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*** seems like I have struck a nerve with a certain lot when it comes to Jodi's overtly noticeable incongruous testimony. No, sorry folks... I don't read you, nor am I affiliated with the state page.   Somehow information just finds its way to me.

Most interesting is your threats to "let's take the blog down." BTW, have you read Nazi ptopropaganda and the Arias cult?  Your threats seem to prove my point there.  The Nazis attempted to hide the truth of an opposing view thru threats an intimidation.  So if that is your m.o., you will only end up verifying by example.

One has to wonder why this article is so threatening to you. Perhaps because it so clearly points out her constant inconsistencies in one place?  Has it made things so obvious that you now must again change your story to make it work? It used to be "there are no inconsistencies in her story" but now that they are so clearly pointed out you sing a new tune. Confabulation.  Feel free to do so, its your right. But it still doesn't make it true.  

It is obvious to many  people Jodi Arias is a liar. She lied before the murder, after the murder, and on the witness stand. However,  many of her supporters continue to insist there were no lies before the murder or on the witness stand.  They ignore all that is reasonably and make up unlikely excuses for the many contradictions in Jodi's testimony.  They claim their unlikely excuses to fall within the realm of reason.  However,   they seem to forget what is reasonable will always be controlled by the bulk of societal belief.  Society will never accept such unreasonable explanations such as Jodi would use little girl sex to turn on a man she alleged to be a pedophile in order to deter him from little girls.  Instead of admitting Jodi either lied about pedophilia or wanting to help the man,  they claim the two opposing factors could just exist in her.  It is not reasonable. 

A more reasonable conclusion is Jodi is a liar, and her repeated lying makes it impossible to trust  her word.     Jodi was a liar long before the killing  and remains one long after the killing.  Lying is a common phenomenon among many people,  but it does not make Jodi a killer.  However,  it does destroy her credibility, which a must to have when there is little to no independent evidence to back up her defense.  Without independent evidence and given her history of lying,  how can anyone believe the third story she told under oath?  Perhaps that is what the jury was asking too when they pointed out all her lies and asked why they should believe her newest one.   And, perhaps her supporters know it too, and that is why they invent unrealistic explanations for her lies. 

The fact remains Jodi had everything to gain and nothing to lose by lying the third time.   Both her freedom and life were on the line.  Nonetheless,  it is still important to approach the case, consider her innocent,  and hear her side of the story.  Many did this, and  some did not - including her supporters. Her words were listened to, and it is the multitude of lies surrounding the murder and her contradictions on the stand that made the story not believable.  It's impossible to take a woman's word on physical abuse when she is a liar, and no evidence exists to support the abuse.  To do so belittles the true abused.   If we do it for Jodi Arias,  why not do it for all?   Where would be the protection of the innocent be if all a criminal had to do is claim "they abused me" and we took their word for it?  

Jodi did tell the truth at times,  such as when she admitted to lying two separate times about the murder.  However, this is only because the situation left her no choice. If we could remove the pictures and her bloody fingerprints at the scene,  Jodi would still be claiming she was not there.   Her supporters would stand strong behind her and claim her innocence based on no proof she was there.  However,  she was caught red handed - her bloody palm print on the wall.   So she told another lie about the murder.  However,  this second lied failed just like the first. 

Her supporters claim these twice-failed lies about the murder  "do not count'. They state it's just evidence of a scared woman who did not wish to get in trouble.   They claim there is not any evidence of Jodi ever lying before the murder.  However, they are wrong.  There is evidence within the documented messages Travis sent Jodi,  within the documented messages Jodi sent Travis, and from her parents' interviews that show Jodi was a liar long before the murder. 

 Travis sent a text on 4-07-08 to Jodi calling her a liar.  Even tho he is quite angry in it, he calls her no other names but "liar."  Jodi supporters  would most likely claim this to be just another abusive text in order to distract from what it really is.  If this text were "just a verbally abusive act by Travis"  we would see a lot more name calling than "liar." It would contain those obscenely mean things he sent her on 5-26-08 when he was attempting to break all ties with her.  After all,  she already wrote in her journal about him being 'obscenely mean'  to her before. 
The truth of the matter is Jodi lied,  and it was such a piss-poor lie Travis could see right through it.  His anger is at the fantastical story Jodi told of some woman she did not know told another woman, Elena, who no one else knows details about his life and this woman relayed those details to Jodi.  A story that was very similar to the previous one she told: "Two women I did not know came into the restaurant to tell me Matt was cheating with a girl named Bianca."  Travis is obviously aware Jodi learned whatever details of his life via snooping in his personal place, and the invasion of privacy  made him almost as angry as the lie to cover it up.   He is attempting to force her to say she did so.    
But, supporters by-pass the fact he is only calling her out on her lies.  Instead,  they manipulate the text to appear as if Travis is only mad he was caught doing whatever by Jodi.   They tend to ignore the fact he calls her no other name than liar.  
 TEXT 04-07-08
 ".......Why?  Because it is a fing lie....."
- "So either text me your are ready to tell the truth or give me your imaginary friend with the worst BS story you've ever told or leave me alone" 
 "It's a lie like no other
"you've screwed up your story so bad you can't mend it. You are caught"
"So fess up or feel the wrath" 
"no matter how bad the truth is,  I promise the punishment will be better than the lie
"You insult me by thinking I'll believe such crap
"Nothing else from you til the truth
"I know you're lying so why continue?"

