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I have compiled a timeline of the journals, chats, and texts. The text messages are b/t Travis and Jodi unless otherwise specified.
 The passages in blue are the ones which have been reported by those who have attended the retrial,  so they may not be 100% accurate.

 I have added in a few other pieces of evidence from the trial as well.  Most of those will be in pink.

**** I will be adding in JA's testimony too.  These will be in green.

*****Evidence not in evidence- these are from interviews of involved parties and Shannon Hogan's book.  They will be in red.

9-2006 Jodi and Travis meet,  start to date but not exclusively
12-2006 TA tells JA she should be dating other people

12-2006  JA tells Skye Hughes that she had visions she a and Travis were to be married in a Mormon temple.
12/06  JA talks to Skye about her feelings for TA.  Tells Skye Travis is not treating her right and she doesn't know how to tell him. The Hughes tell her to break up with him because Travis is not ready to commit to one woman yet.  JA makes it sound like they said worse when she tells it to TA.

1-2007 Travis emails Skye
"You have caused irreparable damage to mine and Jodi's relationship. She is paranoid that this evil person you have depicted will someday surface. No matter what I say or do she will always have in the back of her mind of this person that lurks in the shadows. I adore Jodi. In fact, I don't know if it has ever been easier to be nice to someone as it is with Jodi"

1-2007  Skye Hughes Email
Know that I would love to see you marry Jodi, but just because you have never seen her cry, doesn’t mean she hasn’t been crying,”  “SHE LOVES YOU, so much that she is afraid that bringing up anything that is bothering her or letting you know she doesn’t think you are ‘perfect’ would ruin all chances to be with you"

He doesn’t call her during the day, he waits until after 1 am (giving her what is left of him at the end of every day). He jokingly calls her a skank. He tells her to go out with other guys, but makes her feel guilty when she does. Thus keeping control, without having to give any commitment. He kisses her in the dark, when no one is around, and messes around with her, but won’t commit to her. ... she loves him more than anything, and will do anything for him.”

She was being treated horribly, you weren’t beating her physically, but you were emotionally. Travis, with love, you are a heart predator. You take great joy in making women fall for the T-dogg. You laugh about what you can get away with. It would scare me to death if my little sister liked you, in fact I wouldn’t allow it.”
We should have just said you should talk (to) Travis about these issues. But due to a pattern, we thought we were trying to help her and you, in case there could be a future.”

  • The emails were taken out of context.  The purpose of the Hughes' emails to Travis was to express to him "this girl REALLY likes you,  so commit to her or get out".  Jodi embellished what her relationship with Travis was to the Hughes.  And, Jodi lied and embellished what she told Travis the Hughes told her.  When they approached him, The Hughes were not considering that Travis had only known Jodi just over three months,  only seen her a few times, and they lived in two different states.  There wasn't enough of a relationship to form the kind of connection Jodi implied.  However,  Jodi made it sound like there was by expressing how much she loved him.     

2-2-07 Arias states Travis and she became an official monogamous couple.

EMAIL 2-14-07  JA to TA

EMAIL TO ABE 2-18-2007

(Email does not match her claim of committed relationship 2-2-07.)

 4-2007 Hughes kick JA out of the house.  She refuses to leave but does when Travis leaves with her. 

(Hughes can't remember for sure what date)
Jodi you are so amazing and you are so beautiful. And you are such an incredible artist and you are so talented.  What a wonderful photographer you are and I've been watching you.  And I've been following you. And, Travis doesn't deserve you. Travis is an idiot. Travis doesn't know how wonderful you are.  Travis takes you for granted and Travis can't protect you all the way over there in Arizona. I've been watching you and Travis can't protect you. And, I will have you.   You will be mine and there's nothing Travis can do about it. Because he's all the way in Arizona.

~ 6-10-2007 JA snoops in Travis's phone and alleged she found texts from women
6-29-2007 JA says she and TA broke up

Sometime b/t 9/06 to7/07 Lisa met Jodi at a gathering at Travis's house.  Travis was trying to socialize w/ people and Jodi was hugging and hanging all over Travis.  He did not reciprocate and kept talking to people.

~ 7-10-2007 TA is openly dating Lisa Andrews - Lisa is not sure about the exact date but believed it to be the beginning part of July
JULY 28th - TRAVIS'S 30TH BIRTHDAY.  (Per a later written blog,  this was a changing point in his life when he decided he wanted to actively look for a wife and leave the single life behind)
End of July - JA moves 100's of miles to be close to Travis

JA alleges full intercourse in August 2007

I love him. I could possibly love him not, though I wish I could. Turn it off like a light switch, duct tape it down so it can't be turned back on.  Or better yet,  just cut the circuit. Cut off at it's life source.  Make it dead within seconds. Lifeless.  A meaningless network of wires that do and mean nothing.


Well I guess it's a good thing that nobody else read this, because I write right now I love Travis Alexander so completely that I don't know another way to be. I wish I did because at times my heart is so sick and saddened over all that has come to pass, I don't understand it and at times I still have a hard time believing it.  He makes me sick and he makes me happy. He makes me sad and he makes me miserable, and he makes me uplifted and beautiful.  All in all I shouldn't be wording it as of he makes me feel all of those things.  It originates from w/in.  All of my darkness is a result of my own creation,  it is the fruit of my thoughts planted continuously and with too much repetition.

(Later the same day)

I wish I could just die.  I wish suicide was a way out. But it is no escape. I wouldn't feel any more pain though if I could just stop existing and have my consciousness dissolve into nothingness, and my energy recycled into something useful,  for I am of little use to the world right now through no fault of my own.

9-13-2007 JA goes on trip with TA and the Freemans
9-23-2007 Lisa breaks up with Travis for the first time because his former roommate John Hepworth told Lisa's sister TA was cheating on LA with JA.  LA says TA explained he was not cheating.
~10-11-2007 TA and JA go to Mexico Balloon festival
 TA and Lisa get back together - About mid October. 

late October,  Jodi alleges violence - TA called her and her family names and pushed her down.

