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State of Arizona Vs Jodi Arias: Brief summary of Prosecution witness Testimony

The following is a brief summary of the state's witnesses' testimony in the Jodi Arias case.  It is a work in process and some witness' testimony will be updated as each part is finished.

Estabon Flores Day 2

Initial Phone Conversation

  • Jodi called Flores first, on June 9th.  They first talked on June 10th
Call details (per Jodi's words unless otherwise stated.)
  • She last talked to Travis Tuesday, June 3rd, ~ 10 pm
  • Travis wanted her to come to Arizona during her trip; She did not go. 
  • Travis was coming to visit her after his Cancun trip.
  • Travis was a big guy so he would be hard to overpower.
  • They should talk to a "Thomas Brown" about Travis' death; Travis once kicked hom out for predatory behavior against women. 
  • Someone slashed Travis tires in Dec.
  • Travis owed a lot of money to different friends.   
  • Travis did not own a gun that she knew of. 
  • They dated 5 months.
  •  Broke up due to a mutual lack of trust. He was cheating/ she was invading his privacy
  • Jodi moved to Mesa around the same time as the break up.
  • Stayed friends with benefits.
  • She has not dated anyone else since the break up. 
  • Kept their dating lives secret from each other.  He said he was not seeing anyone  but later he told her he had been. 
  • She moved away early April because 1. she missed her family, 2. financial reasons, and 3. due to an ongoing relationship with Travis.
  • At first they talked a lot but it soon dropped to 1-2 times a week. 
  • She was planning an Arizona  visit the week Travis was in Cancun. 
  • She sent an email June 7th to see if she could stay at his house while he was in Cancun. 
  • Dan Freeman told her about Travis' death. It was the first she heard of it.
  • Her check was found in Travis desk - she was buying his BMW.
  • Flores: Friends said Jodi was hanging around uninvited and unwanted.  They said she went in his email.
  • She wasn't really jealous it was more of a need to know. She never broke in his email and he gave her his Facebook and MySpace passwords. She did go into his Facebook.
  • He sent her mean emails when he was upset so she know they will find one.
  • She regrets not being there when Travis was killed. 
  • proper police procedure followed with securing the scene. 
  • Flores did not personally interview all witnesses at the scene; other officers involved.
  • fabric rope/tassel found at scene
  • Flores had not review electronic communications between Jodi and Travis before the initial conversation with Jodi.
  • Travis called Jodi a slut, whore, and 3-hole wonder in g-chat

  • rope/ tassel pieces small. 
  • 2 Different types of "rope/tassel" pieces that visually matched tassels on throw pillow in his room and sandals.
  • No rope found in the house or similar fibers found near the bed.
  • In the same g-chat Travis indicated he felt sexually used and lied to.
  • Throw pillow looks in "unmolested state."
  • Fibers not forensically tested against throw pillows or sandals. 

Estabon Flores Trial day 4

Second phone conversation

  • Flores called Jodi June 25 to clarify Jodi's relationship with Travis
Call details (In Jodi's words unless otherwise noted)
  • Met in September 2006, attracted, but did not start dating for awhile.
  • He introduced her to the church; she was baptized in November 2006. 
  • Travis had a commitment phobia but a string of events lead to them dating.
  • In June She had a gut feeling he was cheating, she asked, he denied it. 
  • She looked in his phone after and found evidence she considered cheating. She kept it in for weeks and then it all came out. 
  • They broke up over a mutual lack of trust. 
  • She moved to Mesa soon after.
  • She was at his house a lot but not too much.
  • She didn't like to hang around his circle of church friends; it was awkward because of "Lisa and Elena." 
  • They stayed friends with benefits but both knew it wasn't heading towards marriage. 
  • Flores: friends said Jodi became obsessive after the break up.
  • Jodi: they think that because she was always there but she was always invited. 
  • She was last at Travis home in April 2008. She had spent her last week at his home before moving to Yreka..
  • Flores: friends said she stopped at Travis' house  in the Uhaul to say goodbye.
  • Jodi: she had already been there and was parking the Uhaul around the corner. 
  • She helped Travis pick out his camera but did not know which he got and had ever seen it. 
  • She briefly talked to Travis Tuesday night and had been calling multiple people to kill time while waiting in Pasadena.   She was supposed to visit Laura Brewer and was waiting for her to call her back.  
  • On her trip she went to Santa Cruz, spent the night with 'friends' from Monterey, visit other 'friends in Monterey", went to LA to meet Laura, it didn't happen, and then headed towards Utah.
  • En route to Utah she talked to Ryan to stay awake but ended up pulling off to sleep anyway 
  • She was looking to buy a gun to overcome her fear but it was not in her price range so she could not. 
  • She knew what day he was going to Cancun but not for how long. He was supposed to visit her some time after near the end of June 
  • Dan Freeman told her about Travis. She felt helpless. 
  • When she lived there she only lived 7 minutes away.
  • She didn't have a theory as to why he was killed.
  • Travis was good to everyone;  even when things were bad between him and Jodi he still helped her. 
  • She had an agreement to buy the BMW to "pay what she could each month."  
  • She contacted his sister on MySpace to give condolences and find out about the car/ agreement. 
  • She called the executor of the estate to make him aware of the purchase agreement. 
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Maureen Smith Day 4