Travis starts to become increasingly more intolerant of Jodi's continued lies, game playing behavior, and invasion into his privacy. He warns her of this increasing frustration the following day on 4-08-07. Even with this warning,  her lying and invasion of privacy was never resolved.  Travis's continued frustration at her lying and invading his privacy can be seen in a text just one moth later:
THE 5-10-08 TEXT 
"You and your Steve cover up make me sick.  You are a liar to the core of who you are it seems"
"You are paranoid and have no respect for people privacy....."

The following texts/IM are as reported from Twitter feeds from the retrial of the penalty phase.   It is unclear as to the date,  but from the look of them and other associated messages,  they are most likely from 5-26-08 when Travis cut ties with Jodi due to her behavior.  The 5-26-08 is the result of Travis holding in his reactions to Jodi's lying, her invasion of his privacy, and all the other things she had been doing in order to get his attention. 
TA- "Send your piece of shit lie fest so I can mock it" 
TA- "We already know based on the last emails you sent and then invaded my privacy it is Bullshit" 
TA - "I know you got in my computer and erased an email to Lisa" 
TA -  "You stole my journals,  U slashed my tires, and I know it" 

Jodi recognized Travis ire on 05-26-08 as a result of her behavior.  She makes the following responses to his anger:
"I really did love you.  But I let it get so distorted. I am so so so sorry.  I have no excuse. None."   -- it is Jodi's attempt to make right on her behavior.  But, at this point it was too late.   Travis had previously warned her his patience was wearing thin when he asked her to stop before he developed a general dislike for her.  But she did not.
JA - "I may be a coward, I may be a whore, a liar,  but the one thing I am not is violent. I didn't slash your tires."  Jodi is admitting to her lies and never denies stealing his journals.   She denies slashing his tires and makes a claim not to be violent.   But,  how can this claim of not being violent be believed by the others when evidence shows differently?
Jodi's journal - "My anger, to my regret,  is destructive.  I have kicked holes in walls, kicked down doors, smashed windows, broken things."   Jodi's police interview - she kicked her dog
Jodi's psychological interview - She squeezed a cat too hard.
Jodi's father - Jodi physically abused her mother.
The murder -  Jodi shot Travis once, knifed him 25+ times, and cut his throat almost from ear to ear.  All while only receiving a cut to her fingers.
Yes,  Jodi is violent. 
 Actions speak much louder than a liar's words

 In a police interview, Jodi's dad states "She had not been honest with us since she's been 14."   Per this statement,  Jodi had been lying for quite a long time before the murder.  Lying to one's parents is not evidence of being a habitual liar.  But when it is combined with the texts calling her a liar and her admission of being a liar,  it supports a trend. 

Jodi's lies before the murder were detailed in nature.  Jodi told lies immediately after the murder which were even more detailed. Jodi's supporters claim those lies she told after the murder about her responsibility  don't count because they were the result of her being scared.  Those lies have to be considered because of their construction.  Those lies,  just as the claims of abuse and pedophilia, used fabricated details and bits of truth in order to make them seem real.  They are important because they show an ongoing trend. 

The "I wasn't there"  lie started before the murder.  It can be seen in every step she took to ensure she would not get caught.   The staged robbery,  the call to Daryl to borrow the gas cans, and setting a date to visit Ryan all happened within days of Travis's attempt to cut all ties with Jodi.  It can be seen in the gas purchase in Pasadena in which she used her credit card to fill up her car tank, but used cash to fill up the cans.  It can be seen in a purposeful shut down of her phone prior to going to Arizona and an upside down license plate.  It can be seen in  a lack of any receipts or credit card purchases in Arizona, despite Jodi keeping all other receipts, even a $3 one from Utah.  All fall within purposeful actions meant to hide her being in Arizona.     
Jodi's "I wasn't there"  plan continued immediately after the murder.  It is seen in her detailed phone call to a man she knew was dead and a text  r/t a real situation to a man she knew she killed.  It is seen via   the phone call and lie about getting lost and sleeping too long to cover why she was late.  It is seen in the lie to Ryan about the cut on her finger.   It can be noted in  the making out and grinding with Ryan to appear as if everything was normal. After all, a woman who just killed in such a brutal manner would never do such a thing.  All these things contained details and bits of the truth in order to make her story sound more believable.  But, they only held the purpose of continuing to cover up her tracks.  .
Jodi's "I wasn't there" lie continued at home.  She wrote  an email to the man she knew she murdered. It was an email that echoed the format for all her lies.  She made sure to add statements to make others believe she was not there: "Sorry I could not come see you."  She used truths from the past filled with details: tales of frozen dinners, oatmeal, sleeping in his bed, and missing the dog.  It was like the rest, filled with details and bits of truth.    
This detailed lying was apparent in her journal entries too.  Jodi feigned not knowing Travis was dead, and wrote as if she just found out. Jodi details the anxiety she felt when "she first found out".....  yet she already knew. She wrote about her denial and of Disneyland where they were last.  She wrote about going crazy and feeling helpless at being so far away.  It was just another lie filled with details and bits of the truth. 
Jodi continued with detailed journal entries of lies over many days.  She even wrote a detailed letter to Travis about their first meeting and professes her gratefulness at all he has done for her.   She included their love for the environment and the impact he had on her life.  After all,  a murderer would not 'love'  and 'appreciate'  the one they killed, would they? The lying continued with details and bits of the truth just  like every other single lie and story she told.  
Jodi not only wrote fake detailed lies to cover her guilt, she  continued to act in ways that were meant to disguise her guilt.   She sent flowers to the grandmother of the man she killed so she could appear innocent.  Sending those flowers would be the normal response in a situation when a dear friend died, and a person had nothing to do with it,  right? She created a picture memorial to him on her MySpace page,  while all along she knew it was her that brutally murdered him.  It was not to honor him,  but all for her benefit.  After all,  a killer would not memorialize their victim,  right? She was continuing to work on the "I was not there"  lie via the "look at these actions a killer would never do" plan.   
When she arrived home, Jodi showed no immediate signs of remorse, sadness, or that anything was wrong even though she knew she brutally murdered a man she professed to love.  It was a brutal killing detailed by one gun shot to the head,  at least 25 knife wounds, and a slash to his throat that cut nearly ear to ear.  An innocent person could not appear normal.  But,  Jodi acted "normal" when she got home.  Jodi was such a good actress to the point she appeared to be normal despite knowing she brutally killed a man she claimed to love.  With this display of acting skills,   how can anyone be sure she is not acting when she tells her third story of why she is innocent?  
Both Jodi's parents expressed shock related to her normalcy.  They could not understand how a person could commit such a heinous crime and act normal.  It was beyond belief that this woman, their daughter, could have done this and be so normal.  This 'normal' person was a daughter who they cared for so much they wanted to bring her back home to California to help her out because of concerns about her mental health.   Statements from their individual interviews show Jodi's lies and their concern about her mental status.  It even shows their suspicion that she did it.

