 sends same text
If Jodi had plans to see him after FHE,  why not swap the cars then?  Instead,  she says she will do it the next day.
It doesn't fit because her story is not true.

1-21-2008 7:24 pm Travis "I got a ride from one of the peeps in the ward so now you can just go get it. Let me know when you made the exchange."
If they are going to meet up that night,  why is Travis saying get it now and let me now when you have it?" 

  It doesn't fit because her story is not true.

1-21-2008  7:25 Jodi zzzzz I am almost asleep.

1-21-2008  7:27 pm Travis --  You obviously did not need it that bad.  I got a ride so you could use the car. Now you are going to sleep?"
If Travis is frantic over the fact Jodi learned of his alleged pedophilia, why is he getting annoyed with her? 

 It doesn't fit because her story is not true.

1-21-2008 7:29 PM  Jodi "I fell asleep and a phone call woke me up,  that's when I sent you that text"

1-21-2008 7:36 pm Jodi - I have a headache and can barely move

1-21-2008  9:11 PM Travis - "Alright, get it tomorrow then".    Why is Travis telling her to get the car the next day if they are supposed to meet up that night?
 It doesn't fit because her story is not true

1-21-2008  9:16 PM Jodi ' "Can you talk now?"
1-21-2008 9:18 PM Travis "Not right now"
Per Jodi, Travis was frantic to talk to her.  If so,  why is he telling her no?
 It doesn't fit because her story is not true.

1-22-2008  11:33 am Jodi - "How long?"
Per Jodi,  this "how long" was in reference to how long before they could talk about the incident.  Why is she asking how long before they could talk about it if they talked about it the night before? 

 It doesn't fit because her story is not true.


Details in Jodi's story about the events surrounding the pedophilia changed. This is a sign someone is lying. 

Jodi said they made plans to exchange the car before FHE,  but they never did:
The plan to swap is verified in her text to Travis:
11-21-2008  6:41 pm Jodi "Can we swap cars before FHE?"  
JA - ""We were going to swap cars before FHE. We never hooked up before FHE"  DEFENSE QUESTIONING
If they never swapped,  why does her testimony keep swapping?
Jodi testified she was driving her car the day of the pedophilia incident. 
She also said after 'catching him'  they never met up before FHE.
JA - "I ran out of the house and got into MY car and drove off". DEFENSE QUESTIONING
JA -"I went back out to MY car to get my purse and my phone and I saw there were missed calls from him" DEFENSE QUESTIONING

She confirms this when Juan Martinez asks:

JM "You drove off in your car correct?" 

During the same day on the stand she changed her testimony.

 She claimed driving his car before FHE:

JA -"
At the time I was driving HIS car, but he didn't want to drive my car to church with people. He wanted to take his own car""  DEFENSE QUESTIONING
JA - "
We never hooked up before FHE.  I had a migraine and I just needed to sleep."  

Then she changed her testimony a third time 
JM "He's without a car at FHE, right?"
JM "You have a car, right?"
JA "yes"
JM "His car right?"
JA "I don't remember which car I was driving"
JM "You're driving you're car, right?"
JA "I've already said I don't remember which car I am driving"


In 2010,  Jodi Arias attempted to introduce copies of handwritten letters alleged to be authored by Travis Alexander. She claims these were letters Travis wrote to her.   She could not produce the originals, so the letters were not admissible.  One of the letters was dated January 21, 2007.   In the letter,  Travis Alexander allegedly admitted his attraction to children.

During his questioning of Chris Hughes in a hearing,  Nurmi gave Chris this letter to read.  Nurmi  stated the date of the letter to be "January 21, 2007"  and asked about Skye's response to the letter. Nurmi  stated Skye said "I knew Travis had his issues,  but I did not know that.  What ages was he attracted to?"

The letter was dated on the same day of the month Jodi claimed to find out about his attraction to children.   However, the year was wrong.  She alleges it was 2008;  the letters are dated 2007.  If Jodi claims she did not know of his pedophilia issues until 2008,  then the 2007 letter has to be faked. Someone screwed up about the year when faking them.  It happens when people are lying.  And,  if she is faked letters about pedophilia,  it makes any claim she presents about the subject not believable.  

Jodi alleges Travis was a sexually interested in children.   She stated she continued to have sex with him because she wanted to help him feel normal.  She claimed she made a deal with him to not stay the night at a home where children lived.  Her alleged deal would indicate she had a fear of him acting out his urges.  If her allegation was true, why is she enticing him with images of children and sex to elicit a sexual response?   A month after she claimed to have caught him masturbating to the image of a child Jodi sent him an unsolicited text.  It read
"Yes, I want to fuck you like a dirty horny little school girl." 

It's not reasonable she would send such a text to someone who she claimed was a pedophile and had fear might act out his desires.  It's not reasonable, and it does not make sense.  And if it doesn't make sense,  most likely it's not true.  

If the pedophilia incident is not true,  there was no reason for "escalation" of abuse.  With or without the pedophilia claim, there are signs the abuse incidents are lies that stand alone. 