Late Oct/ November - Jodi Alleges to have found his gun

This is a boring journal. Travis came over the last two nights. He brought me a treat, I gave him a treat  

 Last night Travis and I drove to Phoenix for first Friday…

I guess I fell in love with Travis because of his potential…I’m thoroughly disgusted with myself but I cannot change the past. … The universe is big enough … for all of us to have all we ever wanted

JOURNAL ENTRY 11-05-2007
I just bought a set of colored pens.  I read the other day that one can tell a lot about a person by the style of their handwriting, and by the color of ink they choose.  I figure if there are colors to choose from, why stick with boring black which is why I use blue,  but tonight it's purple.  Maybe a few different colors,  we'll see.   Actually,  I like the dark rich blue better.

I was reading in chapter 12 of Matthew in the New Testament and something really stood out. Verses 36 and 37 "But I say onto you that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall never account there of in the day of judgement.  For the words, though shalt be justified, and by the words thou shalt be condemned"

2 nights ago I called Travis to say goodnight and right on the onset of the conversation he made a point in making it clear to me he didn't mean all those harsh words he said the other day and that he felt really bad.  He asked me that I forget he ever said any of those.  Part of forgiving, in my opinion, is to forget,  to let go. It reminds me of the lessons in the RS 2 Sundays ago w/ Jeffrey Hollands article "speak with the tongues of Angels."  I find it interesting and tragic at the same time, that once words are spoken, they cannot be unspoken. Even now,  even still,  I am haunted by those words, as another statement just popped into my mind. I won't write it down, however, as I've promised Travis that  I wouldn't do so, as part of forgetting it.  I guess sometimes writing things down sometimes helps me process complicated emotionally wrenching situations.  But I totally jive w/ Esther Hicks when she said "Don't talk about it don't write about it".  I love the gospel.

TA thinks that if he popped the question, I would say yes in a second. He’s deranged. I need to set the record straight. … My spouse and I will be united in the Gospel of Jesus Christ

I just can’t explain the empty despair I’m feeling right now. Maybe it’s Angela or Travis, or my grandmother…There’s nobody I can talk to. Nobody. I can’t take to my sister Juie, She tells everyone…I can’t talk to my Bishop, I can’t talk to Travis…he’s tired of being a shoulder to cry on for me. I can’t talk to Matt… I wish to God that I could turn the clock back…”

 Boy, Darrel was right. The one thing you can count on is change

SOMETIME 11/07 - 12/07
Travis and Lisa are at Barnes and Noble.  Lisa receives and anonymous email the next day describing seeing her at Barnes and Noble.  Travis Tells a friend he thinks Jodi was in the parking lot watching them.

 End of November/ early December,  Lisa and Travis break up again for the second time mainly b/c of Travis's marriage pressures(Lisa is not sure of the date)    Lisa was aware he stayed in contact w/ his ex girlfriends Jodi and Deanna.  

“I picked up TA. He flew into Ontario from Salt Lake. We hung out for while at the mall…on the way to his grandma’s we had to pull off the freeway…After she went to sleep, I went back and cuddled with Travis. I left at 4:45 am.”   (hours later)  I don’t know where it comes from. I must be sick. I just want to die. I’m so overwhelmed with depression right now… Perhaps because I’m challenged more than I’ve ever been.”

DecembeLISA and Travis back together again (exact date unclear)

~ 12-05-2007 Travis's tires are slashed

~12-06-2007  Per Taylor Searle: Jodi calls Travis. Travis tells Jodi about the tires. JA offers to take TA to the mechanic and does.   She follows him onto the freeway after the repair.  Travis gets off at the exit to go to Lisa. JA calls him to tell him he got off at the wrong exit.  That night the doorbell rings and his tires are slashed again.


(Lisa asked Travis to stay the night because she is afraid. Email sent next day)

Woke up, called TA about a painting I’m going to make for his grandmother for Christmas. I feel really low again. He thinks I should be medicated…I’m also a bit stubborn, holding onto he belief system that engineered drugs are no bueno..”

JOURNAL ENTRY 12-08-2007 

Jodi writes TA’s tires were slashed two times in two days which is probably why he is upset… Going to work on TA’s present tonight. She feels terrible about his car and is going to help him financially in any way she can

JOURNAL ENTRY 12-08-2007 
I really really want to end my life…I’ve been depressed for at least 10 years. … A truly great day is so rare for me. I can only count 5 this year.”

Jodi offers to give Travis a stun gun

JOURNAL ENTRY 12-09-2007

“Last night TA did a stake out to see if the perpetrator would come back. I’m just glad he’s okay…”

JOURNAL ENTRY 12-10-2007
Today is an incredibly hard day

TA is: “Happy New Year Jodi!!!!!!! love you” JA writes back “Happy New Year T-dogg!!!!! I love you, too

Late December/ early January Jodi walked into Travis's house,  saw Lisa, and ran right out of the house. 


 “Uneventful for the most part. Worked at Mimi’s. … He asked me to marry him. I told him he was crazy but he’s tempting when he puts his hands on me. I do love him but I’m not in love with him anymore…” I know he’s desperate to find someone to marry him but there are countless reasons why he is not married… I don’t want to hurt his feelings. I just keep praising him…He’ll find the right person.

“Life is really phenomenal. It’s truly what you make of it…. There were some really dark days but I feel that I’ve pulled through.

1-11-2008 Jodi writes a check to TA for $100.00

1-15-2008 JA writes a check for $699 to Travis.  Notation in memo not readable 

This morning I received a text from Janelle. She asked for money. It was a bit of a stretch because I deposited $600 in Travis’s account.” 