Mother Arias
"She has mental issues"
"I asked her (if she did it).  She swore she did not  go to Arizona".
"She was normal when she came home.... she cried for 5 days when she found out"
"How can someone who did this come back and be normal"
"She said "I was nowhere near Arizona, I have gas receipts and everything to prove it.  And that is all she would say.  She swore she did not go to Arizona"
"Maybe she did do it"
"Why would she do something like that, did she snap"
"When her friends called and said he died she totally freaked out like she knew nothing about it"
"And her friend even called me in the middle of the night to tell me he had called a hotline to ask them about what she was doing. And they said 'sounds like she really needs some help" but she wouldn't get help"
"I thought is we could get her up here we could take care of her,  then things would be OK"

"She was normal when she came back"
"She was acting so normal.... I thought what the hell, I wanted to know what she did"
"She's been crazy for more than  a year"
"It started when she was in Palm desert - when she started using her CC to make her 3000 month house payment'
"She called me hysterically because she snuck up on his house (Travis) and looked thru the window and saw him on the couch with another woman"  
"She got a gun and I asked her why.  She said where I am going I might need one.  I asked her where she was going and she said "I can't tell you. I just want to feel safe when I go" 
"She told me she was leaving because she might be blamed for something and could not tell me why"
"I asked her why she was running is she was not guilty. She said she didn't want to have any part of it"
Jodi later stated the gun was for protection because she was going camping with two men - another lie. 

Jodi was arrested on the same day she packed her car with belongings, a stronger gun, and two knives - weapons reminiscent of those she used to murder Travis Alexander.    Detective Flores tried to get her to tell the truth when he interviewed her because he knew she was there.  However, she continued to stick to the "I was not there"  plan she concocted prior to the murder.  After all, in her mind, she put a lot of thought and planning into the murder.  Her narcissism made her believe whatever evidence the police may have would never be enough to formally charger her.  However, Jodi was as careless a murder plotter as she was a bad liar. Like her lying,  only she thought she was good. She did not realize pictures could be recovered from a camera that was broken after she erased them.  In her angry agitated state of mind during the murder, she did not realize she made the mistake of leaving her bloody palm print at the scene. She made plenty of mistakes that gave her away.  Mistakes she thought she could erase with further lies. 
Jodi continued to deny being in Mesa.  When the detective shared more evidence, Jodi grew more desperate because each bit was even more damning than the last.  So, she did what many people who lack a conscious do,  she attempted to place blame on an innocent man.   Her need for self-preservation was so strong she did not care what the outcome would be for the poor man.  She suggested the police look at Thomas Brown,  an old roommate of Travis's he kicked out a couple of months earlier.  She knew she killed Travis,  she knew the man was innocent, and she did not care.  Thomas Brown did nothing to her,  but her  need to avoid blame for what she did was so much more important to her. She did not care about implicating an innocent man.  The blaming of an innocent man indicates what kind of person Jodi was, and it is not one who would edify an abuser or put aside her life to save her family's lives. Jodi was willing to uproot this man's life, and have a suspicion placed upon him which could have lasted a lifetime.  It was just another lie to cover up her bad behavior, and she did not care what the outcome could bring as long as it could benefit her. It's the markings of a person who will go to any length no matter the consequence just to avoid taking justifiable responsibility for their actions.  It's the marking of a person who would claim pedophilia and physical abuse because they know what anger the subject inspire. It is the behavior of a narcissistic sociopath.  
Detective Flores slowly gave Jodi more bits and pieces of evidence to make her aware the police knew she was there and was the one who did it.   He showed her photographs recovered which placed her there. He showed her the one of herself.    Jodi stated the picture sort of looked like her and tried to question its validity when she knew damn well it was her.  She even made the suggestion the time/ date stamps were altered.  Flores shared even more evidence such as her hair at the crime scene and indicated the follicle was still attached.  He told her follicles do not stay attached long.  He told her that her prints were found in blood and made her aware her bloody DNA was recovered at the crime scene.  Jodi knew she was caught and the "I wasn't there" lie she worked so hard to maintain now had too many holes in it.  Jodi was forced to abandoned her original plan and move on to lie number two. 

