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Jodi Arias case: How Jodi Stole and Used Travis' journals.


Many of Jodi's supporters have confused speculation for fact.  Often, their speculations are based upon ridiculous notions not supported by evidence or logic.

One example of this is the idea Jodi provided first aide to Travis to explain why she did not run away when the opportunity presented itself.   The blood spatter evidence on the floor indicated Travis had paused in several spots which would have given Jodi amble opportunity to escape if that was her goal.  But, she stayed.

According to a particular supporter, there is only one explanation.  Travis went into a rage, body slammed Jodi, and chased her down with the intent to harm her.  Jodi was in fear so she  grabbed the gun and pointed at him to deter him.  However, Travis was so angry that he kept coming that the gun didn't even stop him and he lunged at Jodi.  As he did, the gun went off, striking him in the head. Travis was in mid lunge at the time so he and Jodi went tumbling to the floor.   Despite being struck in the head, Travis was able to maintain normal function.  He threatened to kill Jodi and tried to subdue her.  She was able to get away.   Travis followed but paused at the sink to see the damage that was done. At that point, Jodi abandoned her attempt to get away and decided to provide first aide to Travis.  However, she still feared for her life so she grabbed the knife "just in case."

The excuse that was dreamed up for Jodi would be considered a mockery of the court when the evidence of Jodi saying she was in 'mortal fear" and "the one trying to escape but he just kept coming"  was presented in rebuttal.   No reasonable person will believe that inside a matter of just a few moments the mortal fear and desperate escape attempts would have been abandoned to provide first aide to the alleged aggressor who had just threatened her life.  And the suggestion she brought along a knife "just in case" would be considered to make the theory even more ludicrous.

Speculation is a theory that is based upon a feeling without any firm evidence to support it.  At times, there is evidence to support the theory but it does not always reach the threshold of being beyond reasonable doubt.  These are the theories that are often discussed out of the criminal court room but can be successful in civil court because the burden is to show a " preponderance of the evidence" exists for the claim.   The 'First aide' theory would not meet the requirement.  However, there are theories that do.

One theory that was recently mentioned in a trial discussion room was that Arias used Travis' stolen journals to gain access back into Travis' life.  The preponderance of evidence supports that it is true Jodi stole the journals and strongly supports the theory she used them to get Travis to accept a visit in June 2008.



Jodi had a history of not respecting the privacy of others.  She violated at least one ex-boyfriend's privacy and repeatedly violated Travis' privacy.   Jodi justified her actions;  she indicated that although it was technically wrong, it was necessary to do because she "didn't want to remain in a relationship" that was not true.  However, Jodi continued to violate Travis' privacy after they broke up;  she even continued to violate his privacy after she moved away and knew he was openly pursuing other women.

  1. Bobby:  
    • Jodi purposefully gained access to Bobby's email account because she thought he was cheating.  The alleged mistress was a woman who lived out of state.  Bobby met her on a party line and never tried to hide her from Jodi.  In fact, according to Jodi, Bobby often talked to the woman on the phone in front of her.  Jodi claimed the conversations were too friendly and it made her suspicious.  
  2. Matt:
    •  After she and Matt decided to take a break from each other,  Jodi "accidentally"  discovered a picture of a new girl on Matt's family computer.  Jodi claimed to have "accidentally" discovered the identity of the girl when two strangers she did not know came into her work, told her Matt was seeing the girl, and then provided the girl's name.  The story is so unbelievable that the reasonable explanation is Jodi made it up to cover up the fact she violated Matt's privacy.  He was still her friend and there was the risk he would be watching her trial. 
    • After they became exclusive, Jodi "accidentally" gained access to Travis' MySpace email.  She proceeded to read two of his private emails.  Her justification was because the name on the first email was that of a woman who once left "flirty graphics like lips and sparkly hearts"  comments on Travis' MySpace.  The graphics occurred before Jodi and Travis became exclusive.  The email did as well but Jodi still proceeded to read it.
    • After becoming exclusive, Travis continued to flirt with other women and did so in front of Jodi.  Jodi used it as justification to read his messages on his cell phone.  The incident lead to a break-up. 
      • "Had I not been sneaky from the beginning about looking in Travis' phones..."  JA journal July 8th, 07
    • Not even a month had passed and Jodi continued to violate Travis' trust.  They were no longer a couple at the time.   Jodi felt justified in her actions because her need to know was more important to her than respecting his privacy.
      • We continue to violate each other's trust.  It's a cycle I can end immediately on my part, but it drives me crazy not knowing where I stand"  --- JA journal, July 25th, 2007
    • After Jodi moved back to Yreka, she still continued to violate Travis' privacy.
      • G-chat argument indicated she had done it several times.
      • Jodi recently logged into his Facebook account. 
      • Travis believed Jodi got into his email and deleted an email he wrote to Lisa. 


 Travis' journal disappeared sometime between March 16 and March 18th.  At first, Travis thought it was only lost but then began to believe it was stolen.
"A lot of things had been lost.  I lost my journal so now I am writing in this one.  I lost my IPOD so hopefully it is around here somewhere."   -  3-18-08 Travis' journal
"I really don't like writing in this when my other journal remains out there somewhere....."   3-19-08 Travis' journal
"I want my old journal back. It's frustrating. I've got to find it....."  Travis' journal 3-25-08 
"I miss Lisa.... ...  I'm also sad because I lost my journal and would not be surprised if it was stolen and most of my time with Lisa is in that."  Travis' journal 4-08-08

On March 15, Jodi and Travis were at the Skirvin Hilton in Oklahoma for the PPL convention.  Jodi was left alone with the journal despite her past history of violating Travis' privacy. This gave her plenty of time to read a portion of it;  if she wanted to read more, she had to take it. 

"I have your journal"  -- Jodi  to Travis, 3-13-08  (07:34)
"Just bring it its at the skirvin."  -- Travis  to Jodi, 3-13-08  (07:35)
"Please bring down my journal."  -- Travis to Jodi, 3-14-08 (07:39)


"I have anxiety about moving..."  JA journal, March 2nd, 2008.

"Wow, it is so much more harder than I thought to say good bye to yesterday and say good bye to a reality that exist only in some other dimension, be it an actual parallel universe or just in my fantasies.  Not a day goes by that I wish things could be a little different, but I'm making the decision to move so that I can make it a better reality."  -- Jodi journal, March 6th, 2008
"Here is my plan:  Ca this week, convention next week, pack all my stuff after that, and move after that."  -- Jodi journal, March 5th
"I'm getting mentally prepared for Yreka. I've already made the decision to go but I am going to list the pros and cons and moving and living there now."  -- JA journal, March 18th, 2008.


Travis noticed the first journal missing because it was his current one.  About three weeks after Jodi left, he noticed the journal just prior to that one was missing as well. Jodi used to clean Travis' house and was allowed to do it when Travis was not home.  This gave her access to any past journals he left there when he was not home.

"I just noticed that in addition to my last journal that I lost my journal before that are missing too.  .......  " TA text to JA 4/23/08 2:25 pm.


Around the same time Travis' journal came up missing, the engagement ring he purchased for an ex-girlfriend came up missing as well.  At the time, Jodi knew she would be moving at the end of the month.
I lost a diamond ring but apparently Jodi took it for some reason."   -  3-18-08 Travis' journal
 Do you have any idea what happened to that diamond ring in my drawer?" - Travis text to Jodi 3/18/08 20:40
"What diamond ring?????"   3-18-08 Jodi text to Travis 20:40
"ooohh... yeah.  I have it.  I'm so sorry.  I'll explain. Don't be mad.  I'll get it to you after work. Again, I'm sorry. I'm sure it caused you stress."  - Jodi text to Travis 3-18-08 20:55
"I'll tell you what happened after work. Don't stress, don't worry, and please don't be mad."  - Jodi text to Travis, 3/18/08 20:56
"It's cool. I'm not mad."  - Travis text to Jodi, 3/18/08 21:01
"Phew. It's really stupid what I did but I'll tell you what happened. The ring is fine. What time are u leaving."  - Jodi text to Travis, 3/18/08 21:07


"... the journals encompass all the time I was with you....." TA text to JA 4/23/08 2:25 pm.


"Jodi, please, if you have anything to do with this,  if you ever had an ounce of love for me, you'll give them back.  Out of all the things in my life that I hold precious, my journals are near the top. It is my life I want to pass down to posterity.  Please Jodi, these mean everything to me.  So much of my life has vanished without them.  To lie about this would be the sickest thing so far.  To take away so much from somebody for personal interests is something that should haunt someone forever. It is killing me and could never get over it. Please Jodi, I am begging you. From the bottom of my heart please.  I will do anything."  TA text to JA 4/23/08 2:25 pm
Jodi ignored Travis' text.  Instead of responding, she went silent for an hour.  
"You didn't reply to  my text" -  TA  3:33 pm
Jodi finally replied almost two hours after the first text.  She denied having them.  
G-Chat:  U stole my journals.