  • latent print examiner
  • 6/17 Took Jodi's electronic prints
  • 6/17 Took Jodi's buccal (inner cheek) swab
  • Jodi came to Mesa and cooperated
  • Exhibit 294 Jodi's electronic finger prints

Kevin Biggs day 4

  • latent print examiner
  • 6/17 Took Jodi's major case prints: ink prints including palms and finger joints
  • Jodi came to Mesa and cooperated
  • Exhibit 293 Jodi's ink prints

Elizabeth Northcutt day 3

  • Examined casing cartridge
  • WIN 25 Auto stamp indicated Winchester 25-auto 
  • Entered casing into national database and not associated with any other case
  • Exhibit 244 - bullet
  • Examined bullet, identified it as a 25-caliber bullet.
  • There was not a gun recovered so the bullet could not be matched to a specific gun
  • The casing could have been kicked around.
  • The bullet casing is not specific to one gun. 
  • The casing was found on top of a blood pool; no blood on top of the casing.

Heather Conner Day 2

  • Reviews fingerprinting process
  • Items in the washer did not appear to be a full load
  • towel and other washer dryer consistent with being bleached
  • A matching towel without the bleach spots was found hanging on the wall
  • The door lock to Travis bedroom was a key lock on the outside and a manual lock on the inside.
  • WIN 25 Auto stamped on bullet casing
  • The hall was about 11'4" long between bedroom and bathroom on the east wall, 12'6" on the west wall. 
  • Multiple photograph exhibits:
1-5 front of house & garage;
6-7 laundry room;
8-16 Blood stain on washer, items in the washer, camera; 
 17 - 19 clothing items out of washer 
20 - 25 memory card, duct tape, open dryer 
36 - 30 items form dryer 
31 - 35 laundry room and downstairs hall 
36 - 41 office and check 
42 - 46 downstairs barroom & red stains in bathroom 
46 - 53 The rest of the  downstairs 
54 - 57 stairs a rope fiber found on stairs
58 - 61 loft area, black camera bag  
62 - 73 bedroom, bed, and closet (including looking out & in). 
76 - 79 shower, area around, 
80 fiber Flores identified as looking like the pillow tassel 
82 - 84 shower, bath tub, toilet room 
85 bath mat 
86 - 87 outer wall toilet room & blood spatter on door jam 
86 - 109 bathroom including scales, sink, and multiple blood spater 
110 - 114 bullet casing in blood  
115 - 119 linen closet, items in it, box with blood on bottom 
120 - 130 hallway, blood stains, hair, fibers, possible shoe impression 
131 bloody carpet 
132 - 133 east hall wall blood stains 
134 - 136 inside bedroom door with blood stain  
137 - 138 walls/ door with fingerprint powder  
139 palm print on west hallway wall
  • Multiple item exhibits
249 - crime scene diagram
276 Conners investigative report
214 camera 
215 memory card
220 loose camera door
216 clothing & towel from washer 
212 items from dryer 
222 check for $200 from Jodi 
231 door knob from master bedroom right door 
228 a towel that was hanging on the wall 
218 bullet casing  
219 Travis' PPL business card 
239 cut out of wall with palm print