When she realized the evidence was to such an extent she could no longer deny being there,  Jodi changed her story.    She claimed the intruder story and said she lied about not being there to protect her family. And, like her other lies, she told the intruder one in great detail. Per her account,  a man and woman dressed in black entered the home intent on killing Travis. She described hearing the gun shot.  She described Travis on all fours holding his head after being shot.  She described the gun being pointed at her head but failing to fire.  She claimed the woman had a gun,  then a knife and wanted to kill her but the man refused and stated, "That isn't what we are here for". She claimed the intruders used knowledge of her address found on her driver's license to hold her hostage from being able to tell anyone of the crime.  She claimed the intruders argued, and the argument allowed Jodi to escape with just cuts to her finger.  She used those cuts on her finger to back up her story - just like she would eventually do when she alleged abuse. Jodi pointed her deformed finger,  claimed it the result of the knife wound,  and claimed her finger never had been the same since the injury.  A deep incised injury can cut the tendon, and if untreated it will cause a deformity just like that of Jodi's finger.  Jodi used the truth about her finger and the resulting deformity to attempt to give validity to her lies.  The story was told in great detail but in the end it was only a lie. It's a pattern she would continue to practice throughout her changing stories: The fabrication of details mixed with bits of the truth.  
The intruder story did not fit the evidence the cops had,  but Jodi did not understand this. And, despite immediately being told her intruder story did not add up,  Jodi stuck with it for a full two years.  Jodi went to great lengths to keep the lie going.   Jodi held a press conference and confessed her innocence,  placing the blame on the two unknown people.  Jodi freely gave long detailed interviews on two prime time television TV shows; the second interview was even more detailed than the first.  And she presented her story,  the one she knew a lie, with such confidence and calmness that many who watched her believed it to be true.  It would be the same cool confidence she presented her final story of self-defense arising from repeated abuse.   But, like her other lie,  the "Intruder lie"  failed as well.

Jodi continued to lie to everyone. She even lied to her psychologist and on the tests he gave her. However,  on June 22, 2010, two years after the murder,   Jodi officially changed her story for the third time.   This change in her story came after her defense team and psychologist told her the intruder story was not believable and urged her to change it.   Once again Jodi realized the evidence against her was strong, and it could not support an intruder story.  So she had to dream up a way to explain why he was murdered so brutally when no one else was there but her and at the same time make herself look innocent.   The only way to do this was to invent a self-defense story. 
She began this task on June 1, 2010. Jodi attempted to admit copies of 10 handwritten letters alleged to be authored by Travis Alexander.  In those letters, Travis allegedly  wrote about his sexual fantasies, his feelings for the defendant,  his dissatisfaction with his behavior, and a confession of having assaulted the defendant.  The letters appeared suspicious in nature and were unrelated to her case, so the prosecution fought back. On June 10th, 2010  the state responded with a motion to preclude the letters based on hearsay and relevance.  The letters had nothing to do with Jodi's current defense.  Her current defense involved any hand in it at all, and any sexual deviance or abuse on Travis's part could serve no purpose to support it.  It only could serve the purpose of making the victim unsympathetic and the jury less likely to charge Jodi with the maximum sentence if they found her guilty.   
Additionally, there were concerns about the authenticity of the letters, and the prosecutor saw an opportunity to further exposed Jodi's lies.   However,  he needed the originals to do this.  The  ink on an original document can be studied for any pausing and pressure points which occur when a person is copying another's handwriting. Such indications of forgery cannot always be detected on a copy.  Additionally, cut and paste methods have been used by others to rearrange the wording of a letter to give it a new meaning.  Because there was a possibility the letters could have been forged in such a way, the state filed a motion to obtain the original letters.  The defense's response was to claim the letters were received by a third-party and were not readily available.   A further briefing was ordered on June 18th, 2010.  On Monday,  June 22, 2010 the defendant changed her plea to a justification defense,  IE self-defense.
On June 22, 2010 Jodi again stressed  the letters were pertinent to her case.   She claimed the letters to hold information that would prove her claim of self-defense so they must be allowed.  She asserted she could prove the letters to be real via a forensic document examiner.  Her claims were the letters were of dire importance, yet she refused to either name the sender or produce the originals.  
Jodi had no logical reason to not cooperate.  If the letters were real,  there could be no legal recourse to the sender.  Her case was not high-profile at the time,  which meant no death threats to those who helped her.  It could not be her need to edify Travis because the copies already named him a sexual deviant and an abuser.  
Jodi did have every logical reason to supply the originals or name the sender of the copies.  She had no other evidence or witnesses to support her claim of abuse.  With a lack of evidence,  the letters became a key tool which could both give her freedom and save her life.  But she still refused to cooperate.  Her lack of cooperation is not the action of an innocent person; it is the action of a guilty one who knew the letters were a lie.  
WITNESS TAMPERING - asking another to lie
When the letters failed, Jodi had a major problem. There was not any strong physical evidence to back up her self-defense claim. However, there was very damning evidence against her.  Jodi would have to rely on her witnesses' testimonies and ensure it correlated with her lies.  But, this wasn't happening in all cases.   Because of this,  Jodi made an attempt at witness tampering.   She tried to sneak a covert message out to a witness.  She wrote numbers on a magazine and hid messages on six different pages within in the binding.  The full message read:
"You fucked up. What you told my attorney next day Directly contradicts what I have been saying for over a year Get down here asap and see me before you talk to them again and before You testify so We can fix this Interview was excellent. Must talk asap"
Many people  think the coded message was meant for Matt McCartney.  But there is a more fitting recipient, Daryl Brewer.  Daryl was a defense witness.  Daryl cared a lot about Jodi.   However, he believed her to be  mentally ill and guilty of the murder as charged.   He did not wish to see her receive the death penalty.  Instead, he believed she should be locked away from society for the rest of her life.  His love for her and the need to do what was right made him a torn man and an easy target for Jodi to manipulate.  But his integrity was stronger than her manipulation.  Daryl shared the truth about Jodi's plans to go to Mesa with her attorneys, and this directly contradicted what Jodi had been claiming for over a year.
While under oath, Daryl continued to share her plans to go to Mesa.   He was asked about it three different times in his testimony to which he implied she did tell him she needed the gas cans for a trip to Mesa.   It only was when he was asked the fourth time that he changed his story to correlate with her lie. And even then he was not direct about it. He responded "Well, for a trip, not necessarily for Mesa".   But it was too late, and documentation was used to combat Daryl's changing testimony.  The prosecutor reminded Daryl his latest answer was not the same one he told the defense in his pre-trial interview.  Daryl was in a struggle with knowing his testimony could be used to help  convict and possibly put to death someone he still cared a lot about.  His continued love for Jodi is the reason she thought she could manipulate him and trust him to lie no matter what.   But, her manipulation failed.  Daryl said she told him she was going to Mesa while Jodi claimed to have had no plans.  