1-22-2008 'abuse" 


Paraphrased - "I was getting ready to leave for California and before I left I went over there to see if he was OK (in regards to the alleged pedophilia incident).  I went over there; we were talking in his bedroom, and he wanted to borrow $200.00.  I didn't have it;  I just lent him $699 a few days prior.  He called me selfish, and I said 'how can you call me selfish, I just lent you $700.  He got angry,  started to shake me, and he body slammed me on the floor.  I yelped. He kicked me in the ribs.  He tried to kick me again,  I put out my hand, and he hit my finger. I said my hand my hand".   Jodi then held up a crooked finger and alleged it was related to Travis breaking it.   

Jodi made a mistake by linking the story of the 1-22-2008 abuse to pedophilia.  The evidence supports she lied about the pedophilia story.   Anything associated with the story will be scrutinized and suspicious to be a lie as well.  
Her 'corroborating' evidence
There is a check of $699 written to Travis on 1-15-2008.  Jodi tried to use this check to corroborate her testimony.   She claims it was a loan, and used to support her claim Travis asked for more money on 1-22-2008.   However, it is unlikely to be a loan.  A loan for $699 seems like an odd amount to loan someone unless it was a direct payment for a bill.  But,  it was addressed to TA,  not a billing company.   There is a notation on the memo line that indicates the purpose of the check.  Unfortunately,  it's difficult to read.  But one thing for sure,  it's does not spell out  "loan."

Find out what the memo states,  and find out the purpose of this check. My undying gratitude goes to anyone who can decipher it.

On  1-28-2008 Jodi wrote in her journal about lending money to Travis: "He (TA)  needed to borrow some money.   I obliged w/out a second thought, as I have helped him before just as he has helped me.  So I lent him $250.00. "    On 1-21-2008 she wrote about lending money again: "We went to the bank and I loaned him another $220 to put towards his gigantic  mortgage."   Jodi claimed the $699 was a loan to Travis because his checking account was about to be overdrawn.  However,  on 1-15-2008 she does not write one word in her journal about lending him such a large amount,   nor does she write about making a trip to the bank to deposit it.   There is not one notation in her journal around 1-15-2008 which indicates Travis was having money problems or he asked her for a loan for $699. Reason supports she would have made some kind of notation about the loan in her journal.

Jodi stated in testimony that Travis lent her money frequently in 'small amounts'.  However,  given her maxed out credit cards,  her low-income job,  and her living expenses it was most likely more than just 'small amounts'  he lent her.  In fact,  evidence supports Travis loaned her money one week after the check for $699 was written.   If Jodi's allegation the $699 was a loan is true, then why is Jodi telling Travis she will pay him back for money lent on 1-22-2008?

Text message 1-22-2008

1-22-2008      11:50 am       Travis - did you use my phone this morning without asking?

1-22-2008      11:52 am        Jodi -    I only used it after I asked you in the office.  Why?

1-22-2008      12:03:19 pm   Jodi -  Why?

1-22-2008      12:03:42 pm   Travis -  nothing

1-22-2008      12:20:11 pm   Jodi - Did you make that deposit?

1-22-2008      12:20:00 pm   Travis - yes

1-22-2008       ~ 12:21 pm     Jodi - thank you,  I'll make it up to you soon.   


Jodi testified that this 'deposit'  was a loan Travis made to her.  It indicates he had money to lend her, so why would he have to borrow $200 from her the same day?   It was Travis giving Jodi money on 1-22-2008,  not Travis asking Jodi for a loan of $200.   Jodi claimed it was this same day Travis physically abused her because she would not loan him money.  The evidence says differently and shows Jodi's story was a lie. 


The money situation is not the only evidence which supports she lied.  The fact she claimed her finger was broken and no one noticed is another.  A broken finger is very noticeable.  It sticks out like a sore thumb (pun intended).  The finger would be bruised, tender, swollen, and  not be movable.  A broken finger takes weeks to heal, and even longer if not splinted.    And, a finger that is not splinted can affect the function of the entire hand due to the pain.   Jodi worked as a waitress.  She was constantly in the public eye.  If she had a broken finger,  someone would have noticed because it would have limited her ability to function at her job.  After all,  when she had only had a cut on her finger two people noticed right away.   

Jodi's finger injury is the exact presentation of how a cut tendon presents when a person forgoes medical treatment.  Jodi's deformed finger is most likely the result of a knife injury to her hand she received when stabbing him.  The cut was noticed by two different people the day after the killing.   Two people noticed the cut,  asked about the cut,  and remembered the cut.  However, Jodi claims no one noticed a swollen broken finger that would have taken weeks to heal.   It's a ridiculous claim;  a lie like no other.   

Jodi told those who noticed the cut it was related to an injury she obtained at work.  A month later,  she changed her story.  She told Flores that the woman intruder with a knife cut her, and her finger had never been the same.  Jodi displayed her deformed finger as proof.   Then,  two years following her arrest Jodi changed her story for the third time. She claimed her deformed finger was the result of Travis kicking her and breaking her finger.  Once again,  she displayed her finger as proof.  If Jodi used it once in a lie to benefit her,  reason says she would be willing to use it again.  