Well, I'm at the institute building Dobson and Southern. The sister missionaries. So I went to the church building to meet w/ the sisters and give them a ride to the institute building where I am now. I'm sitting next to Sister Knight (who's totally trying to read this) and Lonnie,  who was just confirmed today. He was baptized Thursday night. Shame on me,  I was 'wrapped up'  in other activities that pulled me away from attending his baptism.  Namely work,  but then getting prepared to go to Travis's house for the night, where we explored every naughty fantasy we could conjure up in our fruitful imaginations that we haven't already fulfilled w/ one another. I love him, I really do.


1-21-2008  Jodi alleges she caught Travis masturbating to a child's picture in the afternoon


"I got off work in the afternoon and went to his house"
"I was helping him load boxes in the attic"
"We hung out for awhile"
"I left, had to return because I forgot something"
"I caught him on the bed masturbating to a picture of a child"
"I ran out and got in MY car and started driving home"
"threw up when I got home"
"After I cleaned myself up I went out to get my phone and I saw there were some missed calls from him. Like 3 or 4"
"I didn't want to talk to him. In case he came over I left and went for a drive"
"I left, drove around for a while, and ended up at the LDS visitor center"
"I hung out there for a little while and collected my thoughts"
"I went back out to check my phone and there were more missed calls and a frantic v-mail"
"He said, 'come over and talk to me'"

phone evidence shows ONLY 5 calls from TA to JA and 5 calls from JA to TA on 1-21-2008:

1-21-2008  3:53 PM   Jodi Arias called Travis Alexander (J1)

1-21-2008  4:09 PM  Jodi Arias called Travis Alexander (J2)

1-21-2008  4:29 Travis Alexander called Jodi Arias (1st call he made to JA that day)
1-21-08 5:38 PM Jodi text (to unknown) -  I can't remember - am I coming in for you on Weds at 10:30?

1-21-2008 4:53 PM Jodi Arias called Travis Alexander (J3)

1-21-2008  4:54 PM Travis Alexander called Jodi Arias (2nd)

1-21-2008  5:11 PM Travis called Jodi (3rd)

1-21-2008  5:20 PM Travis called Jodi (4th)

1-21-2008  5:48 PM Travis called Jodi (5th)

1-21-2008  5:53 PM Jodi calls Travis (J4)

"I finally called him back and we agreed to meet up. We were supposed to be swapping cars before Family Home Meeting"

"At the time I was driving
HIS car but he didn't want to drive my car to church with people"

"I wasn't driving his car before FHE"

"We never did swap cars before FHE, I had a migraine"

"I went home to sleep after I left LDS visitor center"

(FHE = Family Home Evening,  starts at 7 pm)

"I woke up later in the evening and I went over to his house later that night. I talked with him and he talked about what I saw"
"he said he was attracted to children but preferred sex with women because it made him feel normal.   I wanted to help him so we had anal sex" 

"'How long' text meant how long before he was ready to talk about the incident"

1-22-2008 11:33 "HOW LONG" (this is the next morning when JA is asking him how long before he was ready to talk to her.  But, she claims they talked the night before)

1-22-2008      11:50 am       Travis - did you use my phone this morning without asking?
1-22-2008      11:52 am        Jodi -    I only used it after I asked you in the office.  Why?
1-22-2008      12:03:19 pm   Jodi -  Why?
1-22-2008      12:03:42 pm   Travis -  nothing
1-22-2008      12:20:11 pm   Jodi - Did you make that deposit?
1-22-2008      12:20:00 pm   Travis - yes
1-22-2008       ~ 12:21 pm     Jodi - thank you,  I'll make it up to you soon -(Jodi testified that this was one of the small loans he would make her)
1-22-08  3:20          Jodi - I need a ride. Can you pick me up at 4 pm
1-22-08 3:36 Pm     Jodi - I am going to need a ride. I'm off at 4pm. Text me.

1-22-08  4:04 pm    Jodi  scratch that.  There keeping me until 5 pm.  Can you pick me up then? The lunch offer from my vmail still stands

1-22-08 4:08 pm     Travis - sure

1-22-08 4:37 pm     Jodi - Yea I am almost off. Are you eating?  If so,  just go sit at the counter.


 JA alleges violence.  Says TA pushed her down, kicked her, and broke her finger because she would not lend him $200. (however, the text shows it was he that lent Jodi money this day)

I haven't written because there has been nothing noteworthy to report. I turned down 4 offers to date this Friday night.  4 separate offers. That's mildly amusing. Instead I am going to dinner at Brother Porter's house. It's for new ward members. I'm tempted to skip out though and go with my friends to the snow.  I could get some reading and journal writing done and probably take some great pictures. Not to mention spend some time w/ some good friends.  Anyway,  we'll see. JAA 

JOURNAL ENTRY 1 - ?? 2008

Marriage is more than just what happens in bed…I love him more now than I did when we were dating"

"JA refers to loaning $250 to TA"

“Travis called me after work. He need money again. … I gave him $220 to put toward his gigantic mortgage


I'm trying really hard to not be in the state of blame right now. But if it weren't for Travis borrowing all of my money, I'd be in San Diego right tonight.  I've spend $40 on two super Saturday tickets to see Jeff Olson and visit with my friends that I miss very much. But I've been squeezed dry and then some because of him. I've drained my checking account to put money into his, and then I was hit hard with a ton of fees.  Fees that he isn't going to pay. 96$ worth. And he has the nerve to tell me to balance my checkbook.  Nay, he didn't just tell me, he screamed at me, and then proceeded to say he would get a gun and put it to his head and pull the trigger. I was crying because it distresses me to see him like that, and because I know all too well first hand, what it is like to be where he is. So it was with great compassion that I calmly, sweetly, and to the best of my ability soothingly told him that everything was going to be all right, that, like always, this too shall pass, that I promise everything will be worth it in the end.