The missing journal had information about Travis and Lisa's relationship in it.

I miss Lisa.... ...  I'm also sad because I lost my journal and would not be surprised if it was stolen and most of my time with Lisa is in that."  Travis' journal 4-08-08

Jodi should not have know details about Travis' time with Lisa, but she did.  The excuse she gave for how she knew was very similar to the one she gave for how she knew Matt was seeing Bianca.
MATT:  Two women who Jodi did not know but knew her came into her workplace and told Jodi that Matt McCartney was seeing Bianca.
TRAVIS : A woman named Maria who Jodi did not know came into her workplace and was sitting in someone else's section.  Jodi served her food and Maria then told her Travis had been dating Lisa. 

"I was in Hollister, we kind of said good night and I went to sleep.... Her name was Maria, not Michelle.  She mentioned he was dating Lisa. He wanted to know who Maria was.  I didn't know who she was, I bumped....   she came into my work. I worked at Ruby Tuesdays..  she was sitting in another person's section, and I brought her some food....  and she recognized me. There was no way I could know who she was and she got into details about his life and said "yeah.. Travis had dated Lisa and that brought up the conversation." 

You tube video, 14:45

Travis discovered Jodi knew stuff about Lisa and him, likely because she brought it up, and when he asked how, she lied.

4/06 7:52 pm, TA:  Where are you?
4/06 7:57 PM JA:  Hollister, where are you?
4/06 7:00 pm TA:  home
4/06 8:03 PM TA:  How far from Yreka?
4//06 8:05 PM JA:  7 hours.
4/06  8:06 PM TA: Wow. Long way still. Okay good luck.
4/06 8:08 PM JA:  "I'm staying with my sister tonight. Driving tomorrow."
4/06 8:08 PM TA: OK, enjoy yourself.
4/06 8:09 PM JA: No you.
4/06 8:09 PM TA:  will do
4/06 10:37 pm TA:  "Do  not call me. And do not text me anything.  The next thing I want is this Michell K who is friends with Elena that nobody knows but knows details about my life.  Not one other thing ever.  Until you have that information. It is 15 minutes it would take to get the information. But you won't take 15 minutes. Why because it is a fing lie. So either text me that you are ready to tell me the truth or give me your imaginary friend with the worst BS story you have ever told or leave me alone. It's a lie like no other. It's freakin foolish. There is no way out of it. You have screwed up your story so bad you can't mend it. You are caught. When you realize that I will not know. You have til tomorrow to have me this information before I tell the Hughes, lesile udy, the freemans, your parents, or anyone else that matters about all the crazy things you had done. So fess up or you'll feel the wrath. No matter how bad the truth is I promise you the punishment will be better than the lie.  ...  You insult me by thinking I'll believe such crap. Nothing else from you til the truth. I already know you are lying so why continue. After tomorrow, it's going to get real bad.  Time to spit it out."


In early March,  Jodi and Travis discussed their ongoing violation of the Law of Chasity.  In a seemingly mutual agreement, they both decided it would be best if Jodi moved back to Yreka.  She was struggling financially and her family wanted her to come back home.  However, Jodi still found it extremely difficult to let go even with the knowledge Travis was interested in another woman.

"Wow, it is so much more harder than I thought to say good bye to yesterday and say good bye to a reality that exist only in some other dimension, be it an actual parallel universe or just in my fantasies.  Not a day goes by that I wish things could be a little different.."  3/6/08 JA journal

"We were sitting in the lovesack tonight and again I leaned in and he kissed me. It was a yummy kiss, but I'm going to have to wean myself from that (CA) - Jodi journal, March 10th, 2008
 "I love Travis very much and will miss him clearly when I move to Yreka, but we will benefit from this distance.....  my heart aches now but I know it will only get better with time. It does every time, it always has, it always will.   He is wonderful and I know we both will be fine. " -- Jodi journal, March 13, 2008
"Mimi isn't too interested in him, but that's how I turned out.  He has a way of growing on people so he'll win her over no problem if he just works on it. Correction, she isn't showing a lot of interest in him, but who knows whats really going on. Either way, I can't spend too much time worrying about it. I've got my own goals and ambitions." -JA journal March 13th, 2008.
"he is amazing. Such a trooper.  And a great person to go on a "road trip" with.  Like me, he likes to listen to PD, or great music, and has a sense of adventure.  Like me,  he likes to experience things with....  All in all it was an amazing trip. It was a good time spent bonding.  He means the world to me.  I love him and want him to be happy.  He is one of my best friends and an amazing person."  -- Jodi journal, March 18th, 2008
"I spent the afternoon and evening  w/ the lovely T-dogg. I fell asleep with him on the lovesack. ..  I am really going to miss him and Napaleon. But, I know this is for the better.  We really misbehave too much when we are around each other. Like tonight. We've always been weak when it comes to each other."  - JA journal, March 19th, 2008.
 "Super Saturday...  Mimi flaked, unfortunately.  I could tell T-dogg was upset about it.  She doesn't know what she missed."  JA journal, March 22, 2008
"Wow, it's tough to say no to Travis.  I stayed at his house the last three nights, two of which we did the deed, and we both felt terribly guilty afterward, but during we were loving every minute of it. ....  I feel bad for Travis. Mimi's not showing a whole lot of interest and he says she's probably the one.  I personally have no discipline around him and he calls me his kryptonite. We are weak in the flesh and our upcoming distance will be good for us  indeed.  He has mentioned about us possibly hooking up when he travels up the coast later this year.  I guess that just depends on if he is traveling with anyone." --JA journal, March 27, 2008
 "Travis is selling me his BMW...  engine blown, it was not in gear on the dolly...... out $6000..... Travis is going to let me make payments over the next few years so I will not feel it too much.  I don't even know how I would proceed without him, he's my hero. Last night I got a massage and a facial... it was a great experience. I'm so grateful.  This morning Travis and I got in a little spat so I started driving to his house....... as he was demanding an apology, I knocked on his door.. swung open the door and w/ a big smile on my face ran over to him, threw my arms around him, and said "I'm sorry." -- March 30 , 2008 JA journal.
"he invited me over to "de-stress" afterward. Again, too hard to say no. It was way too good, and likely our last time.  I'm leaving out of town tomorrow. ...  Travis texted me tonight saying if he only treated me the way I deserve to be treated we would never of had an argument.  That was sweet.  I love him so much.  Goodbyes are hard, but this will be best for both of us.  He hasn't mentioned Mimi lately and I haven't asked."  March 31st, JA journal.
"Travis, I love you so much. You're amazing and wonderful and I will miss you when I go to CA.  You've done more for me than any other friend I have ever had. Thank you so much for your unending generosity and your amazing friendship. I will cherish it always.  Love always,  Jodi."  -- In Travis' journal,  4-1-08
"Well, it's Thursday, 4-3-08, and I haven't left Arizona. I'm leaving today, however, late though.   I've been staying at Travis' house. He's so wonderful.  I'm sad about leaving, I'm gonna miss Travis so much."  JA journal 4-3-08
"Is it OK if I crash at your house for a few hours? I've been sleeping in the car but no pillow and it's hurting my neck =(.   If you have people over that's OK I can come by later."   JA text to Travis, 4-3-08 02:59 pm
"Yah" 4/03/08 Travis reply to Jodi.
 "Jodi keeps leaving but hasn't left.  In fact, she pulled out of my driveway this afternoon but she reshowed up this evening. I know she is having a hard time but I think I'd be better off and so would she if she just got out of here. "   4-3-08 Travis' journal.
"I miss you guys already.  U and Naps that is."  4/3/08 11:38 PM JA text to Travis.
" Here's your periodic update. I'm at Signal Butte and the 60"  -4/4/08 JA text to Travis, 2:39 pm (this is only about 10 minutes away from Travis' home).
"No accidents"  Travis reply to JA, 2:10 pm
"I'm exhausted and can't keep my eyes open."   JA text to Travis, 4/4/08 2:39 pm
"Sie la vie. Go to sleep"  (Travis' comment was in relation to Jodi upset that he did not invite her to Costco with him earlier in the day).   TA to JA, 4/4/08 3:02 pm
"I'm trying but the chair doesn't recline."  JA to TA 4/4/08 3:03 pm
"I'm at the Shell station at Sossoman and Baseline."  (Now, 15 minutes away from Travis house. In the past 1/2 hour she traveled just a couple of miles. It is also out of her way to Yreka.)   JA to TA 4/4/08 4:07 
"Jodi, I don't know what to tell you and I also don't know why if gas is so important why you are going in the wrong direction. You've been gone 2 hours. Why are you doing this?"  (Jodi only traveled about 10 miles in two hours) 4/4/08 3:08 pm
"I couldn't find a good place to park."  JA to TA text;   4/4/08 3:10
"I think we both know this is a ploy.  Go to sleep."  TA to JA 4/4/08 3:17 pm 
"No, you're wrong.  I can't sleep. Back on the road again."  JA to TA 3:34 pm. 
"All last week, I spent the night @ Travis' house.  Just hard to say goodbye I guess." - JA journal, 4/06/08 


Travis loved and cared a lot about Jodi in the earlier parts of their relationship.   His belief in the LOA would have caused him to put mainly the positive attributes about Jodi down in his journal. Those positive statements in Travis' journal would have helped to fill the huge void that would be left in Jodi once she moved away.