Jodi's story about her finger is all over the place.  The closest she came to the truth was when she claimed it was from a cut to her finger that never healed correctly.  Jodi sliced her finger while stabbing Travis and never sought medical help because of how it happened.  The result was her deformity.    Jodi was using truth to attempt to make the intruder story more reasonable.  However,  now she wants to claim it is from Travis breaking her finger.  In order to verify a break,  all Jodi has to do is get a $300 x-ray of her hand.  An x-ray will show if a break truly existed,  and be able to pinpoint how old the break was.  If her claim is true,  an x-ray could provide the much-needed medical evidence to corroborate her story.   So why hasn't she done it?   


Jodi's journal supports the abuse did not happen either. Her journal entry from 1-24-2008:

"I haven't written because there has been nothing noteworthy to report. I turned down 4 offers to date this Friday night.  4 separate offers. That's mildly amusing. Instead I am going to dinner at Brother Porter's house. It's for new ward members. I'm tempted to skip out though and go with my friends to the snow.  I could get some reading and journal writing done and probably take some great pictures. Not to mention spend some time w/ some good friends.  Anyway,  we'll see. JAA" 
Jodi not only stated nothing happen,  she indicated she was making plans to do things one would not be doing with a broken finger that was not splinted.   She was thinking about going to the snow to take some pictures.  She would need use of her hands to take those pictures.  Additionally,  taking pictures would have put her finger in full view of others.  It's an odd choice for someone to do when they claim they wouldn't even go to the hospital because they wanted to hide the abuse.

This picture is from JA's Myspace and simply titled "Snow".   She is blonde, so it is prior to the brunette snow pictures she took. It's unclear if it is from the same 'snow' trip she talked about going on in her journal.  However, considering the wording in the journal and the title of the picture,  it's very possible it's  the same trip.

" I'm tempted to skip out though and go with my friends to the snow.  I could get some reading and journal writing done and probably take some great pictures." 

If the picture is from the same trip described in her journal,  Jodi has a big problem.  She used her left hand to take a self-portrait.  However, how can she do that if her left ring finger was broken just a few days earlier?  She would not be able to hold the camera in that left hand and take a picture if her finger were broken.  Especially if it was not splinted. 

Even using two hands,  taking a picture would have been difficult.  A non-splinted broken finger makes the whole hand hurt like hell. How would she have been able to hold the camera and click the shutter without pain and someone noticing?

  Look at her left hand. It's in full view of those who would be looking at the camera lens.  Anyone on the 'snow trip'  would have noticed a broken finger.   So,  if her finger was broken on 1-22-2008,  why is she making plans to flash her hands in front of people a few days later?  

So much evidence points to the fact the abuse did not happen on 1-22-2008.  The strongest of that evidence is the text message in which Travis loaned money to Jodi the same day she claims he assaulted her for not loaning money to him.   The only 'evidence'  which exist to support Jodi's claim is her words.  They are the words of a known liar (for detailed information as to those lies, see Lies,  Lies, Lies,  the Arias Way)

3-01-2008 "abuse" 
Jodi's Testimony

Jodi-The beginning of March 2008,  it was on a Saturday because we were driving.. we were carpool.. we were driving together to a tax seminar.... a tax seminar being held for PPL associates in Tempe.... um... and we were on the Freeway and we began to argue about ....  I was moving back to California. .. and it was something I had told him I was considering.... uh maybe a few days or a week prior.... but I didn't really get into it.  So I told him I was for sure going to move,  probably right after convention.   And,  he made a few comments and we argued and the argument escalated and he reached.... well he reached his right hand over to hit me.  TOLD HIM ABOUT MOVING ON THE WAY TO THE TAX SEMINAR.

 KN - In the car while driving?

Jodi -  Yes.  ..... ummmm........   I don't know if he just meant to smack me  or what but it was like a backhand....

(fillers) KN What happened next?  

Jodi- I was crying pretty hysterically and I called my mom from the call on my phone.  And I asked her if she would please lend me some money so I could move back.

(more filler) KN so when you asked your mother for money to move back to Yreka,  what happens?

Jodi -  we turned around on one of the exits because I was crying and he was angry and we decided it would be best to not attend the tax seminar.  DID NOT GO TO THE TAX SEMINAR BECAUSE OF THE FIGHT CAUSED FROM TELLING HIM SHE WAS MOVING

 People there knew us and he was probably just as interested as I was about not letting it be known that we had the kind of drama that we did in our relationship.  So he turned the car around and drove me back to my house ....  um... the phone conversation with my mom had ended ......... and..........he pulled up to my house... and we had talked the rest of the way  a little more calmly.  He was apologizing. And he asked if I would come over to his house so he could make it better.... it wasn't discussed but the implication was make-up sex or something to that effect.  So, I leaned in to give him a kiss on his cheek and he leaned in to give me a kiss on the lips.  Which I thought was very affectionate because at this point he really was not kissing me on the lips at all.  And he walked me to my door,  he told me that he loved me,  so I went... I changed out of the business clothes I was wearing into more casual clothes and I cleaned myself up a little bit because I had been crying and then I swung by Starbucks to get him a cookies and cream frappucino and I think I got a strawberry and I drove to his house and we hung out.  