I want to soothe away his worries.  He was under more stress than I have ever seen him. He was really despairing today.  I lended him another $80. I went back to the bank and deposited it into his account since he said he doesn't want to step foot back into that bank today.  By the time we had parted,  things seemed a little better.

True,  I could marry Travis, but as wonderful a guy he is, I just don't think we are right for each other. I'm a little too sensitive. Although I prefer to think of it as Christ-like. And he is a little too rough around the edges although it's nearly impossible to imagine my life without him right now, he is amazing and he can cheer me up in a snap by singing songs and holding me close. I like it when we cuddle. That's the very best. On my bad days he brings me up, but I fear I rely on him too much for that sometimes. He is way too stressed in his own issues. He invariably suggests we destress by, well, being naughty. Although it's a temporary relief, I think it is causing more problems.  Besides,  if it is something I can't tell my Bishop about then I probably shouldn't be doing it.

Well, today was interesting to say the least. Highs and lows. Travis was obscenely mean to me, but then he was extremely sweet and apologetic. It's easy to forgive him when I remember who he is, who I am, and who we all really are, which is divine offspring, children of God.

He's had to say no to. We've totally made out afterward.  But he was so kind sweet and attentive for the rest of the night. It was along drive back from Las Vegas. Travis was being extremely impatient, but he eventually got over it.  So I rushed home, cleaned up, and headed over there with some tootsie pops. He makes me want to be so naughty. And naughty we were. We went all the way again.  It was different this time. He was different.  He was tender and sweet and loving. He said he had been planning and hoping for this. He said he wanted to savor the moment and make it last as long as possible. He asked me if I felt guilty and I said yes. Then he told me he wanted this because he always wanted us to have something special. Perhaps it was like closure for both of us.

Well, speaking of Travis,  he frustrates me and he thrills me.  I love, love, love him.  And he sings to me, goes out of his way for me, displays massive amounts of unconditional love for me in countless ways.  I'm almost haunted by it.

But, it still remains I can't marry him.  I can't put my finger on it, but something is just off with that boy.  We've all got head problems.  That's for sure.  But there are certain things that will never sit right with me about him. For example, he always makes that ridiculous joke families can be forever, why do you want to spend so much time with them now? I abhor that. I want a family man, a man who takes family seriously.  I know he jokes but that drives me crazy and it's a big turnoff.

But he has told me time and time again if he could marry me, it would mean he'd won the wife lottery. Smiley face. That's sweet actually. I know I'll be an excellent wife. In fact, I really want that. I want to be married. I want to have a companion.

Travis is awesome, no doubt, but there just is something that is off.  I know only what the spirit whispers to me, and that is hes not the one. Frowny face. I've spent over a year of my life cultivating a relationship with him.  I certainly wasn't thrilled.  No, I was devastated to find out he wasn't being faithful to me.

I just don't get why men cheat - Bobby, Matt, Travis.  Darrel was always faithful, to my knowledge.  He said once he's never had a problem with monogamy. And I believe him because I never had that awful intuitive feeling that his eyes, heart, and hands were wandering the way I did with those other three.  It's a subtle feeling, but it does't go away.  It nags. It pulls at the solar plexus until it's justified through the discovery of ugly hidden truths.

Infidelity is so awful and causes ridiculous pain. Each time the transgressor seemed grieved I got hurt. Actually, not true. Travis seemed mildly remorseful, but that's it.

I'm going to stop writing about this right now.  It is of no benefit, but I could just rip out the last few pages, but I'll refrain from doing that.
The problem with Travis is he is so used to girls falling all over themselves for him, and she - (Mimi) - doesn't do that.  He needs that. I think he really does.

JA talks about lunch with TA. “It wasn’t too hard to snap out of it today.”

Mid  to end February Travis and Lisa mutually break up (date unclear - Lisa could not remember exactly when).   Lisa felt the need to break up with him was because of strange things that were happening - the slashed tires,  harassing emails to her,  someone setting an alarm off at her house while they were in it. 

“I talked to TA late last night initiated a conversation we’ve had many times …I really want to be strong in talking about our transgression"

TEXT 2-25-2008

end of February - Travis starts dating Mimi

She  is probably the one. She seems like a great girl. And it’s fresh… I really feel happy for him this time. It’s weird. I’m not freaking out…”

EMAIL JA TO TA 2-29-2008
  There are times I am overwhelmed about things to tell you. I just want you to know that I haven’t forgotten what I said more than a year ago; that no matter what happened, we’ll always have our friendship. … I fell deeply in love with you.. I sort of knew deep down your weren't the one. .... When I think of you now I have radiating feelings of warmth. I know it’s unconditional love.  U know love w/o conditions is an interesting thing…We are each destined for extraordinary things…I wish I could wave a wand and make things right for you….This wish stems from unconditional love… our path is something to be cherished and remembered I love you, Jodi

TA’s response: “Wow, that kind of choked me up a little and I know our path hasn't  always been roses but I am grateful for the time we have had and the amazing experiences we have had together as well.I’ve had more noteworthy things happen with you than with anyone. I’m not talking about the places I’ve been but the journey of the heart…I just missed a call from you so I’m going to call you now. 

Jodi claims Travis was violent to her. Says he backhanded her in the car when she told him about moving to Yreka. 

TEXT 3-01-2008

JOURNAL ENTRY 03-02-2008
I guess this week will be busy, consisting of planning to organizing. Aimee gets married on Saturday. I wish I could turn back the clock and make some different decisions.  I'm excited to see Angela and Joseph, and my cat Luna.  I have anxiety about the moving.This is going to be a period in my life when I will need to remember to breath easily, and flow.