Heather Conner Trial Day 4 

  • wall section taken back to lab for more photos and processing
  • On 6/26 the palm print was identified to be Jodi Arias' print. 
  • When Jodi left the print, the outer portion of her left hand touched the wall. Her hand was horizontal and she was near the carpet. 
  • blood soaked through the carpet to the underside
  • Photographs
140 wall where latent palm print discovered 
130 - 131 bloody carpet from the end of the hall 
  • Items
 292 photo of wall used to compare prints. 
293 Jodi's full ink prints 
217 the glass bathroom scale 
227 the bath mat 
211 piece of bloody carpet
  •  Not all of the items in the washer have the faded spots consistent with bleach
  •  4 dark sock, Dark shorts, green T-shirt, Dark pants have no signs of bleach; towel, 3 dark socks, and a red T shirt have signs consistent with bleach.  Can not tell on white items.
  • Red T shirt could be tye-dye
  • The only strap in the camera bag was one marked "Sony."  Still in the wrapper. 
Jury Questions
  • No way to test for bleach.
  • No neck or wrist strap found on camera
  • Not feasible to dust every surface for fingerprints - most likely areas tested based on scene.
  • knives found at house but can't speak to if they were the ones involved
  • Can not date fingerprints
Prosecution follow up
  • could not use fingerprint powder in blood.  Process used to detect palm print designed to detect prints left in blood.  Helps to determine print was left after the blood was deposited.

Jodi Legg Day 5

  • Analyzes evidence for DNA
  • Two known swabs : one from Travis; one from Jodi
  • Tested a swab from the wall palm print; mixture of DNA: major contributor Jodi Arias, minor contributor Travis Alexander 
  • Tested a hair that was cut in 1/2. 
  • The end with the root matched Jodi Arias.
  • The other end had DNA material on top of the hair that matched Travis Alexander.



  • Degree in Marine biology and a minor in organic chemistry
  • No such thing as degree in blood spatter analysis; skills acquired through experience and training. 
  • Her training:
40 course in training of blood stain pattern analysis by Miami-Dade PD 
follow up 40-hour course in advanced blood stain pattern analysis by Miame-Dade PD. 
An 80- hour course in laboratory based blood stain pattern analysis specific to patterns 
over 200 hours of conferences and training associated with blood stain  pattern analysis. 

  • Mesa PD forensic scientist
  • Works in the biology department as a screener for DNA.  
  • Responds to crime scenes, screens for the presence of DNA, sends swabs off for DNA analysis.

  • DNA profiles can be obtained from skin cells left from touching something, sweat, saliva, sperm, etc.   
  • A Kastle-meyer test is a color test for the presence of blood.
  • Arrived at the crime scene on June 10th and spent two days collecting evidence
  • She was responsible for examining the blood stains to determine type and how they were left. 
  • Two types of spatter motion:
Passive: formed by gravity alone
Active:  projected blood ejected due to a pressure or force acting upon a surface.  IE: strikes or impact to a blood source, blood coming off a weapon due to movement,  coughing up blood, etc. 

  •  The size of the droplets indicate type of force and can be categorized as either low, medium, or high velocity force. 
  • performed Kastle-Meyer testing at the scene: washing machine stains, Stains on the sink and cabinet in the downstairs restroom, the back of the master bedroom door, the top banister of the stair, the base of the stairs, and some tiles.
  • Exhibit 9: Washer stain 1A (negative); Exhibit 10: Washer stain 1B (positive blood)
  • Exhibit 46: downstairs sink stain  3B (positive blood); Exhibit 44: Cabinet stain 3A (negative)
  • Exhibit 138 & 139: West wall palm print: negative for blood but other biological substances could not be ruled out. 
  • Did not do Kastle-Meyer tests in master bath as blood was evident. 
TO Be Continued....

Nathan Mendes Day 7

  • Lead detective major crimes unit Siskyou county assisted with Arias search warrant
  • Contacted on July 11th to assist locating Jodi Arias; helped w/ search warrant on July 15th
  • Box of receipts from the search warrant
budget car rental in Redding
Arco gas receipt, Pasadena, Credit card, 8.03 gallons, pump 2 8:42 pm
Arco  gas receipt, Pasadena, prepay at 8:46 pm 40$, no change, 9.594 gallons 8:53 pm sale completed. 
Arco gas receipt, Pasadena, prepay $20,  8.44 change, 2.774 gallons 8:54 pm 
WAMU deposit $400 10:10  account #7148
Wamu  deposit $300 10:11 account #7148
 WAMU deposit $100 10:15 account #8006
Tesoro Utah   3:57 a.m. 10.672 gallons
Tesoro Utah 4:03 a.m.  9.853 gallons
Tesoro Utah 5.10 gallons (Tesaro testimony)
Various other receipts -- all from California, Nevada, or Utah.  No Arizona receipts.
  • Unknown where money for WAMU deposits came from
  • Yreka geographically and population wise small; ~ 7500 residents
  • Redding is 90 miles from Yreka
  • Siskyou county large geographically, small population wise ~ 60,000 residents
  • No Margaritaville restaurant in Yreka or Siskyou county. 
  • Two car rental agents in Yreka; Hertz & Enterprise.
  • prepared photographic line up, Jodi was #5. He gave to Rapheal Columbo who picked #5 and volunteered information that her hair was blonde