Dan Freeman was a defense witness and a friend of both Jodi and Travis.   He had no knowledge of Jodi's testimony and no reason to lie.  His testimony demonstrates another one of Jodi's lies under oath.
 Dan's testimony:Dan Freeman unpacked/ repacked her backpack.Dan Freeman did not remove her journal from her backpack.Dan freeman only took out personal care items. Dan Freeman's invasion into Jodi's backpack made her angry,  so she made a remark to him about it in an angry way.  Travis responded to Jodi's anger with a remark back.The fight started. Dan Freeman felt responsible for the fight.Dan Freeman bore witness to the fight until it moved up the stairs.  Dan Freeman said Travis was never in Jodi's backpack. 
Jodi's testimony:Travis repacked the backpack, and took out her journal.Travis read her journal,  learned about a date she had.Travis got mad and this is what the fight was about. 

Jodi needed to find a situation in which she could introduce evidence to make people believe Travis read her journal.  She attempted to use the fight over the backpack situation to do this.  What Jodi was trying to do was use her own words to corroborate her claims of not being able to write in her journal because Travis would read it.  However,  she failed to realize it doesn't work that way.  The corroboration needs to come from a source other than herself.  Even so,  she failed miserably at her attempt, and it backfired in her face.  The result was Jodi giving herself away as a liar again.   She declared on the stand it was Travis in her backpack and caused the fight,  and Dan Freeman declared Travis was never in her backpack that day.  Freeman's testimony made it impossible for what Jodi said to have happened: Travis taking her journal out and reading it.  This impossible situation meant what she declared was a lie. And,  if Jodi lied about Travis reading her journal one time,  it is likely she lied about reading it another.  
Alyce LaViolette spoke with Jodi on many days and took notes of her interviews.  She was a defense witness who believed Jodi's lies.  However,  Alyce's testimony still contradicts Jodi's.
Trial transcript:
JM - And when she pulled the trigger, she indicated to you they were both in the closet, correct"
ALV- I believe so
JM - Do you want to listen to your statement to refresh your recollection?
ALV - sure
ALV "She says that she pulled the trigger"
JM "Where does she say that Mr. Alexander was when she pulled the trigger?"
ALV "She says that they are both in the closet"

Jodi testimony
JA - ".... I grabbed it,  I ran out into the bathroom,  he ran straight toward the door as well. at that point I ran out into  the bathroom, I turned, I just wanted him to stop so I pointed the gun at him, hoping that would just make him halt. Instead he lunged at me right around the time the gun went off

Jodi's testimony:
KN:  "Do you remember stabbing Travis Alexander"
JA: "I have no memory of stabbing him"
JM "You have previously seen that knife in the bedroom, right"
JA "I don't recall,  I think it was at one point but.. I know it was definitely in the bathroom,  it may have gotten to the bedroom,  I am not sure
Jury question - If you still felt threatened after shooting him,  why did you use a knife instead of just shooting again?"
JA - "Well I know I dropped the gun when he hit me and I don't know where the gun went cause when we fell it was no longer in my hands. And, I don't really remember picking up the knife
JM - Part of the conversation involved the knife, correct?
ALV - correct
JM - and the knife was used to cut the ropes after they engaged in this sexual encounter,  correct?
ALV - I think before they engaged in the sexual encounter.
JM -  Ok, let's look at your notes to see if this refreshes your recollection as to when the knife was used
JM - isn't it true that she told you the knife was used to cut the ropes after he did oral sex on her,  correct?
ALV - That he used it to cut the rope and they had sex while she was tied to the bed.
JM - and that knife was left on the nightstand, correct?
ALV - I'm not sure where it was
JM - Let me show you your notes,  read it to see if it refreshes your recollection as to where the knife was left per her account.
JM - isn't it true that she told you the knife was left on the night stand?
Ryan Burns was a prosecution witness and was not a friend of Travis's.  He was romantically interested in Jodi, and she returned the interest.  He did not initially believed her to be guilty.  Like other witnesses, Ryan was not privy to any of Jodi's testimony. 
Jodi Arias told Ryan her cell phone battery died, and she either left the charger at home or lost it, so that was why it was off. 
Jodi  Arias told him she had to stop and buy another cell phone charger in order to call him.
She turned off her phone because it was getting low and she could not find her charger. 
She found her charger under the passenger seat of her car after leaving Mesa.  