Well,  I didn't get back to writing last night. Let's see, Friday I went over to T-doggs for a while to clean. Shortly after, he went out to go rock climbing with Mimi Hall, their 3rd date.  He said it went really well. I accidentally fell asleep so I was there when he returned.  I was supposed to go 4 wheeling but I was exhausted and fell asleep.  Anyway,  the next morning (Saturday), he picked me up so we could go to the tax seminar but we ended up not going.  He bought me some breakfast at fili b's which I was grateful for. Anyway, on the way back I told him of my plans to move to Yreka, and I probably won't be plugging into PPL event anymore.  This will help us both move on and close the gap.  One thing I will really miss about AZ, is that there are so many awesome Mormons my age, and I've met tons of incredible people that I've come to love and really cherish their friendship.

Well Travis and I talked some more in his car and we were able to say some things, at least I was, that we've been waiting to say for a long time. It was the beginning of a bitter sweet closure.  He is my best friend in the whole world. It is so unimaginable to live without him, but it has to be this way. It will be better for both of us, I think.

I leaned in to give him a hug and a kiss on his cheek to say goodbye and he turned his head so our lips met.  It was a series of three very tender, very soft kisses.  I love his lips.

Then I went inside, fixed my make-up, went to Starbucks, got Travis a frappucinno, took it to his house, and was supposed to get a few things of mine that he's been storing, and load up my car, but instead we end up being naughty again. That will be another advantage of me moving away, since we can't seem to keep our hands off of each other. I helped him clean up a little more for his UFC party. I've never really been into UFC much, although I appreciate it, it's just not really my thing.

However, Lonnie invited me to his UFC party, and I really like Lonnie, so I went and put up with it for awhile. It was fun actually.

When I got home, Travis called. We talked for about an hour and a half, til we were both too sleepy to stay awake any longer. We made jokes about facebook, talked about how if we had children their lips would be such that Angenlina  Jolie would cry.  Just funny talk. I love him.

JOURNAL ENTRY 3-05-2008 
I think I’m going to dye my hair back to brown…Quite frankly, I’m getting tired of keeping up the color.

JOURNAL ENTRY -3-06-2008
It is so much harder than I thought it would be to say goodbye…Today I worked. When I was done I got a call from TA. He asked me if I wanted to go with him to get his Prius…he said that if it weren’t for Chris and Sky, he’d take me in a heartbeat (to the executive banquet).  It grieves him that they won’t stay out of it. … Eventually I’ll earn my ticket. TA will have Mimi on his arm and I’ll have my husband and we’ll all be happy

Mid-March,  Jodi meets Ryan at a PPL conference. Numbers are exchanged but no contact is made for one month.


Wow, it’s tough to say no to TA. I stayed at his house the last two nights….did the dirty deed…feeling guilty. I feel bad for TA. She’s not showing a lot of interest and he says she’s probably the one…Yreka is like a 1000 miles away….He talked of us hooking up later when he travels up the coast


(more of the text shown in retrial of guilt phase?)
 TA  - I'm sick of your soap operas…She writes that she’s sick of him too. TA- If you’re tired of me, leave me alone. … I hate that you’re right(don't know if it was JA or TA who said it) . I’ve already apologized twice and you not once. TA writes—I don’t want another text from you unless it’s an apology


Travis and I got in a fight and I drove over to his house.  I banged on the door and he yelled "what".  I opened it and ran right into his arms and said sorry.  We cuddled.

Jodi says Travis was violent.  Body slammed her and choked her into unconsciousness over her telling him she kissed a man back in 1-2007 and because she gave him mental health pamphlets found at a mall.

“I still haven’t left Arizona but I’m leaving late today. I’m staying at TA’s…

4-04-2008 JA EMAIL TO TA
I know I’m making the right decision… I used to be so spiritual. I’m not myself… Don’t think I don’t enjoy making love to you. I have enjoyed making love to the man I love but it wasn't under the right circumstances.  We’ve both stretched it farther than it should have naturally gone but intact it remains. This time away from each other will help us both. That is my prayer and that is what I sincerely believe. 

BETWEEN 4-04-2008 - 4/07/2008 JOURNAL ENTRY

I know I should have been stronger but he makes it so difficult to say no, and he persists until I give in…

TEXT MESSAGE 04-07-08 05:27 (to JA from TA)

4-07-2008 TEXT SESSION 7:52 pm
 TA is texting Where are you? She says staying with her sister… It was a pleasant conversation back and forth. Ended with “enjoy yourself; will do.”

TEXT MESSAGE 04-08-2008 (to JA from TA)
(given the response and the time frame, he did call her)

Travis later apologized at being upset with her for this

The last 8.5 months of my life now seem like a foggy blur. I moved a week ago and landed a job right away. I have made new friends and I have a sharper focus now. A fog has lifted

The third week of April Ryan calls Jodi.  They talk for 1/2 hour.  The following weeks they talk 3-5 days a week, usually around 10pm at night. 

 TEXT MESSAGE 4-18-2008 JA to TA


4-18-2008 7:42 PM (19:42) TEXT MESSAGE JA/TA
JA "you hurt my feelings" 
TA - "Jodi I stayed on the phone a long time. When I mentioned I had to go you got offended" 
TA - you decided to insult me as a speaker. … Maybe if i told you a painting sucked you’d know how I felt. .. I’m busy and hope you are too
JA says her feelings got hurt when he told her to get to the point and she listens to him all the time.
TA says he doesn't have the time to listen to JA's stories. Said he gives her all kinds of time and he needed one thing from her (the pictures he asked for - JA went and did something with her cousin instead)

JA -  JA: Since you sent me 5 texts, I’ll do the same. I’ve asked for criticism of my painting before. My last text complimented your speaking. I’ve always enjoyed listening to you… You told me that what I was saying was nothing but absolute praise…you let your pride get in the way and heard less than what I had to say. But don’t worry, I still love you
 TA: I took time to take care of crap for you today… I have let you have a car, money and a whole hell of a lot of time
ja - i really appreciate you got all of that stuff done for me so quickly

4-18-2008 TEXT

4/24/2008 TEXT
Travis requests a dirty picture from JA

April 26th
April 26th,  Mimi says she is sick and breaks a date with Travis.  He makes her a 'get well' basket and sends the following text after she says he shouldn't have.
"Listen, I had no ulterior motive in doing the basket thing. I think when someone is sick, it helps to have stuff like this to make you better just like chicken soup.  However, it is no secret that I am interested in you. I have no idea if the feeling is mutual. You are a hard one to read. But, I need to know if I am going to ask you out again, because I don't want awkwardness when I ask if you want to go out. I don't want you to feel obligated and I don't want to waste either of our time. So I need to know if you are at all interested or curious. If you are we will reschedule, if you're not, that's totally cool"

APRIL 27th
Mimi tells Travis she is interested and curious, but not sure to what degree. 