KN so he hit you in the face

JA no,  he didn't hit me in the face.  He might have been aiming for my face but I turned my head and it was more like my jaw/ neck area. Like this area (touching an area hid by her hair).  We kind of argued about that too

In Jodi's testimony,  she claimed she told Travis she was moving back to Yreka on the way to the tax seminar.  She alleges the fight made both decide to not go to the tax seminar.

However,  Jodi's journal states she told him after they already decided to not go to the tax seminar.  
Jodi wrote in her journal "Anyway,  the next morning,  Saturday,  he picked me up so we could go to the tax seminar,  but ended up not going.....He bought some breakfast at Fili B's which I was grateful for. Anyways,  on the way back home I told him of my plans to move back to Yreka."       DID NOT TELL HIM ABOUT MOVING UNTIL THEY ALREADY DECIDED TO NOT GO TO THE TAX SEMINAR.

If you are telling the truth,   details remain constant.   The difference in the details of Jodi telling Travis on the way to the tax seminar and against her journal saying it was on the way home is evidence Jodi was not being truthful on the stand.  In testimony,   Jodi had reason to lie about when she told Travis.  In her journal,  she had no reason to lie.   Telling him on the way home instead of one the way to the tax seminar neither hides alleged abuse nor avoids negativity.  Thus,  there would have been no reason for Jodi to have changed her story.

On 3-2-08 Jodi wrote more about the hitting incident:

"Well Travis and I talked some more in his car and we were able to say some things, at least I was, that we've been waiting to say for a long time. It was the beginning of a bitter sweet closure.  He is my best friend in the whole world. It is so unimaginable to live without him, but it has to be this way. It will be better for both of us, I think.

I leaned in to give him a hug and a kiss on his cheek to say goodbye and he turned his head so our lips met.  It was a series of three very tender, very soft kisses.  I love his lips.


The journal contradicts Jodi's  claims.  She may not have written "Travis hit me in the car today",  but she did write "he is my best friend" and wrote about how he tenderly kissed her to say goodbye.   It is those words that make her claim of abuse so suspicious.   The defense attempted to claim Jodi's positive passage only reflected her habit of minimizing the negative and reflecting on the positive. They implied Jodi would not write bad things about Travis because of her belief in the Law of Attraction.   But this is not true.  
Negative things Jodi wrote in her journal about TA
 He makes me sick"  - 8/07

"He makes me sad and he makes me miserable" 8/07

 "Travis was obscenely mean to me" 2/08

 "Something is off with that boy" 2/08

"I find it interesting and tragic at the same time, that once words are spoken, they cannot be unspoken. Even now,  even still,  I am haunted by those words, as another statement just popped into my mind"   11/07

"TA thinks that if he popped the question, I would say yes in a second. He’s deranged" 11/07

"there are countless reasons why he is not married" 1/2008

And he has the nerve to tell me to balance my checkbook. Nay,  he didn't just tell me, he screamed at me" 2/08

"he is a little too rough around the edges" 2/08

"he frustrates me" 2/08

"Each time the transgressor seemed grieved I got hurt. Actually,  not true.  Travis seemed mildly remorseful,  but that's it"  2/08

"The problem with Travis is he is so used to girls falling all over themselves for him" 2/08
Jodi did not even believe in the Law of Attraction when this alleged event occurred.  According to her blog,  she stopped believing in it in November 2007.
"About six months ago I stopped believing in the Law of Attraction, or at least the accuracy therein. And do you know what I found out? I found out that even when you don't believe in it, it still continues to work with perfect precision! So while I now go about my day in a manner far removed from my previous mode of operation, that darn Law of Attraction keeps right on making itself evident in every area of my life".

Jodi wrote about Travis being 'mean' to her before.  She wrote writing helps her to process emotionally wrenching situations.  Jodi no longer believed in the law of attraction.   If she was really backhanded that day,  reason supports she would have at least hinted about some kind of discord in her journal. Even if it was just another passage about him being mean. There was nothing to stop her from doing so.   Instead she writes: 
"He is my best friend in the world. It's unimaginable to live without him"


Jodi's story was she told Travis she was leaving while they were driving in the car.  She claims it made him mad and led to him backhanding her.  If true,  why would Jodi immediately call her mother in front of Travis to make 'good'  on her attempts to leave?   Wouldn't that be seen as something that would have escalated the situation and make him angrier?  Would an abuse victim do this right after being hit if they claimed they tried to avoid the abuser's anger?  The actions she describes do not fit those of an abused person who is afraid of their abuser.