  • Private contractor / owner operator of Defonso Incorporated;  rents cars as "Budget Rental." 
  • Located at Redding municipal airport.
  • He worked June 2nd, 2008. 
  • Need to be over 21 with a credit card and a valid driver's license; if under 25 need a major credit card. 
  • Exhibit 235: Rental receipt
Jodi Arias name on receipt
Jodi's driver license number 
Rented June 2 8:04 am
Due back in at  June 6 at 9:15 am
unlimited miles.
Out mileage: 1925 
Return mileage: 4758
fuel out full 8/8
Fuel in: 0/8
"Smoke smell" 

  • Two ways to rent a car

    • 1. Walk in announced without a reservation or call in and make a reservation
      2. Reserve a car through one of the online programs that offer rental cars 
      • Jodi called the rental agency a few times that morning, gave her name, and asked that a "dependable car" be ready when she arrived
      • When Jodi arrived she had blonde hair. 
      • There was a man present but it was not clear if they were together or not.
      • Colombo started a conversation with Jodi and asked her about herself and her plans
      She was single and just came to town. 
      she was only going to take a small trip around town
      She was very friendly and pleasant to talk to.  
      • He asked her where she was going to fetermine which car to give her for car maintenance purposes; they are required to have routine oil changes and get penalized if the car goes too far over without an oil change  
      • He offered a red car but she requested a lighter color car; did not say why. 
      • He ended up renting her a White Ford Focus.
      • The initial conversation lasted about 15 minutes.
      • He was there when Jodi brought the car back. He checked it in.
      • She drove 2834 miles; he asked her why and she said she changed her mind and took a moderate trip buy did not say where. 
      • There where stains in the middle back seat and the passenger seat that resembled Kool-Aide stains; he cleaned them up.
      • the floor mats were missing.
      • He is an independent contractor that does business as Budget but is not employed as Budget. 
      • He is familiar with the business practices of Budget.
      • Budget works with search engine places that allow for the comparison of rental cars.
      • There is a code on the rental reservation that shows if the rental was made online or through the 1-800 number.
      • The rental reservation was not in evidence. 
      • When Jodi called he did not know if she was following up on an already made reservation. 
      • He does not recall seeing Jodi's name in the rental reservation system before she called him regarding a reservation. 
      • A driver's license and credit card is needed for a rental
      Does not photocopy the driver's license
      Verify the driver's license in their system
      Verify there is at least $200 on the credit card to pay for the rental.
      • Usual a customer brings in proof of insurance but not required;  Does not know if Jodi provided proof of insurance.
      • Jodi was not hesitant about sharing any personal information or evasive in anyway during their conversation. 
      Prosecution redirect

      •  Exhibit 241: Jodi's Driver's license
      license number matches rental receipt
      Blonde in picture; license describe states hair: brown
      P.O. box used as address
      • At the time a P.O. Box address on the driver's license was allowed.
      • California required both a front and rear plate. 
      No jury questions