11:40 PM  - Those branches make you look like a hot Medusa
11:45 I'd like to take a picture of you in the forest

8:36 PM I wonder how much you raise the hotness level of Yreka all by yourself, factoring in its per capita hot stats before you came, I am sure it raised expotentially.
11PM Who's the lucky boy (picture of JA on TA lap)

Travis invites Mimi to Cancun. She says yes.  Travis contacts the trip planner and asks to remove Jodi's name and change it to Mimi.  Travis tells Jodi he is not taking her to Cancun anymore.  He tells her he gave his guest spot to pay off a debt to a friend so they could bring their babysitter along to watch the kids.
05-02-2008 TEXT ON JA'S PHONE
The text message evidence was a photocopy of phone screen.  Travis Alexander was the name on the top of the message but no number was shown.  The actual phone was never placed in evidence and the state never personally inspected the phone.  Thus,  there was no verification that the from "Travis Alexander"  on the top of the phone was his number.

5-03  Ryan Texts to Jodi
"What do I have to do to seal the deal"
7:23 am"You promise not to play hard to get when you get here"

JODI'S BLOG 5-04-2008
About six months ago I stopped believing in the Law of Attraction, or at least the accuracy therein. And do you know what I found out? I found out that even when you don't believe in it, it still continues to work with perfect precision! So while I now go about my day in a manner far removed from my previous mode of operation, that darn Law of Attraction keeps right on making itself evident in every area of my life.

5-09-2008 TEXT
TA is not having a good night JA apologizes and tells him she loves him

05-09-2008 JOURNAL ENTRY

Travis is coming to visit and they will go to Crater Lake.She calls Travis her kryptonite. She says Travis is hinting for sex and she doesn't know if this is a good thing for them

" May 10th Travis caught JA logging into his facebook page" - per Hogan's book.

TEXTS MESSAGES 05-10-2008 (JA to TA)

anything like that you stop me (A2/3N) and tell me you don't want to hear that stuff. So I was vague on purpose for that reason exactly.  But nothing I said about him was untrue.
5-10-08 Travis - Why don't you have him come and fuck you in the woods. I can only imagine what you are so worried about me reading.  You are paranoid because you have no respect for people privacy and you dare insult me of all people. Someone you show through your actions you hate more than love by denying me a human right of privacy countless times.  You have some freaking nerve.

05-10-2008 TEXT
Travis tells Jodi he loves her 

05-10-2008 G - CHAT
TA - Plenty of the fights are by me but when we fight and its by you its subtle.
 TA says fights come up when she crosses the line. 
 JA changes the conversation and says she is really excited about his upcoming visit.

TA - 
Tell me why it is important to come up the 24th its stressing me out not knowing JA - Just get here & let me de-stress you."

TA starts to talk about sex–saying there’s no sexual equivalent to her and that’s depressing for him. TA says he doesn’t know if he can be sexually satisfied after JA. TA says she is the closest thing to perfection but that she does stuff that kills everything.
JA -- "My wit and my sexuality are sometimes my curse"
TA -- "
we are the same on that though for me its good for others probably not good" Converstation gets more sexual.

5-10-2008?  SEX TAPE IS MADE 
There is no support that it was May 10th Jodi made the sex tape.  The date is only based on her statement.  6 days later,  JA sent an email which included "We are not secret lovers. Its a friendship."

05-11-2008 TEXT MESSAGES

May 15th,  Mimi tells Travis that they are better off remaining just friends. They decided to still go to Mexico together as just friends. 

05-16-2008 JA EMAIL TO JA

(unclear if this is a fake one after the killing or written before.  She had sex with him on 6-04 so there was still an attraction).

Travis pushed back seeing me until June. I don't think he should come.I'm not attracted to him anymore and he will only want one thing. This kind of behavior got us no where.Telling him this is another thing because he get's his feeling hurt easily like me.  haven't told him about Ryan yet but there's not much to tell. He doesn't tell me about Mimi. Don't ask, don't tell is better anyway 5-18-2008 Travis writes "Why I want to Marry a Golddigger" article. May 19th - Travis text to his friend Taylor "I think I want Lisa back. I need to figure out a plan" MAY 21st TRAVIS CALLS LISA

5-22-2008 JOURNAL ENTRY 
(see after 5-26-2008)

5-26-2008 TEXT

5-26-2008 G-CHAT
the order of the messages in g-chat was not shared, so these are probably not the correct order.

Travis found out Jodi broke into his Facebook. TA says JA stabbed him in the back.

TA - Your Parents must be proud of you

JA - "They're not proud of me"

TA - "I loved someone that never existed, what I thought was real never existed. Finish your worthless email"

TA- "I know you got into my computer and erased an email to Lisa"

TA- "You stole my journals, you slashed my tires, and I know it. You can never tell the truth"
JA - "I may be a coward, I may be a whore, but the one thing I am not is violent. I did not slash your tires

TA - "You are relentless in your torture of people that have loved you and protected you and served you and what do you do? You try to destroy them, you are the lowest of the low"

TA -"You are sick and evil and knowing you makes me want to kill myself in punishment...... I'm so stupid. I don't even know if you are human"
JA - "I am so sorry. If anyone should it is me. You are light upon this world. I can't even compare"

TA - "Hitler had more conscious. you’ve caused me more pain than the death of my father. How can a heart beat in such a corrupted carcus?"