And,  if true,  why would Travis get "happy"  that she was making good on her attempts to leave?  According to Jodi  she called her mother and arranged for her to come to help her move while Travis was sitting right next to her. And, from the story Jodi tells Travis was no longer mad after Jodi made those arrangements to get back home. Wouldn't an abuser get angrier because she was making good on her plans to leave right in front of him?   The actions she describes does not fit those of an abuser who is angry because their victim is trying to leave 


One of the letters is dated 3-02-2008.  It  states  "he once hit her in the face".  According to Jodi, it was not 'once'  but the day before the letter was allegedly written.  And, according to Jodi,  it was not the face but the jaw/neck........ .    It doesn't quite match,  does it?

 Jodi's Allegation
Jodi claimed she was arguing with Travis. The argument was allegedly triggered by her telling him the truth about kissing Abe.  Travis became angry, and they started to argue over multiple issues. According to Jodi,  this argument occurred a few days before she left for Mesa.  Jodi states that the argument escalated because his alleged pedophilia became a topic.  She claimed she gave him mental health pamphlets to help him with those issues, and it caused him to 'flip his lid'.   She stated he threw her down,  climb on top,  and choked her until she passed out. 

Narrowing Down the Date of the Alleged Abuse

The alleged abuse was supposed to have occurred a few days before she left for Mesa for good.  However,  Jodi is not clear about the date she left.  She said it was the first of April but more toward the middle.  She said it was sometime between the 1st and the 10th and suggested the dates of 7th-8th-9th.  She also stated she attempted to leave April 1st but ended up staying about another four days.  According to Jodi,   she left but returned because she was tired.   

Jodi's journal,  her emails, and her text exchange with Travis provides a more clear picture as to when she really left.   It was on April 03, 2008:

4-03-08 Journal entry:
I still haven’t left Arizona but I’m leaving late today. I’m staying at TA’s"

Jodi sent a "goodbye" email  to Travis on 4-04-2008. 
"I know I’m making the right decision… I used to be so spiritual. I’m not myself… Don’t think I don’t enjoy making love to you. I have enjoyed making love to the man I love but it wasn't under the right circumstances.  We’ve both stretched it farther than it should have naturally gone but intact it remains. This time away from each other will help us both. That is my prayer and that is what I sincerely believe."
A text message between the two supports Jodi was already back in Northern California on 4-07-08.
Travis texted Jodi and asked her were she was.  Jodi said she was staying with her sister.  

If Jodi left Mesa on 4-03-2008,   it puts the alleged abuse date somewhere between March 27th to March 31st to coincide with a "few days before" leaving.


 Jodi stated the alleged abuse occurred a few days prior to her leaving for Yreka.  She also claimed she was living with Travis for 7-10 days before leaving from Yreka.  If those two claims are true,  it would mean Jodi lived with Travis at the time he allegedly choked her.  However,  text messages support Jodi was not living with Travis during the alleged abuse date.  And her journal entry supports it. 
Text Message 3-30-2008:

TA  16:53:03 "It gets old when you dramatize everything.  You stress me out on a regular basis.  You have 27 hours and your complaining about not making PC.  You shouldn't hang up on someone trying to help you.  Now you are on your own." (TA helped Jodi over the phone,  not in person)

JA: 16:53:14  "Nor should I"

JA 16:53:14 "I wanted to tell you something about today. It's important and time is of essence.  (If she was living with him,  she could have told him in person).

TA: Too bad,  you shouldn't have hung up (TA is saying she shouldn't have hung up on him because now she isn't going to get to tell him.  If they are living together,  she would see him)

JA 16:55 "It was for your benefit - not mine.  I only wanted to tell you because I care about you.

TA 16:57  whatever Jodi

Other parts of the text were discussed in the retrial of the penalty phase but the time was not shared. They involved Travis telling Jodi if she was sick of him to leave him alone and not to text him again unless it's an apology.   The context does not indicate Jodi is living with him.  If Travis is sick of her and wants her to leave him alone,  why no indication he tells her she can't stay at his house anymore?
Journal Entry:
Jodi's journal entry of March 30th further supports Jodi was not living with Travis for a full week before she moved.     "Travis and I got in a fight and I drove over to his house.  I banged on the door and he yelled "what".  I opened it and ran right into his arms and said sorry.  We cuddled."  

If Jodi lied about events surrounding the alleged abuse,  then reason supports she lied about the abuse as well.   

Actions Do Not Support Her Allegations
A defense witness stated the most dangerous time for an abuse victim is when they are trying to leave.   If so,  Travis's behavior does not fit within the 'pattern of abuse".    Jodi borrowed his BMW to pick up her Uhaul just a few days prior to April 3rd when she left.  She went alone and was going to pick up a tow dolly to be able to take her Infiniti to Yreka.   Jodi put Travis's car on the dolly,  left it in first gear,  and attempted to tow it back to his house.   She blew the engine because she towed it in first gear.  

 The "pattern of abuse" supports Jodi destroying his $6000 car would have made Travis blow up at her if he were  angry she was trying to move away.  But,  he did not.   In fact, Travis did not get mad at all according to Jodi.   On a phone interview with Flores, Jodi stated "I trashed his car, and he took it so well."  Instead of getting mad, Travis tried to help her get out of having to pay for it.  He called his lawyer to see if Uhaul would be responsible, and he called his insurance to see if they would pay.   When the answer was no,  Travis made a deal with Jodi.  He allowed her to make very low minimal payments for the car she destroyed.  He told her not to worry about making her payments until she was "on her feet".  Such behavior is not the action of a man who would choke her over an argument because he was threatened she was leaving.