      Ryan Burns  Day 4

      • Ryan said he met Jodi in March at the PPL Oklahoma City convention; Only talked 3-4 minutes. They exchanged numbers because she offered help if he ever needed help in California. 
      • He thought she was smart and beautiful.
      • He called her 3-4 weeks later, sometime in April. Talked for 30 minutes - 1 hour.
      • Talked 3 - 4 times a week thereafter usually 10 - 11 at night.
      • Communicated via phone, text, email, and occasionally G-chat
      • First Gchat May 30th; Jodi called him handsome
      • Made plans for Jodi to visit at end of May. 
      • Was not sure how much he liked her; not expecting anything during her visit except for snuggling. 
      • The trip got pushed to a week later- the first week of June. 
      • Jodi told him she was going to visit a friend and her baby in Las Vegas then take I-15 to visit him. 
      • Talked to Jodi Tuesday June 3rd ~ 10 pm. 
      • He was concerned about her driving 12 hours at night; Jodi told him she would stop to sleep if needed.
      • He expected her Weds ~ 10 am if she drove straight or ~ 1pm if she slept. 
      • Called her Weds at 9am it went straight to Voicemail.
      • Called her a couple times more by 1pm; straight to VM. 
      • He called Lesile Udy, a mutual friend, to see if she heard anything. 
      • Jodi finally called him at that night. She told him
      "took the wrong freeway and drove many hours before she noticed....  Decided to sleep and slept longer then expected. Lost or left her charger at home so had to buy a new one to call him." 
      •  She inidicated she was ~ 8 hours away but did not arrive until 12 hours later  
      • Her  hair was dark brunette when she arrived. 
      • He saw Jodi get pulled over while she was following him. When they met up a few minutes later she told him her plate was upside down and kids must have done it.  She witnessed some with her front plate in hand after leaving a "Maverick or restaurant" some time during her trip. 
      • She was kissing and making out with Ryan about 4-5 hours after her arrival.  He had his hands on her inner thighs near her vaginal area.  Both just stopped. 
      • She had cuts on her fingers that she said came from cutting her hand at her jib, "Margaritiville." .
      • Her demeanor was normal the entire trip.
      • She was more quiet in a crowd
      • The returned to his home, took a nap, and started making out again upon waking.  She adjusted him so she could climb on top of him, placing her genitals right on top of his (they were clothed).  Ryan decided to stop because he didn't want her to regret the visit. 
      • Jodi was strong and in good shape; almost had a six pack. (he had been kissing her belly.) 
      • Had "sexual conversations" after her visit
      • Jodi spoke good about Travis except for the cheating. 
      • Jodi g-chat:  she had a "gut feeling" Travis was cheating so she looked in his phone when he was sleeping.  She found a "plethora of flirtations and plans of him hooking up with various girls so they could make out."
      • Jodi g-chat: after that while at Huntington Beach she looked at his phone again when a text came through. A girl texted "sorry I did not get back to your text  what time is it there?"  She looked back and saw Travis texted "I really miss you" so she texted back "time to go cuddle with Jodi. Good night " and then erased it.
      • Jodi g-chat:  the entire time he was seeing Jodi after the break up he had another girlfriend.  He told Jodi about it after he broke up with the girl. 
      • Jodi g-chat : Travis thought it was OK to be with multiple girls as long as they did not know about each other but she did not want to be like that.

      • Ryan: There were 10,000 + people at the OKC convention.
      • He did not have any interaction with Jodi and their mutual friends. 
      •  Interaction with Jodi at convention  was only 3-4 minutes. 
      • Knew of but did not personally know Travis. 
      • Travis was not present when Jodi and he changed numbers. 
      • Did not see Travis and Jodi together or hear people talking about them being together. 
      • Their conversations were just about getting to know each other.
      • Jodi was trying to bring him closer to God; he thought she was sincere. 
      • He did not know Jodi and Travis dated when he called her. 
      • Said she still talked to Travis but it was just a business relationship.
      • Ryan didn't know who the "time to cuddle with Jodi" text was to.
      • Jodi said Travis was unfaithful; she didn't trust him; but Ryan did not know if Travis did anything w/ girls other than flirting and texting. 
      • Seemed like Travi & Jodi were on the verge of breaking up and hooked up a few more times after the break up.
      • Seemed like Jodi was frustrated the relationship was not public or going anywhere.
      • from the sounds of it, seemed like both wanted to move on.
      • When Jodi called him from Southern California, he thought she already visited the baby.
      • Exhibits: pictures of Ryan's texts on Jodi's phone showing Ryan flirting, asking Jodi to visit, and saying "as long as you don't play hard to get."
      • "Sexual conversations" after her visit were the same flirty conversations but a little different.  It included why things didn't go further on the visit and what could happen when they got together again. Jodi indicated he didn't need to stop on her account. She said "I'm a big girl and you don't need to spare my feelings." 
      • At the beginning of May Ryan was asking her to visit. 
      • Jodi's statements were missing from the texts shared by the defense so her part of the conversation is not known. 
      • Before her visit she only talked about cuddling and not grinding; Ryan was only expecting cuddling.
      • Ryan believes things would have went further if he did not stop.  
      • Jodi tried to get him to the church via casual conversation, going to church, how she felt about it, read in scriptures, etc
      Jury Questions:
      • Ryan does not know why he would say good night at 8 am so he thinks the time stamps are wrong.
      • The conversation about Travis cheating occurred after her visit but before Travis  was found. 
      Defense follow up:
      • Time on the messages look wrong but the messages look like his. 