TA - "Send your piece of shit lie fest so I can mock it"
TA - "We already know based on all the last emails you sent and then invaded my privacy that it is bullshit"

TA - "Yeah, you are a three hole wonder, you are good for something"

TA- "You never saw me of more value as a piece of shit unless I was serving some purpose to U. I am less than nothing to you."
JA - "I really did love you, but I let it get so distorted. I am so sorry. I have no excuse. none." 

TA - "You tried to murder me from the inside out..... how could you?" "Why did you manipulate me into loving you? I was a good guy." "Why did you have to do it to me? Why did you hate me? What was your objective, what was the point?"
JA - "I don't know what you mean ruin you? I would never set out to deliberately do that to you.The sexual part of me was an unevolved way of trying to be more loved. I knew you weren't in love with me. I knew you cared, but that it wasn't that kind of love.  I would have been content just cuddling, but I wasn't strong enough.  Again, I'm sorry for that.  My sex drive is gone" 

TA-"I doubt that "

JA- "There's no excuse for me to be alive"
TA -"I want a real answer"

TA - Yes, I'm addicted to it. I keep taking you back and you know it. You know I'll get pissed but I'll take you back"

JA- "Honestly, aside from what I wanted to say, it was me that wanted to hear your voice just once more. It's a little fix, your not the only one who is addicted. What's the purpose, it's not marriage, it's just sex. Here I come looking like an angel, speaking sweetly, acting nicely, pleasing you in many ways..I don't want to continue to breath. 

TA "I was a dildo with a heartbeat to U"
JA "But you were not just a piece of meat"

PER CHRIS HUGHS  JA ' "I'll be contacting my attorney on Monday."  WHY?

5-26-2008 EMAIL JA - TA
Subject "Two things your wrong about"
"I did not slash your tires and I did not steal your journals"

(faked?  To cover up the reason for the fight being her breaking into his facebook? To cover up the stalking?)
Jodi writes that she doesn't understand why Travis is so mad at her for getting into his facebook when he gave her the password awhile ago.  She writes Travis was being classic rude and she never slashed his tires.
? - Writes a check  dates it to 5-25-2008 - for car payment April/ May - was this check back-dated in an attempt to fabricate evidence?  IE - "Why would I pay him and then kill him?"

(faked?  written after 5/26?)

5-28-2008 Suspicious robbery at JA's house. .25 gun stolen.
5-28-2007 -Jodi asked Darrel for gas cans to go to Mesa
5-29-2007  Jodi tells Ryan she is coming to see him

 (faked to set-up alibi? IE - this was my itinerary and it shows I had no plans to see him?)
(passages may be out of order)

decided to go to Utah the next week to meet Ryan  what her plans are. . She’s going to Utah. She’ll go to San Diego then to Utah. She’s not sure what she’ll do there “but cuddling is definitely on the list.” She says she mentioned the road trip to TA

  "Travis didn't seem too thrilled about my road trip. As far as I know he knows nothing about Ryan.  I  know he likes Mimi a ton and I now know that he was dating Lisa the whole time. Yet when I told him about John Dixon he was upset. I love TA and always will; his fiery temper doesn't mix with me crying at spilled milk but I still love him.  

He also began to sweet talk/guilt me that I was making the road trip to Utah to see friends when I could visit him but I stood my ground. I gently declined but I can tell he is bothered.   At least Travis has found the one. That's more than I can say. We still care for each other.  I have been ignoring my feeling that creep up but I'm distracting myself.


June 2, 2008 Jodi leaves on her trip to visit friends (not TA) and Ryan.

June 2-3 she stops to visit Darrell and collect gas cans

 June 3 she buys a third gas can

June 2-3 she calls Travis 11 times

 June 3rd about 8:45 pm she fills up the gas cans

June 3rd she calls Ryan for the first time, tells him she is coming but might sleep along the way

June 3rd after the Ryan call she turns off her phone

June 4th  4am Jodi arrives at Travis's and is sleepy so she sleeps (roommates are home)

June 4th,  they wake up and have sex and a photo shoot (Jodi said sex with Travis was too hard to resist)

June 4th 5:20 pm,  pictures of Travis  naked and vulnerable in the shower

June 4th 5:31 Pm she begins her attack on Travis.

June 4th 5:33 pm picture of Jodi dragging Travis's bloody body down the hall.  Blood is on his shoulders. Autopsy photos include a slashed throat, 29 knife wounds, and a gun shot wound to his head.  Jodi only had a cut to her fingers.


"(garbled) I know Lesile called you so I already talked to her so you can call her back if you want but it's not necessary. My phone died so I wasn't getting back to anybody. And I drove 100 miles in the wrong direction,  over 100 miles thank you very much.   But you know how it was in New Mexico?  It was a lot like that only worse - only you weren't here to prevent me from going into the 3 digits so fun fun. We'll talk about that later.  Also when we were talking about your upcoming travels my way,  I was talking about the May calendar - duh, so I'm all confused. Heather and I are going to see Othello on July 1st, and we would love for you to accompany us.   I don't know when (garbled) ......  is though its on the list. We could to Shakespeare, Crater Lake, and the coast if you can make it. If not, we'll just do the coast and Crater Lake. But, let me know, and I will talk to you soon, Bye."







  1. Question: ~ 6-10-2008 JA snoops in Travis's phone and alleged she found texts from women 6-29-2008 JA says she and TA broke up (in green)

    How could these dates be right, as she murdered Travis on 6-4-08???

    1. UGH, typos are so easy to make when one is posting multiple dates. Thank you for bringing attention to mine. I corrected it to 2007.