The most obvious lie Jodi told was the gas can lie.  She stated she only had two gas cans on the trip because she returned a third one she purchased earlier. Jodi's claim of only having two gas cans was a constant she stuck with throughout the trial and in an interview following the verdict.  But, mathematical fact proved her a liar.  With just two cans, Jodi only would have had a 23.5 gallon capacity to carry gas.  However, purchases in Salt Lake City show 25.345 gallons were purchased.  In order to have purchased 25.345 gallons,  Jodi had to have had three gas cans.   Thus,  her claims of only two cans is a lie. 

A Walmart receipt supported Jodi purchasing a third gas can.  However,  Jodi claimed to have returned it. A record of the return was never found.  The store did move between the purchase date and the search date.   However, a Walmart witness testified she was aware of what registers were open, and the records of those registers placed into evidence.  Only the registers open on that day count.  However,  her supporters believe the Walmart witness' testimony to be inaccurate because she could not guarantee the total amount of open and closed registers in the store.  They also claim inaccuracy because she could not guarantee the entire history of the store's financial records were complete when the store moved.   But,  once again,  it was only the given day which mattered, and the Walmart witness provided the records of that given day.
Jodi's supporters also state that because Walmart witness said she could not guarantee ALL financial records went from point A to point B during the move,  this was proof she was wrong.  The witness did not need to know about ALL the records,  just the ones from June 3rd, 2008,  and she had those.   
The return was not found as Jodi claimed, and the fact she had a third can in Salt Lake City further supports Jodi did not return the can.  

The Pedophilia Claims
Jodi alleged to discover Travis masturbating to a picture of a young boy in his underwear.   She claims she still had sex with him because she wanted break him of his pedophilia. However, only one month after the alleged incident Jodi sent Travis a text that stated "I want you to fuck me like a horny little school girl".  Jodi was the driving force behind this little school girl fantasy.  She could have sent him a hundred other ways to turn him on,  but she chose the horny little school girl method.  It's beyond reason to think a woman would use the image of sex with a child to arouse a man she alleges to be a pedophile when she claims she is trying to cure his alleged pedophilia.  Jodi either lied about the pedophilia or her desire to 'cure him'  from the alleged pedophilia.

Jodi was caught lying on the stand too about when she told someone about the pedophilia.  At one time she said she told someone about it in 2009.  Later,  she said it was April of 2008 and she told Matt McCartney.

Jodi was caught again lying on the stand in regards to the pedophilia.  It involved the car she was driving   She told the defense she was driving Travis's car and he wanted to swap it before FHE.   She told the state she was driving HER car and they had not swapped cars yet.
The Gun
The .25 pistol Jodi shot Travis with was the same type that her grandparents reported stolen two days after Travis attempted to cut all ties off with Jodi.  Jodi alleges the gun was Travis's.  She claim to have discovered the gun in Travis's home in 2007 and was aware he used it before. However,  none of his closest friends knew of the gun, and no gun accessories were found in his home.   
Even though Jodi allegedly knew of this gun,  she showed no concern when he threatened to shoot himself.  Nor did she make any attempts to stop him.  She only expressed concern he was upset.  Her journal read "He (Travis) said he would get a gun,  put it to his head, and pull the trigger".   
The wording in her journal also supports he did not have a gun.   It states "A gun" which means some gun of unknown origin.  A person who owns a gun would say "the gun"  or "my gun"  to indicate a specific gun. 
The robbery,  the lack of knowledge per his friends,  the lack of gun accessories, and her journal all contradict her claim the gun was Travis's.  The gun is one Jodi brought with her. 

The Physical Abuse Lie #1
Jodi alleged on 1-22-08 Travis became upset with her because he wanted to borrow money, and she said no.  She claims he kicked her and broke her finger.  Jodi claimed to not go to the hospital because she did not want people to find out she was abused.     On 1-24-08 she wrote in her journal "I haven't written because there has been nothing noteworthy to report".  She also wrote about plans of either going to Brother Porters house for a dinner for new ward members on Saturday or going to the snow to spend time with good friends and take pictures.    Either activity would have placed her in full view of other people.  If Jodi just broke her finger four days prior to those activities, it would have still been very noticeably swollen and bruised.  Especially if it was broken so severely it resulted in a deformity.  This would mean people would know.  Jodi's journal directly contradicts her claims of abuse. 

The Broken Finger
Jodi's  broken finger is just another lie.  The truth was told when she said it was from a cut from a knife and never healed correctly. Her deformed finger is the result of a cut tendon.  These are all declarative statements, and all it would take to debunk them is one simple x-ray of the finger.  
However, Jodi has not done that.   X-rays are relatively cheap and pose less harm than death by lethal injection.  Even if the x-ray was done today it would show the break.  In fact, if the break were several years ago, it would be reflected on the x-ray.  
The benefit of an x-ray would mean Jodi finally had documented medical proof that could only serve to help her.  That is  unless the x-ray revealed no break. Then it highlights her lie.   Jodi's inaction to obtain an x-ray despite the huge benefit to her supports the broken finger is a lie. 
Using The Law of Attraction to Promote a Lie
Jodi alleged one of the reasons she did not write about the alleged abuse is because the Law of Attraction dictates a focus on just the positive.  Thus,  she did not write down the negative.  However,  within her journal writings are negative statements about Travis such as "Something is wrong with that boy",  "He was obscenely mean to me" and her suicidal thoughts.   Furthermore,  her father's interview supports Jodi did not follow the Law of Attraction as she claimed.  Her father stated Jodi would scream at her mother over the phone when she called. He  also reported Jodi's physically abusive to her mother.  Those actions would be considered negative energy that could only attract more negative energy.