      • Met Jodi in Sept at the PPL convention  in Las Vegas
      • Spent time with Jodi and Travis at Huntington Beach; Jodi told her she thought Travis was cheating because she looked at his texts either while he was asleep or in the shower.
      • She saw Jodi on June 5th at 730 pm at a meeting.  They talked alone for an hour after the meeting ended.  Jodi acted normal. 
      • Jodi told her she and Travis were no longer together but would always be best friends. 
      • Jodi talked about her kids playing with Travis' kids one day .
      • JA: She moved to California to try to create some space between her and Travis after they had broken up.
      • Travis wanted her to go to Mesa on the trip but she didn't because she was trying to create that space. 
      • Jodi had cuts on her fingers; she said she did it at work on a glass.
      • Jodi called Lesile between 9 & 11 am June 10th to tell her Travis was dead; She was very distraught, upset, and she couldn't imagine why someone would do it. Jodi said Travis was a wonderful person.
      • Jodi called her again at 2am the next morning. She was crying and said it was the time she and Travis always talked because they were both night owls; she lost her best friend and didn't know what to do.
      • It was hard for Lesile to believe Jodi killed Travis because it was not the Jodi she knew; the Jodi she knew was a quiet, soft-spoken, gentle person. 
      • She witnessed Travis talking to Jodi on the phone once ~ 1 AM. 
      • During the conversation with Jodi at Huntington Beach, either Jodi told her or Jodi gave the impression she and Travis were having a sexual relationship. 
      Prosecution recross
      • Lesile got the impression of how Jodi was because Jodi acted quiet and reserved. She did not know about the sexual aspect of Jodi's life as indicated in the pictures 
      • She believed Jodi would have confided in her about certain things but Jodi never told her she killed Travis. 
      Jury Question
      • How many meetings our conversations did you have with Miss Arias before Travis's death?  
        She couldn't say. They spoke lots of times. She can't give a number.
      Defense follow up
      • Had several conversations w/ both Jodi & Travis.  Lesile did not know about the sexual aspect of Travis' life as indicated in the pictures.


      • In June 2008 he was a West Jordan Utah police officer doing community policing and patrol.
      • On June 5th, 2008 ~ 12 noon he was driving southbound on Redwood road in West Jordon Utah.
      • He noticed a White Ford Focus with an upside down rear plate so he pulled it over. A second vehicle stopped in front of her. 
      • The driver of the car was Jodi Arias.
      • He explained why he pulled her over and she appeared surprised but was pleasant. 
      • When he asked her why it was upside down she responded, ""Oh, my friends must be playing a joke on me."
      • He had made various police stops during his 13 -14 years as an officer and it was the only stop he ever made for an upside down plate.
      •  Utah requires both a front & rear plate.
      •  The plate was a California plate. 
      • Everything else about the car appeared to be in order so he only gave her a verbal warning and asked her to correct it.
      • The encounter took about 2 - 3 minutes.
      • Redwood road is a main artery road in West Jordon with three lanes of traffic on each side.
      • Galieti only pulled Jodi over because the license plate was upside down.
      • There is not any written documentation on the stop but there would be a radio log created by dispatch. 
      • It was not usual to stop a car for something as unusual as an upside down tag. 
      •  he was somewhere behind Jodi but can not say exactly which of the three lanes either he or Jodi were in. 
      • There was moderate traffic that day; the upside down license plate stood out to him from the rest of the cars. 
      Prosecution redirect
      • It was Galieti's job to look for improper tags such as scan for expired ones.
      • The dispatch service Valley Emergency Communication automatically creates a radio log.
      • Galieti identifies the radio log with the stop on it. 
       No jury questions

      Joey Citizen Day 7

      • Verizon 
      • Call records, May 31 - June 15. Travis called Jodi twice; Jodi called Travis 14 times
      • Defense: Call log does not show texts so unknown if Jodi's calls were responding to texts.