The evidence supports that it was Jodi who stole the journals.  She had the means, motive, and opportunity to do so.  However, at this point her motive was not nefarious in nature;  it was only selfish.  Jodi had a hard time letting Travis go and taking his journals served as a wonderful emotional reminder of their time together.  It helped to feed her addiction to him.



Travis struggled with guilt over his bedroom activities with Jodi.  It was a prime sin in his religion but could not resist Jodi when she tempted him.   He was getting older and knew he had to marry soon.  However, having Jodi around made the possibility of developing a relationship that would lead to marriage impossible.  Thus,  Jodi leaving solved a lot of his problems.

 "I think Jodi moving will be good for me in a lot of ways. She's a great girl but we are not good influences on each other.  She has an uncanny way of getting under my skin. So although I'm used to having her around and I'll admit I'll probably miss her.  But, I'm certain it will be good for both of us. Plus, I need to get married and she can get in the way of that and in fact does."  3-27-08 Travis Journal
 "I want a girlfriend that has the potential to marry.  Now that Jodi is gone and DeAnna is moving,space is created, less Drama can ensue."  4-08-08
"I didn't speak to Jodi for the entire day.  Wow. I thought that would never happen. I loved it.  No negativity, no distractions.  I am sure it was good for her too."  - 4-10-08 (last mention of Jodi in his journal). 


Jodi had used sex to keep Travis close to her;  it is a fact she admitted in their G-chat.  She lost that control once she moved away.  No longer "sex-blinded",  Travis was less tolerant of Jodi's manipulative behavior and less interested in dedicated a huge portion of his time to her.

April 10th, 2008:  TA journal, "I didn't speak to Jodi for the entire day.  Wow. I thought that would never happen. I loved itNo negativity, no distractions.  I am sure it was good for her too."
"I know you are busy but there are some things I need to know that concern me.  Did you hear from the attornies, have a job, mail back my stuff, etc."  TA text, 4-11 2:07 am.  (It had been a month and Jodi had not made attempts to take care of the car situation or mail his items to him.)
Jodi freaked. It was obvious she had noticed Travis was starting to  pull away.   
"I  don't understand.  I haven't heard from you in days.  I've made several attempts to get a hold of you. When I called a few nights ago you were on the other line but you didn't pick up or even call me back, even after I left you a voice mail or text message.  You called me just over 40 minutes ago but you were gone even before I could reach my phone and you didn't leave a voicemail.  I tried calling you back on both lines but you didn't answer.  What's going on??? I am sure there is a valid explanation but I don't understand."   Text 4-11-07 3-17 pm.   
4/18 Jodi asked Travis to make and send her copies of personal development CD's from his collection and hand write a "sweet personal note."   He prepared the items and then later spoke to her on the phone.  When he wanted to get off the phone, she got rude.  Instead of engaging in an argument,  Travis tried to avoid one.   But, Jodi would not let it go.  An argument with Travis was better than no attention at all. 
 4/18 7:42 PM JA Text:  "You hurt my feelings" 
 4/19 7:50 pm TA text:  "Jodi, I stayed on the phone a long time. When I mentioned I had to go, you got offended. When I said I just wanted to get to the rest of the story, because I heard the rest last night, you decided to insult me as a speaker. Abruptly getting off the phone was my way of not tearing into you. I want you to think about the few phrases you said and then hopefully you will realize how rude they were.  Maybe if I opened up one of your paintings and told you why it sucked you'd understand.  You get up there for an hour and see how well you do.  Until then, spare the insults. I'm glad I cut you off before you could insult me further.  Don't bother wasting more time on this subject. I'm busy and I hope you are too." 
4/18 8:05 pm JA text:  "You don't care"   
4/18 8:17 PM "Since you sent me five texts, I'll take the time out to do the same. (Travis only sent one --- whenever Travis sent one long text, it came in as multiple texts on Jodi's phone.)   I have asked for your criticism before on a painting and I didn't cry when you gave it to me.  My last comments were complimenting your speaking skills but u only hear what you want. I did say, however, for someone who always tells me to get to the point you're pretty long-winded yourself on stage, in church, in letters, in general.  I also said I really enjoys listening to U. I could listen too you for hours and hours on end.  I've always enjoyed it. It's why half the time our conversations last easily over an hour and it doesn't even feel like it's been that long.  And whereas I'm always interested in hearing what you have to say, it hurts me when you tell me to get to the point.  I was repeating what I said last night because it was pertinent to the story I was about to tell u.  But, what you told me was essentially was that what I was saying was not important to you.  And you've always asked for my feedback after you've been on stage and I've always been honest and shared my opinions.  I've only know of 2 ppl that have complained and I was not talking about them.  My point is that I could listen to you forever but you couldn't stick around to find out what have they consisted of? Nothing but absolute praise and awe for your talent. So don't act like I was insulting you when in fact I was making  (9) a valid point and complimenting you at the same time. If you hadn't let your pride get in the way and heard the rest of what I had to say instead of hanging up on me I wouldn't have had hurt feelings and u would have been flattered most sincerely"   (Jodi's texts showed as 10 on her phone)
4/18 8:27 pm TA text:  "I didn't want criticism and I didn't want praise. I wanted to get things done.  I think I had talked long enough, we both had things to do.  I consider mine a priority.  I took time to take care of your crap today.  You continue to put me on the back burner.  I don't have time to listen to your stories, praise, and criticisms. If you don't have time to get a project done I have asked you to do for weeks and it would just take minutes.  I have let you have a car money and a hell of a lot of time lately and your cousin that doesn't do anything for you gets priority. You couldn't scrap a dozen of 500 pictures to help me and I'm not in the mood to listen to you. Just leave me alone.  I'm sick of wasting time on your account."   
 4/18 8:46 pm Travis text:  "I'm sorry.  I had just spent more than 2 hours of my day talking or doing tasks for you. You're just blowing me off for stuff for me, so when I tried nicely to get off the phone with you and you were offended I lacked tolerance.  Then when you make an insulting comment when I have pushed a lot of important things off today for you and now they will not get done and all you want to do is talk rather than get crap done, I get upset. There is a time and place for stories and that isn't it."  

4/22/08 11:59 am JA:  Why didn't you respond to me on MySpace? I sent you a message the other day. 
4/22/08 12:00 TA:  That wasn't meant for me, was it?
4/22/08 12:04 JA: Why would you ask that?
4/22/08 12:04 TA:  Because I never respond to you on MySpace.  I save it for the phone usually. 
4/22/08 12:07 JA;  Well change it.  You didn't respond to me over the phone either. Don't make me come over there. 
4/22/08 3:46 pm JA:  You still haven't answered my other question........ why aren't you answering your phones?
4/22/08 3:37 pm TA:  I'm very busy trying to get things done before the briefing.  
5/05/08 1131 am JA:  Forget the National Anthem. Come up this weekend.  NO excuses.  Just get in your car and drive.
5/05/08 11:32 am TA:  I can't or I would.  Did you read my blog?
5/05/08 11:39 am JA:  ............. why can't you this weekend?
5/05/08  11:51 am TA:  I have crap going on.  There is a graduation party for Taylor that I told him I would attend. 
5/5/08 11:53 am JA:  Alrightly.  Just hurry up and clear your schedule. 
5/09/08  7:05 pm JA to TA:  Why didn't you want to hear my poem? 
Jodi sent an insulting text to Travis and claimed it was supposed to go to another person.   After arguing, Travis tells Jodi he is done with her and stops communication.  
5/09/08 8:03 PM:    TA:  How about we take it one step further and pretend each other doesn't exist. 
Jodi reignited the incident by "accidentally" sending a text to Travis.  She was using gaslighting tactics to torture him and keep the argument going. 
5/9/08 10:36 "Not that U would, but don't tell him!!! 
5/11/08 ~midnight - 2 am.   Jodi Arias made multiple attempts to draw Travis in:  Sexual innuendo,  sending multiple pictures, fishing for compliments, playing to his desire to help others.   Travis did not respond to her sexual innuendo and told her a picture was "good, but not her best."  It was only after she  played to his sympathies that he offered stronger compliments -- then he quickly ended the conversation. 
05/12  0043:  TA:  Wow
5/12 0745 JA: whatever
5/12 0747 JA:  Sorry, that wasn't very nice.  It was kind of a joke...  kind of. 
5/12 0755 TA:  I don't like talking to you unless I can give you my full attention.  And you don't either.  I am updating my blog, it's up at my blog spot but I haven't figured out how to update it yet. 
 Travis met an interesting person but never shared it with Jodi.  He used to share such things with her but instead, saved it for his blog.   
5/12 0112:  JA:  When did you met him?
5/12 0112 TA:  Monday
5/12 0113 JA:  I don't believe u
5/12 0114 TA:  Okay, that's fine. 
5/12 0119 JA:  I know, but you're supposed to say "Why not?"
5/12 0123 TA:  Okay Jodi, why not?
5/12 0135:  JA:  because that was 8 days ago, and that is such an amazing story that if it happened 8 days ago u would have told me about it already.
5/12  0125:  TA:  well I haven't told anyone because I wanted to blog about it. It's legit. Isn't it awesome?
5/12 0129 JA:  YES/  INCREDIBLE.  And shame on u for not telling me. That's like throwing away a perfectly good opportunity to have a quality conversation in lieu of it all the pointless arguments we've have. 
5/13 2:05 JA:  Wow, I'm not going to lie.  That hurts.  Screening my calls and all. 
5/16 0315 am TA:  I want to have a rational conversation. If you don't want to that is fine but I swear on my life I will never speak to you again.  I can't like this anymore.  So answer. 
Travis did not give Jodi recognition on his blog despite giving someone else.  
MAY 16th, Jodi email to Travis:

Jodi's email indicates that it was made clear that all Travis wanted from her was a friend-type relationship.  The subsequent texts between the two lacked the "hon, sweetie, love you" notations that Jodi had inserted previously.  They were free from sexual innuendos as well. Had finally broke free from Jodi's sexual control. 

5/10  per Shannon Hogan's book,  friends stated that Travis told them he caught Jodi logging into his Facebook page. 
5/14 2:09 PM Travis:   Why have you been viewing my LDSlinkup account under bogus accounts?  (Jodi denied it of course, but evidence points to her)
5/14/08 2:11 pm Travis:  Someone with the first initial J keeps viewing my account and closing her account and then viewing me later with another open account. 
5/22/08 1:02 am TA:  I'm not mad, but I know what you did and we are not talking until you admit it."
5/26 G-chat Travis:   "if you want to sneak around just tell me what you want and I'll give it to you you'll get it anyway............if you want my freakin passwords just ask.... why did you cover it up after I told you I already knew.  Why do you always lie....  why did you get in my Facebook after all these times I have forgiven you.... it's the other stuff that is blatant lies that I have a problem with... I've sacrificed so much for you. I've taken so much heat for you and defended you. defended the lies you've told others with the lies you've told me... and how do you repay me forgiving you, you do it again....  you have only told partial truths to cover up the lies....  I know you got into my computer and erased a letter I sent to Lisa....  u stole my journals."    -- TA g-chat comments. 


Jodi and Travis both agreed to put distance between the two of them.  Whereas Travis was moving on,  Jodi could not let Travis go.  She returned to her old tricks using manipulation and preyed up Travis' attraction to her, his weakness for flattery, love of the church, and nature to help those in need.