Under oath,  Jodi told a different story about  the BMW deal.  She made it sound like she was already buying the BMW before she destroyed the engine.   She claimed Travis "pushed it off"  on her when he was buying his Prius.  Her claim was Travis wanted to sell the car instead of doing a trade-in because it would get him more money.   She stated he convinced her to buy his car because she would soon lose hers to repossession.  Her  credit was too bad to qualify for a loan.   Travis purchased his Prius in March.  Jodi's journal supports this:
" 3-06-2008 Today I worked. When I was done I got a call from TA. He asked me if I wanted to go with him to get his Prius…"

Jodi's taped interview with Flores supports there was no plan for her to purchase the BMW before she blew the engine.  She said "The car deal happened right before I left Mesa".  Jodi had to lie on the stand about the timing of the car deal.   If she admitted she blew his engine before the deal for her to buy it was made,  how can she paint him in a bad light if he didn't even get mad?   How can he be a guy to blow up and choke her over an argument because she was leaving him but then at the same time be so passive about her destroying his $6000 car?  Especially given the fact she had no means to pay for it. 


 Jodi Arias stated she had pamphlets about low-cost mental health help which she found at the mall.    She claimed she had sent them to Travis before because she thought it would help with his alleged pedophilia.  It is those pamphlets Jodi claims made him "flip his lid"  and choke her after a long day of arguing.   However,  as discussed earlier,  a long list of evidence supports the pedophilia incident never happened.  If the pedophilia incident never happens,  it makes the pamphlets to help with alleged  pedophilia do not exist.  It the pamphlets do not exist then there was no 'trigger'  point for the alleged choking.  It's as simple as that.   


Jodi alleged the strangulation incident occurred after a long period of  arguing.  She stated what started the arguing was a 'come clean before I move'  conversation she and Travis decided to have.  Jodi claimed she told Travis that Abe kissed her before she and Travis were a couple, and it set him off.  He started to yell at her and say their entire relationship was based on a lie.  This argument escalated, and  more subjects came about.  The argument ended with the alleged choking incident.  Jodi claims the alleged choking incident is one that made her fear for her life on June 4th because she realized "hey,  I could have died."

Per Jodi,  realizing she could have died was a traumatic experience for her.  She claimed it was the reason she felt her life was in danger on 6-04-2008.    If so,  why the hell is she laughing about anything associated with the episode just a month later? 

From the sex tape allegedly made on 5-10-2008

JA - "He (Abe) brought that up.  He said "I see him in the bathroom, and I am like a ghost to him. He looks right through me and doesn't even say hi to me."
TA - "He's a ghost to me? What am I supposed to say? Hey, you kissed my girlfriend - wanna talk about that?"
JODI BUSTS OUT LAUGHING "That was before I was your girlfriend -- YOUR SO CUTE!!!!"
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MS-lKLdasyM 12:24

Jodi laughed when Travis was talking about the January kiss.  She thought it was quite funny Travis was annoyed with Abe for kissing her when she and TA were not a couple.  It is a sincere laugh.   A person who was almost killed related to a particular situation does not laugh about it one month later when their attacker brings it up.  The fact she laughed supports she was not strangled into unconsciousness like she claims.  

Jodi's Allegation

Jodi claimed that at the end of October,  Travis and she got into a fight.  She alleged he was angry and calling her and her family names.  She said she tried to leave, but he would not let her.  He then pushed her, and she fell to her knees.   

Evidence supports Jodi lied about multiple incidents: the pedophilia incident,   Jan 21st abuse,  the  March 2nd abuse,  and the end of March/ April abuse.  With all her lies,  it's impossible to believe she was abused at the end of October without any corroborating evidence to support her claims.

The evidence that supports she lied about the other incidences of abuse is enough to discredit her. However, more evidence can be used to show her claims of abuse at the end of October is unlikely.

Jodi's testimony and her journal entry
Jodi testified she did not consider the alleged pushing incident at the end of October as abuse.  If true,  then she would have had no reason to not include it in her journal when writing about the argument.  But she did not.
Jodi's journal 
" he made a point in making it clear to me he didn't mean all those harsh words he said the other day and that he felt really bad.I find it interesting and tragic at the same time, that once words are spoken, they cannot be unspoken. Even now,  even still,  I am haunted by those words, as another statement just popped into my mind.
Jodi also wrote in her journal writing things down on paper helps her deal with "emotionally wrenching"  situations.   If Travis really pushed her like she claimed,  it would have been the first episode of him being physically violent towards her.  What could be more emotionally wrenching than that?  But,  she does not even make a hint of this alleged physical-I-didn't-consider-it-as-abuse attack.  It is because the only thing that happened was Travis said some mean things to her which he later regretted.  