      ** A large portion of the testimony is missing so information is added from other sources 

      Phone call & text log:

      5/30  texts: 
      09:52 am JA "hey I have an hour today if you need any help" 
      11:23 am JA "hey I was way off. call me later  when you're not working."  
      11:24 TA: Way off about what?  
      12:46 JA "I was looking at the wrong calendar. Call me later.
      5/30 ~ 2:30 pm (per Jodi's text) Travis calls Jodi

      5/30  text:
      2:43 pm JA: Hey I see that I just missed you.  At work. Call me/ you tonite?
      5/31 Text
      9:11 pm JA: lame. did you get it? 
      9:12 pm TA: get what? 
      9:15 pm JA: (1/2) nada. It was a pic but it was for Angela. we aren't getting each other's pictures. I didn't hear back from you today but that's okay I know (2/2)  how the day can go. You making the most of cheap day? 
      9:17 JA: did you get that? Yes that's for you. 
      9:21 TA: no pic. 
      9:22 JA: hmm.. the one from earlier? With the sunshine and rain 
      9:23 TA: yeah I got that. 
      9:28 JA: that was right after I sang the national anthem. 
      9:43 JA: please call me later I've got something to tell ya.  
      9:51 pm JA:   or things -- plural =) 
      9:52 pm TA: what is it?

      No record of Travis calling Jodi on 5/31

      6/01 Texts
       1:06 am JA: hurry up I'm getting sleepy 1:12 am JA: zzzz....zzz..  
      1:19 am JA: there once was a t dizzle who's things would not fizzle. He always kept his word. And had a whistle like a bird. And when he sang it would sizzle. =) 
      1:26 am TA: in the middle of something. I'll call you as soon as I can. 
      1:27 am JA: oh okay T-Dog. Night owl. Did you like my poem?
      Between 1 am and 3am Jodi calls Travis 3 times 
      3:04 am Travis calls Jodi. The call lasts ~ 18 minutes.  
      3:21 Travis calls Jodi, the call lasts ~ 41 minutes 
      4:03 am Jodi calls Travis 
      4:03 pm Jodi calls Travis 
      5:28 pm Jodi calls Travis 
      12:57 pm Jodi calls Travis 
      1:51 pm Jodi calls Travis  
      8:16 pm Jodi calls Travis 
      8:34 pm Jodi calls Travis ~ 10 pm Jodi calls Ryan 
      Jodi turns off her phone
      11:48 pm Jodi calls Travis and left a voice mail message; it took her 3 minutes to leave it
      The 3 minute voice mail is consistent with someone listening to voice mail messages. 
      The 3 minute voice mail message could occur if someone left a message, listened to it, erased it, and repeated the process a few times. 

       Larry Gladish DAY 7

      • Mesa Homicide dept, obtained voice mail messages  from Travis phone  including one Jodi Arias left June 4th, 2008 11:48 pm
      • Exhibit 365
      Hey, what's going on? It's almost midnight. Anyway right about the time you're starting to Gear Up. I know Leslie called you and I already called her so you can call her back but it's not necessary. My phone died so I wasn't getting back to anybody. And what else? Oh I drove 100 miles in the wrong direction, over a hundred miles thank you very much. So yeah, remember New Mexico, it was a lot like that only you weren't here to prevent me to go in the triple digits so fun fun! I'll tell you all about that later. Also we were talking about your upcoming travels my way. I was looking at the May calendar, duh,  so I'm all confused. But Heather and I are going to go see Othello on July 1st and we would love for you to accompany us. I don't know when team Freedom's event is though but you know it's on the list so we could do Shakespeare, Crater Lake, and the coast if you can make it. If not we'll just do Crater Lake and the coast. But let me know and I'll talk to you soon. Bye"
      • The call was made from ~ 45 miles North of Kingsman and ~ 27 miles south of the Nevada border
      •  Dustin and Ashley Thompson phone records were requested by a detective early in the investigation; it was first thought they might have had information about who killed Travis.


      • Sprint Nextel
      • The phone call Jodi made on June 4th, 2008 at 11:48 pm (to Travis) lasted  168 seconds (2 minutes 48 seconds).
      • Jodi made a call 5 minutes later that lasted 961 seconds (16 seconds). 

      Prosecution Rebuttal:

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      Photos of Exhibits: 

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