4/12/08 JA:  Send me a picture.. Es too sexy.  Thanks =)
4/14/08 JA:  I just a call from a restricted number and answered it out of curiosity. There was only silence on the other end until who ever it was hung up in like 20 seconds.  I wonder who is bored, sleepless, and has no life at quarter to four in the morning.  It was a little creepy but mostly pathetic. 
4/18/08  JA:  was that cute sleepy voicemail of yours from last night or this morning?
4/18/08 2:52:  Travis, I thank you for being such an amazing friend.  You are a rock, a light, and an inspiration. I love you dearly and appreciate all the ways you've gone out of your way for me.  Thank you thank you thank you.  
4/18/08 Jodi asked Travis to send her multiple items of P.D and a personalized note.  He informed her of the items being sent.  She replied, "YOUR FANTASTIC!! What about my note?"
April 18th, 7:42 PM.  Jodi became upset and insulted Travis after he wanted to end a conversation.   He hung up on her. She eventually claimed if he had not, he would have heard all the praise she had to offer.
4/21/08 9:25 pm JA:  Sorry had to work.  Someone was giving me crap about church. You said I could get you on the line the next time that happens but you didn't answer.  No worries. 
4/21/08 9:25 pm TA:  I didn't notice you called. 
4/21/08 9:27 pm JA: That's OK, sweetie.
4/21/08 9:27 pm TA:  I don't have a missed call. 
4//21/08 9:29 pm JA:  Maybe it was one of those times when you didn't have reception but it rang 5 times anyways before going to Vmail.
4/21/08 9:31 pm TA:  So how did it go?  (And hooked in.) 
4/22/08 2:28 pm JA:  Aww.. you're sweet.  The book is very much Jodi =)
4/22/08 2:29 pm TA:  Yes. It resonates well.  I fung shue cleansed  my house today with incense FYI. 
4/22/08 2:34 pm JA: You're cute.  Love it =)
4/22/08 2:35 PM TA:  The energy in the house has been off.  I honestly think it was that run of fights we had. 
Jodi introduces sexual innuendo into the conversation. 
4/22/08 2:36 PM JA:  That and some other things..... 
4/22/08 11:03 pm  JA:  I'm watching "Naked Alaska" on the Travel channel.
4/24/08 11:39 pm JA:  You might have to stop calling me at night. It makes me keep loving you. You're adorable."
 JA used the church again as an excuse to talk to Travis.
4/25/08  9:39 PM JA:  Can you talk right now?
4/25/08 9:55 pm TA: Yep.
4/25/08 10:29 pm  JA:  Thank you for being a seemingly infinite source of knowledge about the Gospel. Thank you for letting me ask you all my dumb questions and for answering them (for the most part) with patience and without judgement.  And above all, thank you for helping to prepare me for the gospel.  May you be blessed forever because of it. 
4/28/08 1040 am JA: "............ . To know you are lonely, someone I love and care for so deeply, magnifies my own feelings of loneliness and makes me wish I could bring you lasting comfort.   I love you sweetheart. You are strong, amazing, and beautiful.  I wrote that last night...
4/28/08 10:43 am TA:  Wow. Thanks for that.  I was hoping you were just not going to go to sleep.   
4/28/08 10:48 am JA:  That was one of those times that I truly wish I could just be like an angel for u for no other purpose but to bring you comfort."
5/01/08 10:50 PM JA: Didn't you get ur nice comment on your blog sweetie? ...  I posted it twice.
Jodi interjects sex into the conversation. 
5/01/08  11:13 PM TA: "I told him......   what are you doing?"  
 5/01/08 11:14 pM JA:  Checking emails, you?
5/01/08  11:14 PM TA:  Catching up to a slow start to a nearly wasted day."
5/01/08  11:17 PM JA  What did you waste a perfectly good day on U overacheiver?
5/01/08  11:17 PM TA: Talking Taylor off the ledge.
05/01/08 11:18 PM JA:  Oh well, that's what friends are for. 
5/01/08 11:18  PM TA:  I don't believe you are checking emails. 
05/01/08 11:20 PM JA:  sure I am. Just opened one from Dr. Hughes, then Darryl's mom. That was random. 
05/01/08 11:21 PM JA:  Would you rather I say my fingers are in my pussy? ????  That I am a horny little girl who need immediate alleviation. 
.. and Travis took the bait...
Travis encouraged Jodi to email him.
 05/01/08 11:22 PM TA:  OMG, are you trying to distract me because it's working.  Just the same, email me and say Hi. 
5/01 11:23 PM JA:  Alrighty =)
5/01 11:24 PM JA:  Oh, and I got a call from an officer informing me there was a Federal warrant for my arrest! That was crazy!  But it was all a mistake.
5/01 11:25 pm TA:  I saw that.
5/01 11:25 PM TA:  no email huh?
5/01 11:26 pm JA:  just sent it?
5/01 11:27 pm JA:  hang on.. I'm tryin something else..
5/01 11: 27 pm TA:   uh huh......   it's easy to sent an email Jodi.
5/01 11:28 pm JA:  Gmail due, accept my request!
5/01 11:29 pm JA:  Maybe there was a delay w/ hotmail.  Went to my gmail. 
5/01 11:59 pm JA:  Sent you another email!
Jodi had several "sexts"  on her phone dated 5/02 starting at 9:13 am and ending at 9:25 am.   They sender was listed as "Travis Alexander."   However, the sexts did not appear to be separate messages at all -- it was one long fantasy.  
"Remember this. That photoshoot is going to be one of the best experiences of your life and mine.  I haven't stopped thinking about it, the pics ill take, the progre...ssiveness of it, from very clean to very very dirty and everything in between. It will tell quite a story and be a lot of fun and not a day has gone by that I h....aven't dreamt about driving my  shaft long and hard into you.  When I am all by my lonesome I have no desire to think of anyone else in my scandalous fantasies from my own experience is nothing even enjoyable compared to you. Because of that I spend a lot more time getting myself off. What you do and let me do to yo...u puts me on another planet.  You are the ultimate slut in bed.  No wonder I blow enormous loads every time. I want to send one down your throat and another on yo...ur face and want to taste you as you ride on my face I want to work my tongue along every hole of your body. YOU are going to get taken like you have been taken before. When it's done the intensity will make your body feel like you've been raped but you will have enjoyed every delightful minute of it.  You'll rejoice in being a whore that's sole purpose in life is to be mine to have animalistic sex with and to please me in anyway I desire I will rejoice in you get....ting off on the fact you can do and have me do anything you ask of me at any time you want it like a sex slave except for I am not obligated to do it but to do it and it is my only desire to be your muse for your most vile and lustful pleasures to be given to you in any form you want them.   Send me some of the pictures I want to see of you right now. 
There was not any evidence of the message in Travis' phone transcript.  However, there were text messages missing from the transcript.  In the end, the fact that the message took 12 minutes to deliver to Jodi's phone supports  it was an email that was sent to Jodi's phone under the name of Travis Alexander.  Travis could have written it, but given that he was encouraging that they switch to email after Jodi interjected the sexual innuendo into the conversation, it's highly improbable he would have sent such a message via text and not email.  So, it was either written by Travis the night before in response to Jodi's sexual prompting and she sent it to herself or Jodi wrote it herself and emailed it in the name of Travis Alexander.  Either Jodi used sex to reel Travis back in or she made it up.  
5/5/08 2:25 pm JA:  Can I get your honest opinion on a picture.  
5/5/08  2:51 PM JA:  Good! Can you give me your opinion on that picture now? Am I too squinty-eyed or do I look ok? It's for my website.
5/5/08  4:03 PM TA:  ... the pic of you is perfect. It would make a great about me picture.  You look like a beautiful successful adventurous  photo journalist but not trying too hard.  Go with that picture. 
5/5/08 4:05 PM JA:  Thanks.  That is exactly what I was going for!
5/5/08 4:06 pm TA:  you nailed it!
And Jodi inserts sexual innuendo into the conversation once again 
5/5/08 4:08 PM JA:  I got something you could nail... just kidding, sort of.  I'm glad you liked that picture of your eyes. 
This time Travis does not take the bait. He compliments the photographer for "doing a good job."   Jodi continues to fish for compliments and entice. 
5/5/08 4:58 PM JA:  Are you happy with your picture?
Travis does not respond. 
5/5/08 5:06 PM JA:   I guess that's a yes since there's not any complaints?
5/5/08  5:06 pm TA:  Yep. I'm happy.  Thank you. 
5/5/08 6:43 pm JA:  I posted some more pics on MySpace a little while ago.
5/5/08 9:51 pm JA:  Send me a picture
5/9/08  7:55 pm.  After Travis ignores Jodi's request to post her link on his blog and refuses to listen to her poem, she sends him a text addressed to Steve.  In the text she asserts that "Steve" and she need to move their conversation to a private venue because Travis would be reading their conversations.   Travis recognizes it as a ploy to make him jealous and calls her out on it along with her insinuation he is invading her privacy.   Jodi tries to twist his words.  Travis has enough and abruptly ends the argument. 
5/09/08 8:03 PM TA: How about we take it one step further and pretend each other doesn't exist. 
 An hour and a half later, Jodi tries to make Travis jealous again. She again claims it was accidentally sent to the wrong person.
5/9/08  9:36 pm JA:  Not that you would, but don't tell him anything. 
After the fight Jodi incited with the Steve texts,  Jodi apologized and Travis "Forgave."  It is part of a  cycle Travis would later to refer to in the g-chat fight.  The next morning she took advantage of the situation and tried to draw Travis back.  She sent even more unsolicited pictures of herself.  
 5/10/08 2:37 pm JA:  Can't you tell I got some time on my hands?  
5/10/08 2:30 pm TA:  Your pictures are not coming in so no I can't tell. 
Jodi injects even more sexual innuendo into a normal conversation. 
5/10/08 8:18 PM JA:  Did you make it back safely hon?
5/11/08  0030 pm TA:  I crashed and died, it was hilarious.
5/11/08 0032 pm JA:  I love you sweetie.  I am so glad you are safe.
5/11/08  0035 pm TA:  Shah...  I died.
5/11/08 0036 pm JA:  Then come and ravish me, I've never done it with a ghost ;)
When Travis does not immediately respond to her use of sex to entice him, she makes sure he will see her pictures.  
5/11/08  0050 pm JA:  you near a comp?
5/11/08 0103 pm TA:    I am now.
5/11/08 0105 pm JA:  will you check my profile pic if u have time? I like it because it's modest but it may be a little dull.
5/11/08  0108 pm TA:  not your best but pleasant. 
When the picture failed to arouse Travis' interest,  Jodi loaded up more, including one with braids;  She often used braids in their sexual escapades.  It is clear she was trying to arouse him.
5/11/08  0109 pm JA:  I'm loading new ones as we speak!
5/11/08  0111 pm JA:  haha, braids in the blonde album
Travis showed more interest in a hat Jodi was wearing.  She continued to load up pics and even sent them directly to Travis. She continued to encourage him to look at multiple pics.   When Travis failed to give her enough compliments,  she played to his caring part.
5/11 0124 pm JA:  I am assuming the pics I sent you did not upload?
5/11/01 0131 pm TA:  Nope they didn't. 
5/11/01  0157 pm JA (after a few more texts):  I am just trying to impress U and fishing for compliments.  My self-esteem is lower than normal. 
It worked to a point - Travis complimented her.  Then he made sure to end the conversation before it went further.  Jodi's ploy did not fully work this time. 
5/11/01 0201 pm TA:  Alright I'm falling asleep. Good nightly night.  
Jodi tries to get a picture and the next day sends more of herself,  unsolicited. 
5/14 3:35 pm JA:  Send me a picture.
5/15 0431 am JA:  call me after those download.
Around 5/16 Travis informed  Jodi he was "done." 

 5/16 0315 am TA:  I want to have a rational conversation. If you don't want to that is fine but I swear on my life I will never speak to you again.  I can't like this anymore.  So answer.

Things came to a head on 5/22 when Travis caught Jodi logging into his Facebook once again.   It was one of a long string of ongoing invasions into his privacy.  However,  Travis gave Jodi one more chance to come clean about her actions.  When she tried to defend them with another fantastical crap-filled story, it was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.  He had faced months of her repeatedly violating his privacy, lying about it, and then doing it again after he forgave her.  He realized she used sex to manipulate him to get what she wanted out of her.   He felt betrayed and scammed because he had done so much for her and she continued to violate his privacy and then lie to cover it up.  Over a year of torment came crashing down all at once and it ended in Travis' trying to push Jodi far out of his life. 
5/22 0104 JA:  Allright, call me then I'll tell you everything.
5/22 0107 TA:  Are U going to admit it?  if not, we are not talking. 
5/22 0112 JA: You need to hear about what happened and why.  Am I guilty?  yes.  But it's more than just that.  The stuff involving you (the FB hack) is just a fraction of what happened.  I'm in a BIG mess.  I have a lot of apologizing to do to a lot of people. I didn't even see this one coming, and I can't believe how stupid I was. I really screwed the pooch on this one so badly I have to call Parker Stan tomorrow. 
5/22 0128 JA:  What's the deal?  Call me and we'll talk. This is serious, you need to know. 
5/22 0129 TA:  in a minute.

It's not clear if Travis called Jodi.  What is known is over the next three days,  there is a lack of texting between the two.  The next text indicated Travis had pushed Jodi away and was not talking to her but she continued to try to maintain contact with him.  It was Jodi who continued to pursue Travis just as she had when they first met. 