Dr. Janeen DeMarte evaluated Jodi Arias.  She was careful to stay objective and spent around 12 hours interviewing and testing Jodi.   Her conclusion was there was no pattern found which suggested Arias was a victim of abuse.  She stated the tests did not support PTSD.  Instead,  she found a finding of borderline personality disorder.  Jodi exhibited seven of the nine characteristics of BPD.

Traits of BPD she found:

Efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment

Unstable and intense interpersonal relationships

Identity disturbances

Suicidal behavior

Affective instability

Chronic feelings of emptiness

Inappropriate intense anger
Dr.  DeMarte was not the first person to suspect Jodi had BPD.  Jodi's good friend Matt McCartney called Jodi's mother and told her she needed to get her some help.  He was concerned about Jodi's behavior, so he called a mental health hotline.  He described her actions and they told him she needed help.  Both Jodi's father and mother indicated they felt the same. Their reactions support Dr. DeMarte's finding was correct.

The defense witnesses who claim Jodi was abused did not approach Jodi in as objective of a way as DeMarte did.  Dr. Samuels spent many more hours than necessary with her and even gave her a gift of a self-help book called "Your Erroneous Zones."   The self-help book indicates Dr. Samuels wanted to help Jodi,  and that desire to help can cause a loss of objectivity.   Alyce LaViolette apoligized to Jodi for reading her journals and gave Jodi magazines.  These are not acts of someone who is looking at the subject from an objective viewpoint.  They are acts of people who have formed a vested interest in the subject.  Both Alyce and Samuels bonded with Jodi in a way that an evaluator should not because it can cause a loss of objectivity.

 Dr. Samuels was one of the doctors who diagnosed Jodi Arias with PTSD.   He gave her the PTS test which evaluates if a person has PTSD from a specific event.  In the test,  the victim is asked to name the event believed to trigger the PTSD.   Questions are then asked about the event,  i.e., "Do you have nightmares (from that event)".    On her test,  Jodi stated the event was the two intruders invading the home, hurting Travis, and then threatening her life.   All the following questions Jodi answered had to do with that event.   It was her answers to those questions that caused Samuels to diagnose her with PTSD.   However,  the event never happened.  It makes all of her answers invalid  because they were based on a lie.     

Samuels should have administered the test again.  But,  he did not.   The defense claimed it was not necessary because of the similarities of the incidents.   They claim the results would be the same.  Not true.  In one scenario,  Jodi was watching two people attack a man she loved, and they threatened her life.  Those two people would still be out there and pose a threat to her because they had her address.  In the other scenario,  her alleged attacker was dead. He no longer would be able to pose a threat to her.  The difference in the scenarios means in order to be valid,  the test had to be redone. 

Dr. Samuels reason for Jodi's alleged PTSD was a bit different from an earlier evaluation. His test involved linking Jodi's PTSD to the  incident on June 4th.    However, another defense psychologist, Dr. Cheryl Karp,  stated something different.   If Jodi really had PTSD,  the cause of it should have remained the same each time she was tested.  

 Dr. Karp was not called as a defense witness,  but her notes were available for Dr. DeMarte who reviewed them.  DeMarte stated "Dr. Karp indicated that the reason why Ms. Arias developed PTSD was the result of her alleged abusive relationship."    Further review of those notes indicated Jodi told Dr. Karp about a significantly higher number of physical abuse episodes far beyond the four incidents she later told everyone else.  If those abuse incidents really happened,  there would be no reason for Jodi to not have shared them with the domestic violence expert,  her defense team, or her psychologist. After all,  they were all fighting to prove abuse in order to save Jodi's life.  They had the uphill battle of proving the abuse because no evidence of physical abuse existed beyond Jodi's words.  And Jodi had already lied twice.   Providing more detailed stories of other abuse could only have helped her. That is unless they were  lies.    The fact she did not tell others about  the 'significantly higher episodes'  supports she lied about them. And, if she is lying about some,  reason supports she is lying about all.  


The truth of the matter is Jodi Arias was never physically abused by Travis Alexander.  She killed him not due to self-defense,  but because he rejected her. His rejection made her feel used, and he had to pay.  He was only safe when he was showing her the attention she wanted.   It's a classic case of "If I can't have you,   no one will."   Jodi's resentment and anger towards Travis's rejection of her can be seen in the 29 knife wounds, slashed throat, and gunshot wound she provided.     It was a crime of anger,  not a killing from fear.



  1. You mean Janine DeMarte, not Jean.
    Martinez said: "Jodi is a liar and a killer" and he was right on the money!
    Jodi can't seem to grasp the gravity of the situation, on the stand she acted downright cocky, disassociated - as if it was a traffic ticket hearning, not a murder case, it was disgusting to watch!

    1. Why are you using someone else's acct name?

    2. lol Pinky .... I thought the same thing

  2. actually, if we are going to be accurate - it's Janeen DeMarte.