The Law of Attraction, the journal, and physical abuse #2 lie
Jodi's blog indicates she stopped believing in the Law of Attraction before majority of the alleged physical abuse began.    She did not believe in it in April, 08 when she alleged Travis almost killed her by choking her to death.  She claims this happened shortly before her moving back to Yreka.  And, even though two of the things that prohibited her from writing about the abuse was no longer in play,  she never wrote down her near death experience.  It was in direct contradiction to her 11/07 journal entry in which she wrote "writing things down sometimes helps me process complicated emotionally wrenching situations".   And, what is more emotionally wrenching than almost dying because the man a woman loves allegedly violently attacked her.   The total lack of anything in her journal to reflect a near death experience relayed by Jodi while under oath implies the story was a lie.

Physical Abuse Lie Number 3
Jodi alleged when she told Travis about her plans to move back to Yreka he became angry.  She claims he reached out and hit her.  However,  her journal says otherwise.  She once again uses bits of truth to support her lies.   Jodi wrote she and Travis had a long talk in the car, and she told him she was going to move to Yreka.  At this time, she did not believe in the Law of Attraction.  She writes "I leaned in to give him a hug and a kiss on his cheek to say goodbye and he turned his head so that our lips met. It was a series of 3 very tender, very soft kisses.  I love his lips" and "He is my best friend in the whole world.  It's unimaginable to live without him" .    Jodi described the situation as if only good had happened,  and she didn't even write "he was obscenely mean to me"  as she had on an earlier occasion.  The lack of any hint towards the alleged abuse supports it ever happened.  

Medical science
 Jodi claimed she accidentally shot Travis in the head. She states he continued to function, lunged at her, tackled her, attempted to get on top of her,  and stated  "Fucking Kill You Bitch.
If a person is hit in the head by a projectile traveling at greater than 400 MPH,  the immediate response is temporary non-function.   The shock wave of the kinetic energy from a projectile traveling greater than 400 MPH travels through any hole near the entry point and into the inside of the skull.  The shock wave will pass through the jello like brain tissue, bounce off the back of the skull,  and return.  It will repeat this motion until the kinetic energy is used up.  It is just like the shaking of jello.  This 'echoing' back and fourth passes through and interrupts the pathway controlling purposeful function.  It includes moving the arms, legs, and mouth.  There would be no purposeful speech within seconds. A person can moan,  but they cannot form words.  Motor function does not return until after the brain has stopped moving, and a 'reset' of  the neural pathway can occur.   There is no immediate statement of "Fucking Kill You Bitch".   Medical science says Jodi lied.  

The Robbery Lie
Jodi told the investigating officer,Kevin Friedman,  her laptop was in the dirty clothes hamper. This was BEFORE the killing. Under oath, Jodi testified her laptop was with her at the time of the robbery.

The License Plate Lie
Jodi testified she noticed her front plate on the ground while pulling away. She picked it up and quickly went back to her car and locked the doors because she thought nearby skaters did it.
When Jodi was pulled over two days later for an upside down back plate,  she told the officer, Michael Galieti, her friends must be playing a joke on her.

The hair
Ralph Columbo, the car rental agent,  identified Jodi in the photo line-up and stated "But she had blonde hair." A photo was taken during her trip after she rented the car and showed a completely brunette Jodi.  Pictures taken before she left showed a partially blonde Jodi. Her supporters claim there was no changing of her hair color.  They claim Colombo is only remembering her driver's license.  It is a license he would have only looked at once compared to the multiple times he looked at her directly during the conversation he had with her.  This conversation lasted a lot longer than the few seconds he looked at her driver's license.   


In her direct testimony,  Jodi said she and Travis became exclusive on February 2, 2008.  It is the same date she told in her interview on 48 hours.  However, in a letter to Abe,  she states differently.  She says, "Although I'm not married and I'm not Travis's girlfriend,  from now going forward you and I should keep a friendly distance".   She also wrote, "I know I 've told you he and I are not in a committed relationship,  but regardless of our status, I care so deeply about him."   This email was dated 2-18-14,  more than two weeks after the date she claimed to have become an exclusive committed relationship.  It makes one wonder if the commitment really existed,  or was it one formed in Jodi's mind based on what she wanted to believe.  

Recently,  the defense  filed a motion regarding Travis Alexander's computer.  It is their allegation the State was aware of porn on the computer and erased it to keep it from the defense.  They allege the porn was obvious so it must have been a purposeful act and claim only a partial mirror copy was provided to the defense.  The allegation of obvious porn is in contradiction to the fact the Defense had access to the computer prior to the trial but never found porn until after the verdict came down.  The hearing is still in the process of being heard. 

17:1 odds of probability

There are many who would have had to lie, mistaken, or whose testimony has to be taken beyond face value in order to make Jodi correct.  --- 17 'liars' so one can be believed. 