5/25 821 pm:  TA:  Put it in an email
5/25  826 PM JA:  I can't.. It will take literally take less than 5 minutes.  Maybe 4. It's important because it effects both of us.
5/25 8:59 pm TA:  Then leaveit on a voicemail. I'm not speaking to you. Leave me alone about it. 
05/25 900 pm JA:  Lets just say its too incriminating for a voicemail/ email, whatever. Just let me say it and I'm done. 
5/25 9:03 pm TA:  I don't really care.  You haven't seemed to care about privacy in the past.  Just leave the voicemail or nothing.
5/25 9:08 JA:  Well I'm not going to leave the incriminating part on the voicemail or anywhere. So we can forget about that part.  I'll tell you the other part but I'll need a response from you about it.  Deal?
Hours past and the context shows Jodi either left a voicemail or sent an email.    
5/26 0059 TA:  I sent you a response to your dire conversation, that I hope u read because u need to read it. Maybe it will spark human emotion in you, something that only seems to exist when it comes to your own problems.  But everyone else is just part of your sick agenda. By the way, your pic comment to Danny Jones makes you look like a pure whore, even more to the people who know you.  If he knew what I knew about you, he'd spit in your face.  I have never in my life been hurt so bad by someone. But, why do I even say it because you don't care.  It doesn't serve your evilness. 
5/26 0135 TA:  You could't even get off your lazy butt to read it could you? That's the sociopath I know so well. It friggin figures. 
5/26 0211 TA:  I don't want your apology. I want you to understand what I think of you. I want you to understand how evil I think you are. You are the worst thing that ever happened to me. 
5/26 0214 TA:  You are a sociopath.  You only cry for yourself. You never cared for me and you have betrayed me worse than any example I could conjour.  You are sick and you have scamed me. 
5/26 0216 JA:  I don't have an email from you. Which email did you send it to?
5/26 0216 TA:  Your facebook.
5/26 0217 JA:  hmmm...  I didn't get an email notice but I'll check now. 
The context indicates Travis sent Jodi and email and she read it.  It also suggest that in the email Travis wanted  to know why Jodi continued to invade his privacy despite knowing it was wrong and how much it upset him.   He wanted to know  why she lied so much to cover things like that up.  He also believed she was using sex as a weapon to tempt him into sin because it was more important for her to satisfy her own needs.  In the end, Travis did not believe Jodi cared about him and felt Jodi was acting out of vindictiveness.  He felt used and betrayed after his generosity.  He felt Jodi knew that he cared a lot for her and used it to her advantage to maintain control over him.  
 Gchat 5/26.  (some messages combined - ..... to note which ones)
TA: I don't want bullshiz that neither one of us will believe.... just call me and tell me ....i want to hear it because it will be the first pure truth you have ever told me
JA:  This is difficult. It will only piss you off more.
TA:  Why?
JA:  because sometimes the truth sucks.
TA:  call
JA:  call you?
 TA: yes and tell me
JA: right now?
TA:  yes
JA: deal
TA: but say it..... right...... right...... right...... Hello. ...... Jodi?
JA:  I'm  here.
TA:  Right?
JA:  right.
TA:  So lets quit with the bull shit. 
TA:  all of that talk has happened many times and it's never changed anything. So lets quit with it....... Your not sorry...... I'm OK with that if you'll admit it.....  It should be liberating for you. Right? .......right? ....... right? ...... Am I talking to myself? 
JA:  No
TA:  Then why can't you respond?
JA:  Ur not talking to yourself.
TA:  Then why is it taking so long to respond?
JA: I'm reading what you messaged me on Facebook.....  I didn't know you were chatting with me there. 
TA:  oh are we clear?
JA:  yes
TA: so tell me the truth... tell me you are not sorry....  and be specific.
JA:  I can't say it as a blanketed statement like that. It's too convoluted. It's not black and white. 
TA:  Ok well say it with details. 
JA:  my point is that all of the things you said when playing tough Travis is true. 
TA: I know they are.
JA: So there is no reason for me to continue to breathe.  And that's not a poor me cry for sympathy.  
TA: Listen....... We've been over this...... Right?..... might as well just give it up...... Okay?
JA:  Ok. 
TA: So are we done with all the pretenses? ......No more faking soy and no more faking like I am through with you.....  sorry..  my r's aren't working.  
JA:  Travis, in the most non-pretentious way, you are like an angel that gets snared by my evil influences. But, I too, am like an angel that gets ensnared by evil influences. And along I come, looking like an angel, speaking sweetly, acting nicely, pleasing you in ways that you had only fantasized and of course, it's easy to get caught up in that.   
TA:  Well.... it will save us a lot of time and energy... ur not sorry so quit apologizing....and that way I can quit
JA: ummm... OK?...  I just don't want you to be miserable anymore.
TA: U don't care Jodi.
JA:  I only contribute to the misery factor in your life. 
TA:  just's OK....... I serve a purpose of yours...whatever it is.......  that's fine. 
JA:  Then what do you want me to say? Whatever the purpose is, I don't understand it. I've tried to figure it out. It's not marriage. It's not sex (this is a lie.  Jodi is addicted to the feeling she gets from sex with Travis because it allows her to pretend there is more there than there really is.).
TA:  you knew one call and you'd reel me in.  (Travis is referring to her manipulation using sex, charm, and flattery to control him.)
TA:  you don't care Jodi.........just say this im not sorry..
JA:    I've proven it's not friendship.........violated that one plenty of times..........I don't dare to hope for that at this point.... or maybe a spark of a dare
TA:  I'm not saying it's friendship... it is what it is... no reason to label it...let's just quit with it all.......  if you want to sneak around just tell me what you want and I'll give it to you...  you'll get it anyway....  then ill yell...and then forgive........why go through all that.......
TA:  it was...  the email and everything as true as it was was my way of getting you closer because I am addicted....  you are ruining my life but Im addicted ... so that's fine...ruin it... but lets not hide behind the facade... just do what you intend to do... I am going to stop acting know it's my own facade ....anyway.... so Ill quit with mine.. and now you quit with yours.
JA:  Honestly, aside from saying what I wanted to say, it was me that wanted to hear your voice just once. It's like a little fix. You're not the only one addicted. 
TA:   well lets just ruin each others lives then.. I don't care anymore..(he is referencing his attempt to stop the sexual activity w/ Jodi and the fact she continued to tempt him knowing he wanted to stop)
TA:  if you want my passwords just ask....  whatever you may have found it wasn't enough to deter you from whatever your purpose (her continued tempting of him into sex)   is so who freakin cares.....I'm just tired of all's killing me... seriously I can't stand it...i can't keep up w/ this lets cut out the act... so's out.. lets cut out w/ the pretense..I tried to stay away this time (he was avoiding her)....but you called (she continued to pursue)  .. and made sure I heard your voice....  u knew that would be enough (she knew of his insane physical attraction to her).... not how many infractions..
JA: No.  I don't want to hurt you anymore. Bless your forgiveness, but you deserve better, I don't deserve you.
TA: It's obvious by anyones reason that I should have never had anything to do with you.. you just kill me...every time... and I just keep taking you back (she repeatedly violates his privacy, lies, etc and he allows her back in his life)
TA:  I have come to terms with it... I am partially addicted to you...the positives... if all you were is positive......or your good facade that is in fact an act...Im addicted to it...but it is bull shit. (Travis is coming to terms with the fact he saw Jodi as something she is not which makes it easier for him to leave her for good.)
 JA:  well there aren't many positives left so you won't be addicted for long.
TA: Yet im addicted to it.. you know it..and you know I will take you always know.. you know Ill get pissed but ill take you back.. ..  you know if you just equal the drama with my anger Ill take you back..and that's why you don't hesitate to keep on ruining me....  because you know you can .. and you'll get away with know it. (he is letting Jodi know he aware of her game and that he's realized she will continue to do it.)
 JA: I wish I were better... I don't want to.
TA: Ok.. you win Jodi... I'm addicted...I know how this is gonna unfold already...I am gonna forgive you and you are going to do it again...I know that...and I'm gonna forgive  ... and you'll do it again..  I know it.. why can't you reward me for trusting you over and over again? 
JA:  because there's no excuse for me to be alive (Jodi is sensing Travis is going to really leave this time so she hints towards suicide)
TA: I want a real answer.
JA:  I don't have an answer.  I am awful.Truly.  Can't you agree that is the truest thing I've typed so far? 
TA:  Please Jodi..why.. what was your reasoning..why did you try to cover it up after I told you I already knew..why do you always lie.. this isn't fair to me...please.. don't you see the pattern? do something that would make any sane person shun you...what do I do?  I forgive you........I lash you and forgive... then you do it again...I'll talk tough and do it again... I talk tougher and still forgive...this has happened about 30 times...that's how many times you've been caught..
JA: Just because I'm not whoring around doesn't mean that I wouldn't act any differently. I need to keep myself out of that situation. ... which of course isn't a problem at this point. 
TA: so have you messed around with someone else?
JA: You're the last person I've been intimate with.
TA:  but you'd like to with someone, wouldn't you.
JA: my sex drive is gone.
TA:  I doubt that.
JA: I haven't dittled myself since I've moved up here except for the times we were on the phone and we did it together. 
TA: well it didn't seem to be a problem on the phone.
JA: of course not, that's the effect you have.  No one else can do that.  Absolute kryptonite. I don't want to be a whore. I could joke that if being a whore for Travis is wrong then I don't want to be right.  But this isn't the time for jokes.  I've been a bad influence. 
TA: like I said, Im not mad about that...
JA:   I know Travis.
TA:  Why did you get into my Facebook ..  after all these times I have forgiven you? 
JA:  because I suck. 
JA: the sexual part of me was a way of trying to be more loved. I knew you weren't in love with me. I know you cared but it was not that kind of love. So when we made love, I was able to convince myself, yes lie to myself.  It really felt for that space and time that it was something bigger and better.  But that's the intoxication felt from sex.  And you made it so good.  You became another person. It's like you nearly worshiped me.  I felt soooo so so loved when we did that, it became addicting..........But, you weren't just a piece of meat...either way, it doesn't speak for the way I've treated you outside of your bedroom.
TA: No, ill admit you were noble in the sack.. because it served you to be.  (Travis recognizes she used sex to control him.)
JA:  I know.  the better I was, the more you wanted me, and the more you wanted me the more we got to be together..  (Jodi admits it).
JA:  I was a whore for you because I was a whore for that feeling....I was a whore in general and still am.
TA:  And you like being a whore ...  unless you could get something sexual from me...but outside of that nothing else about it is worth anything to you... and how do it know...because your actions speak it loud and clear...and you have nothing to say in reply...