  3. Hi Debbie; Must say you are one smart lady! I only wish the jury could read what you wrote, it is so clear and precise. Just recently I read a "Jurors Perspective" Day 19 of the re-trial Penalty Phase. I noted the jurors perspective in regards to JA's journal writing of June 1, 2008, copied & pasted in part; “Anyway, after San Diego, I’ll drive to Utah,” Willmott reads from Arias’ journal, written only three days prior to the brutal killing of Travis Alexander. “I’m not sure what we’ll be doing there. It will be nice to get to know Ryan (Burns). I think cuddling is definitely on the list. After some dinner. Maybe after a nap.” Willmott continued reading Arias’ words, “I mentioned my road trip to Travis. He didn’t sound all that thrilled to me. As far as I know, he knows nothing of Ryan. I asked Zion not to mention it to him so I wouldn’t have to explain anything or hurt him further. It would only be a repeat of our last blowup,” Jodi finishes writing. The note taker will sometimes write thoughts that he or she will want to bring up later in the jury room.
    I could tell with his thoughtful looks into space that he was working something out and then writing it on his juror pad. I saw him flip back a couple pages and then return to writing.
    It took one journal entry by Jodi Arias to render the prior two days of testimony as useless. He was putting pieces together. He was looking at dates. I was doing the same thing. It was beginning to dawn on him that the journal entry from June 1, 2008 was manufactured for people who might look at it the future and the future was here.
    The letter was staged. There was no trip to San Diego planned. It was a lie. The journal had impeached itself in the craftily placed words of Arias. The entirety of the journal would be dismissed in deliberations." Debbie, do you know of any other evidence that can verify that JA's statement in her journal was staged? One last question; DT latest motion on requesting forensics. I would have thought such a motion belonged in an appeal after the penalty phase was concluded either DP or LWOP. I look forward to your responses.

  4. I saw the movie. They didn't portray Jodi accurately at all! Shes way more calculated and evil then they portrayed! The song they used was right on point- Bring Me To Life- by EvaneScence fits Jodi perfectly!

    1. I did not know they had a movie out about her. What is it called? I hope she is not entitled to royalities!!

    2. Dirty little secret was aired on the lifetime movie channel last year right after the trial. She gets no royalties as it's not her telling her story. I'm sure if she told her story she'd had made herself out to be a saint! I wouldn't watch anything that came from her!

    3. Thanks Bella, Appreciated!! Happy New Year!

    4. Your welcome Dianne! Happy New Year! :-)

  5. heres the words to the song. "Bring Me To Life"
    (feat. Paul McCoy)

    How can you see into my eyes like open doors?
    Leading you down into my core where I've become so numb
    Without a soul my spirit's sleeping somewhere cold
    Until you find it there and lead it back home

    (Wake me up)
    Wake me up inside
    (I can't wake up)
    Wake me up inside
    (Save me)
    Call my name and save me from the dark
    (Wake me up)
    Bid my blood to run
    (I can't wake up)
    Before I come undone
    (Save me)
    Save me from the nothing I've become

    Now that I know what I'm without
    You can't just leave me
    Breathe into me and make me real
    Bring me to life

    (Wake me up)
    Wake me up inside
    (I can't wake up)
    Wake me up inside
    (Save me)
    Call my name and save me from the dark
    (Wake me up)
    Bid my blood to run
    (I can't wake up)
    Before I come undone
    (Save me)
    Save me from the nothing I've become

    Bring me to life
    (I've been living a lie, there's nothing inside)
    Bring me to life

    Frozen inside without your touch
    Without your love, darling
    Only you are the life among the dead

    All this time I can't believe I couldn't see
    Kept in the dark but you were there in front of me
    I've been sleeping a thousand years it seems
    Got to open my eyes to everything
    Without a thought, without a voice, without a soul
    Don't let me die here
    There must be something more
    Bring me to life

    (Wake me up)
    Wake me up inside
    (I can't wake up)
    Wake me up inside
    (Save me)
    Call my name and save me from the dark
    (Wake me up)
    Bid my blood to run
    (I can't wake up)
    Before I come undone
    (Save me)
    Save me from the nothing I've become

    Bring me to life
    (I've been living a lie, there's nothing inside)
    Bring me to life

  6. I believe the memo reads " Airfare". She said she paid him back for her half of the travel costs after their vacations together. I've seen a higher resolution image of this check and that's clearly what it says.

    -Robbie Herndon

  7. Thanks Robbie, I sure was curious as to what it read.

  8. Debbie Maran, You should have been a lawyer or a lawyers investigator. You have put together the whole story in detail and I thank you for that, In relation to JA stating she continued to have sex with him because she wanted to help him feel normal, so she had "ANAL" sex with him. JA alleged Travis was masturbating to a pic of a young boy, which would tell me he would have preferred young boys. It does not make sense for JA to have "ANAL" sex with Travis if she was wanting to help him to feel normal, being that "ANAL" sex is the only way to have sex with both sexes being male. Jodi "the liar" Arias is the evilest of evils.

    1. Exactly. There is sooooo much there that points to no pedo incident. Its not one, it's several. And your "anal" sex exampl is another --- I didn't think about it but will now include it too. The list is already long

  9. great read,,,,one of the best ,,,Kudos to you !!!!!!!

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