1.  Chelsea Young - the Tesoro witness
2.  Amanda Webb - Walmart witness
3.  Dr. Horn - ME
4.  Det Flores
5.  Juan Martinez
6.  Dan Freeman
7.  Alyce LaViolette
8.  Daryl Brewer
9.  Ryan Burns
10. Kevin Friedman - (investigated the robbery)
11. Michael Galieti (license plate cop)
12. Micheal Melendez ( examined the computer for the state - found no porn)
13. Brian Dworkin (examined the computer for the defense - found no porn)
14. Ralph Colombo (car rental guy)
15. Mother Arias
16. Father Arias
17. Jodi Arias
18. Travis Alexander's texts

The question has to be asked.  What is more reasonable to believe and more likely to be the truth?  Is it 17 people lied, were mistaken, or misunderstood?  Or is it one person lied?   Of course, if one thinks hard enough, one can find possible reasons why so many stories don't fit what Jodi says. But possible does not make it reasonable.  A person can take each of the 17 different witnesses,  claim lies, claim misunderstandings, or manipulate the words to twist them into alternate meanings.    If a person has to do this with 17 different witnesses,  how true can the final result really be?   

Jodi supporters will continue to refuse to see the full picture.  17 different witnesses would have to lie, be mistaken, or have their words twisted in order for Jodi to not be a liar before the murder occurred.  Instead,  they support her lies and continue to spread them.  They use propaganda to carryout this goal.  But,  supporter lies are a subject for another blog.   Coming soon: "Nazi Propaganda and the Arias Cult."


  1. Again, awesome, allot of good info here. Thanks again

  2. The J4J site admin knows Arias is as guilty as hell, just as they know Casey Anthony is on their other site, They exist to con supporters ( stupid/gullible people) out of 'donations''. They would gain no financial reward by admitting her guilt hence they double down to keep these people on-board.

  3. A mountain of data put together in a well-organized blog. Excellent job!

  4. Do not forget that many of Jodi's lies were manufactured to fit the evidence that was presented to her by Det. Flores, such as:
    A. Det. Flores said many photos were found on the camera - therefore she knowingly made up a lie about also taking a video on the camera; in essence, testing him to see if Flores was lying. Had he said yes we found a video, she would know that she need not worry about photo evidence because he was lying. She later continued with this lie of a video on a different camera because she had already stated it in the interrogation. To my knowledge none was found.
    B. Jodi's pant leg in a photo and Flores saying it had to be more than 1 person to do this murder - therefore she concocted the male AND female intruders in 2nd lie.
    C. Det. Flores told Jodi that the gun shot had to come first - therefore, Jodi's whole defense story was based on this understanding. This is why the defense was so upset with the true findings of evidence that the shot was last. Jodi's self defense actions were not matching the evidence any longer and she could not change her story again.
    D. In order to Not receive a first degree murder charge, Jodi had to fit all the requirements of her self-defense claim and actions to dissuade the jury - the list of requirements for first degree murder, for second degree murder, for self defense actions to become not guilty were read to the jury before deliberations. If you list these items you can tell that the defense team also did the same and must have checked off each item as if on a list as they made up the self-defense claims and fit them into the timeline in order to get Jodi off on self defense.
    E. As the court room and media became more interested in certain details of, say the audio tape, Jodi twisted the accounts of what was said to benefit herself. Ie: Travis wanting to have sex with a 12 year old girl, when actually Travis said Jodi's moans sounded like a 12 year old girl having an orgasm for the first time. Also, the whole fantasies of doing things together in a forest, dressing up, front porch episodes, imo are bedroom fantasies and phone sex fantasies to help get each other off. Period. Jodi says Travis would not go to the store for lubricant, so why would he risk himself being seen elsewhere playing out these fantasies. Hair in Braids....she did that for him because he mentioned it on the audio, he did not make her do it. The photo shoot on June 4, she did it for him because he mentioned it several times and on the audio tape. He did not make her do it.
    Perhaps even that large bottle of KY lubricant SHE brought on their last day together. Can you imagine that she pulled out that large bottle and waved at him with a big smile, enticing him to get it on with her right then. I don't believe that that bottle was found as evidence after the murder. Her twisting of actual words that were said, or her enhancing or exaggerating of what happened are too numerous to list. Forms of lying.
    F. No belongings found at scene of Jodi's - she could have leftTravis's house with his help before he even got into the shower. All her belongings put away in her car. She could have come back into the house knowing he was upstairs and going to take a shower, checked his computer as it had been turned on at 4:53 p.m., and then gone up to his bedroom where he was showering and surprised him with her request of photos. She could have been fully Prepared at that time to murder him.
    Debbie Maran, thank you. Excellent artcles.

  5. Debbie,
    Also, the fact with the gun of her repeatedly telling Flores more then once that Travis did not own a gun and that was at the time that she as still claiming, "I wasn't there", so there would have been no reason for her not to say,"yeah, he Had a gun". and I always found it very strange in 16 days of testimony that she never once mentioned the gun she found "while cleaning" then a hail Mary when she had to explain where the gun came from, "oh yeah I forgot to tell you, while I was cleaning I found a gun" its almost like the defense and her thought "we have to figure out a way to explain where this gun came from" and all this time they couldn't until the day she says, "oh, yeah forgot the story about how I got the gun, here it is" Also, during the trial when Juan was questioning her she did accidentally let it slip that a time she said he abused her she said, "no, we didnt argue that day" then Juan said you said you did but then he breezed by it cause I think he had something else working in his mind. I remember no one else had noticed it, so I will try to find it on you tube and let u know, maybe u could take a listen too, it was quite interesting.

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