JA:  Everthing I feel moved to say would not hold an ounce of weight with you...but what I was going to say is I guess that means at the core I am not sorry...but I still struggle with guilt and regret over it. (Jodi is not sorry for using sex to control Travis even though she knew it was damaging to him.)
Jodi's admission she used sex to control him and not being sorry over it increased Travis' anger.  Her refusal to admit the same when it came to the privacy issues pissed him off even more. 
TA: ur not sorry for invading my privacy either...but at least I know where my value to you is..and it's not much more than that... I was a source of pleasure...that's it.. nothing else.. at the core I don't care if you live or die...I really don't... the pain you have caused me is worse than times.. I thought you were something that your were scamed me... and you knew you were scamming me...I think you would choose a dollar bill over my's the other stuff that is blatant lies that I have a problem with...ur not sorry...u no your not.. so why say it...ur not sorry...if I was there ud prove how not sorry u r (She would use sex to tempt him) lets just leave it at that. 
JA:  If you were here, I don't know. But you're not here and I'm not there and we're behaving ourselves...I get so caught up in doing the right thing...And when you come around I want to do a different version of the "right thing" (Sex) and it may be two-way street but I....nevermind.  We should not even be discussing this. ...  I don't know what else to say.
TA:  Say your not sorry for it.
JA:  Part of me is glad we did that. is it wrong to feel that way?... don't answer.
TA:  I don't know... but your not sorry... I know ur not.
JA:  it is. ...  It is a struggle inside of me.  I want to take the high road, but the selfish part of me wants to take you and if you were here and the opportunity presented itself then I most likely would. 
TA:  I think you are just demented and some how thought taking  from me some how benefitted you. 
JA:  Speaking of taking...  I would have been content just cuddling but I wasn't strong enough.
TA:  I think i was a little more than a dildo with a heartbeat to you.
JA:  Again, I am sorry for that...  I was way overcome...  it was wrong...
TA:   No your not..I know your not... I ask you not are not sorry.. you're not....I don't ask that you be sorry... I ask that you don't're not sorry...and I don't care... I am OK with you not being sorry over that...It's me too. 
Travis admitted fault on his part in participating in the sexual activities because he gave in to her temptation.    However, he feels Jodi purposefully tempted him to meet her needs and maintain control over him so he would continue to be there for her use.  He feels whereas he cared about her well being,  she put her own needs about his well-being. 
JA:   Yeah, but it was more me.  I should have been better.
TA:  then why... why did you try to ruin me... why...just tell me why... you are not who you say you are... so tell me why...even now you only talk but your actions show you hate me...even right now..
JA:  I don't know what you mean by ruin you? I would never deliberately set out to ruin you. I was bitter, yes, but I tried to be a big girl in other ways.  By lending you my few hundred dollars when your refi depended on it, by giving you a membership that would have taken me out of charge  backs, by devoting time to pushing through those last few counters at the last hours of the month so you would qualify. It was an endless struggle. I was resentful for other things but I always wanted you to succeed.  I haven't deliberatly set out to try and ruin you.  I am sorry for what I have done..........  Those nice things don't even begin to add up to counter balance the horrible things I have done... It should have been all different.  It's my fault....  I am 100% responsible for this.
TA:  you did those things to reel me in....  it was about you... why did you manipulate me into loving you?... why me...I was a good guy.. Why did you have to do it to me?....Why do you hate me?  What was your objective? 
JA:  There have been times when you've screamed into the phone so sharp at me  that the speaker  was distorted and you hung up.  The pain was so sharp and so deep that I just couldn't process it.  I could only scream into the air. And, I would scream at the top of my lungs until my throat was raw.  'I HATE YOU. I HATE YOU. I HATE YOU.' Until I had no energy left to say it and it wittled down to a little wimp.."  i hate you.." And I just sobbed and cried until I couldn't breath......But you know what?  I deserved all of that.  Every unpleasant word..........doesn't compare to what I put you doesn't begin to measure up....I've done you more wrong and that is apparent without keeping score..
TA:  You only showed that you hated me...never love.. only hate... your words were lies...
JA:  I did try, but I didn't try enough.
TA: your actions were truths.... no... you didn't try...what you did to me wasn't trying to was succeeding to hate....  can't you just tell the truth... please.....
JA:  Yes, I just became so resentful.  It was all very selfish. An act to try to protect myself from the pain but it didn't work.  I didn't want to hurt you either. I am so sorry.
TA: so many times I have stared at you in the eyes and said if you ever had any love for me youll tell me the truth right now  and youd look straight in my eyes and lie....   and I knew it. 
JA: if it was unconditional love, I would never have had hurt you.... I'm just not worth it, I'm not....  You have so many bright and wonderful things for you on your horizon.
TA:  I know that...I want you to admit it...your actions prove you hate me...say it... I want the truth just for once...and then tell me why you hate me and desire to ruin my life...why do you only try to harm me...I have sacrificed so much for you...I have taken so much heat for you....and defended you.. defended the lies you told others with the lies you told me...I gave you anything I could I sacrificed everything I could and you just tried to murder me from the inside out... how could you.
JA.  Im sorry Travis.. It wasn't my intention to harm you.... please understand that.
TA:  you are so concerned with how many tears I have don't know what horror you have caused can not conceive.. you have not felt as much pain in all your life  than what you have repeatedly caused me with all your lies and psycho shit you have subjected me to...  u have made me want to die...on countless have hurt me so bad over and over again...and how do you repay for forgiving you?  By doing the same thing again..... couldn't you ever try to love never saw me as more value as a piece of shit unless I was serving some purpose to you...I am less than nothing to you... 
JA:  I really did try to love you but I let it get so distorted....  Im so so so sorry..  I have no excuse.....none....  I just wish you weren't hurting right now..
TA:  Just say the truth...I am shit to you.... it will be the first true thing you have ever said to me.
JA:  I wish that were all you were to me.I try to tell myself that everyday. That you mean NOTHING.  And everytime a feeling starts to creep back in, I suppress it. ...  and tell myself you are worthless to me...I'm so sorry... I really am... you deserve so much more than the crap I have given deserve a wealth that is beyond this world...And I deserve a pile of shit for what I've done to my friend...
TA:  If I do why do you only try to harm me.  You..... Don't...... Care....
JA:  I don't want to care about you.
TA:  you don't care. 
JA:  I don't want to care about you at all.
TA:   just be honest.
JA:  If I didn't care, I wouldn't hurt and you wouldn't have gotten hurt (Jodi is saying that she intentionally hurt Travis out of her own hurt).
TA:  just quit lying....quit...can't u quit?....  all you have done is have told only partial truths to cover up lies....don't u see... u are why ur life sucks...its ur lies... just tell the truth...write something u stupid idiot... wow....
JA:  I may be a liar, I may be a whore, I may be evil, I may be a coward, I may not be worth the air I breathe, I am most likely the most horrible person you've ever had the misfortune of knowing, but the one thing I am NOT, is violent. I did not and would not and would never slash your tires. 
TA: wow wow wow..........  u are something else... ur r comical.
JA:  nor did I have anything to do with that. I didn't and wouldn't.
TA:  U r a laughing stock.... after all I have done... how could you be the way you've been to I want an answer... NOW....
JA:  i don't have an answer... I don't know why... I hurt too...  I guess it was just my way of trying to renounce you
TA:   Let me tell you why .....because you only care about Jodi.
JA:  I acted stupid.... I acted immature....  I shouldn't have gone about it that way.
TA: U don't care about me. ....  that's why
JA: What can I really say though.. I agree????
