Friday, December 5, 2014


   5-31-2005     Skybot downloaded
12-00-2007      Skybot changed
  5-28-2008      First date proof of porn is shown (DT allege present in 07,  no evidence provided yet)
  6-04-2008      1:44p Skybot accessed (computer on)
  6-04-2008      1:47p  Naked picture of Travis in his bed
  6-04-2008      Travis Alexander murdered
  6-09-2008      Travis body found.
  6-10-2008      09:27a computer woke out of sleep mode
                        (50 MB and Itunes installer downloaded, but will not install until computer restart)
  6-10-2008      Porn site accessed "insertthis****.com"
  6-11-2008      Mirrored image of hard drive made
  6-19-2009      13:56:19 (AZ time)Flores took the computer and other items out for DT inspection
  6-19-2009      3:58 PM computer time (2:58 AZ time)  computer turned on
                        (BN alleges 19 programs downloaded and wrote over files, erasing them)
                        (Defense team in the room looking at pictures at the time,  Flores 'standing guard')
                         (JM viewing computers with DT)
  6-19-2009     4:10 PM  computer time (3:10 AZ time) hard shut down 

                        (hard shut down means unplugged,  button held down, or computer crashed)
  6-19-2009     16:51:34 AZ time - computer signed back into lock up
 00-00-2009    Lonnie Dworkin  given a mirrored image of the hard drive
~1-16-2014     Det Melendez testifies for State "No Porn Found"
~1-31-2013     Lonnie Dworkin testifies for DT "No Porn found"  had his copy 4-5 years.
  5-08-2013     Jodi Arias found guilty of first degree murder
  5-23-2013     Sentencing phase - Hung Jury -4 Life/ 8 DP
  8-04-2014     JA granted right to represent self for retrial sentencing phase
  8-04-2014     JA wanted evidence checked out (per trial diaries tweet)
~8-15-2014    JA Hired PI
  8-26-2014    70,000 files were zero'd off the computer
~9-02-2014     JA wanted a hard drive from evidence (Per trial diaries tweet)
~9-05-2014    JA requests her legal team back.
10-20-2014    BN starts his investigation of the computer
10-22-2014    Incinerator 2.3 was used to forever delete Data at 10:16 pm
11-10-2014    Defense files motion to dismiss based on Prosecutorial Misconduct.
11-13-2014    State alleges BN damaged laptop.  Requests BN's copies of the hard drive
11-16-2014    State motions for sanctions - was given wrong hard drive
11-17-2014    DT provides another HD -
11-18-2014    State motion -wrong drive- created in last week.  Wants 10-20-2014 HD copy
11-20-2014    DT reply - HD damaged prior to receiving it,  BN fixed it. Grabbed the wrong drive.
                       Shouldn't have to give the 10/20/2014 drive up - alleges it is the same as the original
11-21-2014    hearing begins
                       BN has not finished his full analysis of the computer yet.
                       JM again asks for all the hard drives and tools BN used.
                       Judge orders drives provided.
12-04-2-14     Second part of hearing
                       JM requests the image made BEFORE BN made changes.
                       BN resists.  Does not want to give.  Says it is the same as the original drive.
                       Judge Orders BN to give it over.
                       BN to turn over the drive in about 4 days.

Thanks to Kitz for the link to 8-04-14 Evidence request.  Please post if you have more dates/ times of events r/t to the computer issue.  Much appreciated!


  1. This is brilliant! Thank you so much, Debbie!

  2. Hello Debbie; I noticed the arrest of JA (July ?, 2008) is not included in this timeline. It goes with your analysis (lack of motive) And yes you are brilliant and thank you so much for your time and effort.

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