    2. Your work is incredible!!! Very impressed with everything I read here. Many thanks!

  2. You have done an amazing job, as usual! But I also do not understand this entry:
    ~ 7-10-2008 TA is openly dating Lisa Andrews - Lisa is not sure about the exact date but believed it to be the beginning part of July.
    Travis died 6-4-08???

    1. Thank you Nancy for noticing the typos. I appreciate it when ppl do that because the fact part is important.

    2. I can only imagine that you'd be blurry eyed after finishing a piece like this one. I can't tell you how much clarity this article brought to me and I have seen dozens of fans of your site stating the very same thing. I'm now worried that if the prosecution doesn't provide some type of similar visual aide that the jury really will not 'know' how few months they were actually together. And from following this trial by tweet I had the timeline wrong for the real dates that many of these electronic chats etc took place. Will the jury have all the hard copies?

  3. Does the memo line of the check say airfare?? I can't see it well - does it look even remotely like it could be that?

    1. Someone else had brought that up too NancyB and I think you guess are right. I used Jodi's Journal and cut and pasted letters and words to spell "airfare." It looked very similar. Not quite a scientific method, but I was shocked about how close it looked. I do think the memo said Airfare. And remember, Jodi did fly home for Christmas the month before to see her parents. Could it be Travis lent her the money to do this?

    2. You are awesome! I love that you took the time to do that! And yes, now it makes sense. We all know that Travis loaned & gave her more $ than we will ever know. Thanks!

  4. 11-22-2008 11:50 am Travis - did you use my phone this morning without asking?
    How can these dates be right???

    1. Thanks again NancyB. When I went back this morning to correct my "08" typos I noticed that one and corrected the double "1" error to just a single "1."
      I really do appreciate you pointing those typos out to me. I have noted before to please tell me if I made a mistake or am wrong ----- I will check it out and make the needed corrections. I try to post the full facts but of course occasionally an error can be missed.

      I started doing this because I have noticed more than once a habit with some of leaving important parts of the evidence out. For example, I have seen it posted more than once as an argument against premed "Jodi left pictures at the scene-- supports no premed." However, if the full facts are shared, it supports a different story "Jodi erased only those pictures which incriminated her and then ran the camera through the washing machine." Those are the so-called "pictures left at the scene" and when the full facts are shared they do support premeditation.

      Another 1/2 truth which I have seen shared more than once is "Jodi told Ryan to expect her. No evidence of premeditation because stopping at TA's would make her late." And again, the full facts are often left out. JA also told Ryan she might sleep along the way. Stopping at TA's to kill him could have been done in an 8-hour time period. Stopping to sleep would cover it.

      These are an example of the full facts that I often share and have made me a target for some to attack. I don't quite get it because sometimes it is has been implied a person has a right to attack because they are in the minority percentage who support Jodi Arias. It's often an attack only brought on because I share the evidence which supports she is guilty or because I will not debate with another who is being rude, insulting, or condescending.

      To continue to share those full facts, I depend on readers like you who either say "you made a mistake" or "you forgot something there." I don't want to make the same errors and share the 1/2 truths like others. I don't mind admitting if I am wrong. In the end, the evidence shall always remain and it's the evidence which shall always lead to a conviction of Jodi Arias.

      So, once again thank you for bringing my typos to my attention.

    2. You are such a sweetheart! The mob mentality are an unhealthy bunch. Who in their right mind would engage with rude and nasty people with an agenda! I was so hoping that you would not be upset that I left the messages and I'm so glad to know you do not have an over-reactive/uppity attitude. One of the reasons your site is a true treasure is it's reliability for being 100% factual! You're a gem!

    3. Thanks for the kind words. I understand the reluctance because I have been faced with the "over-reactive/uppity attitude" you describe.
      For me, it's about putting the facts out there. A common problem I see is some report their perception as fact without including the actual testimony or evidence from trial. I see nothing wrong about someone indicating their opinion, but in doing so there should be no problem with including the actual testimony. If said testimony really supports the claim, then there can be no harm to a person's cause in sharing said testimony, right?
      In the end, when people ignore the facts from the trial it's a futile self-serving act. The exact evidence and testimony will always be there for the legal system to examine. It will be what any court will look at, not the perception of someone who states "this is what it really means."

  5. thank you so much Debbie for this blog. I love it. How many days do you think they were actually, physically together? I'm guess between 15-20, but I'm sure we'll never know.

    1. If you mean in a sexually manner, I think it's a high number up there too.
      The biggest issue I have with the sex acts is the DT attempting to imply JA was being sexually abused when she was into the sex just as much as Travis. According to the journals, BOTH of them did struggle with the fact they were breaking religious law. However, BOTH of them could not resist the other when it came to sexual pleasures. Jodi's journals indicates this when she wrote she could not resist him when he put his hands on her. And, I am sure it was the same thing for him. In one of the interviews I saw with a TA friend (I think Taylor Searle) the friend asked TA why he just didn't tell JA no. TA stated it was hard to do when she was throwing herself at him. And, I am guessing not all the sex was from JA throwing herself at TA. The amount of times JA was over there I am sure that TA initiated some of it too. However, JA made it easily accessible by always being at his house.

      I truly do think TA wanted to end the sexual relationship but was weak when it came to it. His journal indicates he was relieved JA was moving because he thought it would be good for both of them. It does not sound like a man who was angry JA was moving because he wanted to keep her around to use sexually.

  6. Thanks so much for all this info. So glad to have someone shed light on a lot of all this. It gets hard to follow sometimes when you are just getting it in bits and pieces so I appreciate all the work you put into this and it is so very telling at how Hodi was manipulating Travis. Thanks again. Skeet.

  7. Wow, that's a lot of work, thank you so much for sharing. I'm so sorry for what the Alexander family has had to endure, I hope they can find some peace.

  8. Can you tell me where the info of Travis changing airline ticket from JA to Mimi? I've only heard rumors of this....never any evidence. Unless I missed something. Please advise. Thanks and other than that you have been spot on.

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