TA:  U can tell the truth....  tell it once.... u slashed my fing tires...u did... I know u did... u r a liar... u don't care either....don't u see your lies is why your life is will always be until u tell the have got to learn... can u learn...if not... u are taking up peoples air....ur pathetic...that is what took u so long to write..
JA:  well it would have been sooner but I was watching u type.
TA:  u said u were almost done but u lied again.... u r worthless.. ur shit...can't u tell the truth... is it impossible...seriously... is it impossible...I loved someone that never existed...finish ur truly worthless email....where is it... u said it was almost done...can't u tell the truth... I know u got into my computer and erased a letter I sent Lisa... I know u did.
JA:  What?  No...
TA:  Shut up... shut up...  I don't want anymore lies... u stole my journals ....   you slashed my tires...and I know it... I Know it...why continue lying...don't u want to tell the truth... ever.... u never have... is there any all
JA:  I can't send the email
TA:  why not... bitch... I have waited.. and now you tell me no
JA:  It's not letting me put your address in the recipient bar.
TA:  copy it. how freakin convenient.  Did you even write one
JA:  Ok, I figured it out.
TA:  that is your email....   who freakin cares about u
JA:  Im a full time bartender at a Mexican restaurant.
TA: U think I care about ur sob story after what you've done to me... a bartender...perfect...  a sluts job...maybe you can get tips for BJ's... I'm sure u can... u r good at that.
JA:  Yeah, according to what you've said, I'd have that car paid off in one shift with vacation money to spare...... maybe I can use you as a reference.
 TA: yeah, you are a three hole wonder... good for something...and always have...u have never given out the truth for truth's sake....u never have... how it must be to be solely a liar..nothing else... live a life identical to satan... and you after everything send some bullshit down the pipe as you log into my Facebook.... your a rotten lunatic.
JA:  what does that mean?
TA:  can't u remember when u take away my human rights what I have done for you...can't all the things I have done to help u stop u from taking away what belongs to do u live... how does a heart beat in such a corrupted carcass...ur email obviously wasn't almost finished another u know how to tell the truth...r u capable of it... have u ever... ever in ur life..when u have had the temptation to lie  have u ever resisted it and told the truth .. even once.. of course not......  ur parents must be proud.
JA:  They're not proud of me. 
TA:  They shouldn't be.
JA:  they didn't even come to watch me sing even though the rest of my family did. not that you care.  but that's just to illustrate how much they're not proud.
TA:  Ms. High class server can't even get a job at a freakin diner. ...  even when u say u are telling the truth u are lying...even when u come clean it is a partial version of the truth to serve your purpose...u have been nothing but a liar from the beginning....  ur evil... if I was... it was gone because of you... send ur piece of shit lie fest so I can mock it...we already know based on the last emails u sent and then u invaded my privacy it is bullshit.
JA:  Look, I don't want to be like this. 
TA:  u r like this
JA:  I know
TA:  like I said, I have never dealt with a more solid form of evil.
JA: I don't know what to do.... I am sorry for everything.... I know you don't want apologies...I don't know what to say..
TA: u are not sorry...what I want for you to do is to quit blatantly lying... we both know by your actions you view me as pure shit.
JA:  can I just send the email?  I'm almost finished.
TA:  Pure freakin shit.
JA:  No, Travis.
TA:  ur email is shit too.
JA:  One day,  it'll be clear.
TA:  I hate you.
JA:  I've acted so wrong.
TA: do you realize that? .... I hate you... so much... you have caused me more pain than the death of my are relentless in your torture of people that have loved you and protected you and served you and what do you try to destroy them.... u are the lowest of the low... you are sick and evil and knowing u makes me want to kill myself in punishment... I'm so stupid...I don't even know if u are human...hitler had more of a conscience than u.
JA:  I am sorry. If anyone should it is me.  You are light unto this world. I can't even compare..
(page 1 of the g-chat appeared to be a bit scrambled.  The order is adjusted slightly to make it more congruent) 
TA:  And, by the way your little comment to Danny Jones makes you look like a cheap whore. 
JA:  Only you would say that. Anyone else would see it for what it is, an Anchorman joke. I was just giving him a hard time for showing off and being such a ham.  You and I had a conversation about his Facebook pics and their content. I was just razzing him. 
TA:  No, you were flirting with him and you know better. 
JA:  Like you, I flirt because it's "harmless",  "means nothing", and there are no "intentions" behind it.
TA: It's Danny Jones...  yet you flirt anyways... maybe you are just on to the next dick...and he is an easy target.
JA:  his temperature is cold when it comes to that.
TA:  so u have checked into it... what a freakin whore...u r too much.. maybe Kyle Kymbrell then..
JA:  it's based upon a vibe I got at systems many many months ago....  I tried having a conversation with him, and he was cordial, never flirty or anything like that. 
TA:  I'm glad you are checking out the vibe of Danny Jones you must feel so classy. 
TA:  Don't freakin ignore me.
JA: I'm emailing you!
TA: and don't send me some worthless email with all your lies.  You don't know how to tell the truth
JA:  Ok Travis, what do you want me to do?
TA:  ur words are worthless... in everything you throw at me it's all on agenda to save your own ass. just like that disgusting call today. have you forgotten what it's like to be human?
JA:  Perhaps
TA: have you forgotten that you are dealing with humans?
JA:  no 
 The G-chat signaled Travis was finished dealing with Jodi.   Between 5/25 and the time Jodi killed him, there was little conversation between the two. The first message did not occur until 5/30.  The context indicates Jodi was far more interested in making contact with Travis than he was with her.   However, Travis did not have much of a choice but to maintain some sort of contact with Jodi;  she owed him 6,000 for his car.  
5/30 1752 JA:   Hey, I have about an hour today if you need any help
5/30 1923 JA:  Hey, I was way off.  Call me later when ur not working. (the message suggests she called Travis and he blew her off by saying he was busy).
5/30 1924 TA:  Way off about what?
5/30 2046 JA: I was looking at the wrong calendar.  Call me later. 
Travis did call her back in relation to whatever  the calendar comment referred to. It is unknown what it was but appeared to be business related and not  pleasure due to general tone of Travis' responses. 
Travis was NOT making an effort to keep in touch with Jodi so she invented a reason to initiate contact.
 06/01 11:11 PM:  JA:  Lame, did you get it? 
 06/01  11:12 PM  TA:  Get what?  
(short to the point reply) 
06/01 11:15 PM JA:  Nada.  It was a pic but meant for Angela.  We aren't getting each other's pictures.  I didn't hear back from you today but that's OK.  I know how the day can go.  Are you making the most of cheat day?
06/01 11:17 pm JA:  Did you get that one?  And yes, that's for you.
06/01 11:21 PM TA:  no pic
 (short to the point reply)
06/01 11:22 PM JA: hmmm... the one from earlier?  With the sunshine in the rain?
06/01 11:22 pM TA: Yeah, I got that one.
(Short.  Did not reply when receive or compliment)
06/01 11:28 pm JA:  That was right after I sung the National Anthem 
(no reply) 
06/01 11:49  PM JA:  Please call me later I got something to tell ya.
06/01  11:51 PM JA:  or things  plural =) 
(those 'things' are likely the journals being "found")
06/01 11:52 PM TA:  What is it?
(Travis still is not eager to talk to her.)
06/02  2:07 JA:  Hurry up, I'm getting sleepy.
(Travis did not call yet, and he does not respond. He does NOT want to talk to her)
06/02  2:12 JA:  zzzz....zzzzz....
(Travis still did not respond.)
06/02  2:19  JA:  There was a T-dizzle Who's things would not fizzle. He always kept his word and had a whistle like a bird, And when he sang it would sizzle!
(Jodi was not going to leave Travis alone until he responded.  So he did.)
06/02 02:26 TA:  In the middle of something, I will call you as soon as I can.)
06/02  02:27  JA:  Ok, T-dogg, night owl.  How did you like my poem?
(Travis did not respond.)


There is also evidence that someone close to Jodi might have had access to the journals  Jodi had been jailed for a long time when she decided to change her defense to a justification defense.  Jodi claimed she had been physically abused for months to such an extent, it gave her reason to fear for her life and react with deadly force.  She lacked evidence to back up her allegations except for copies of several hand written letters in which Travis allegedly admitted he was a sexual deviant who had physically abused Jodi. 

If verified,  the hand written letters would have supported Jodi's claims of abuse.  Yet, when asked for the originals so they could be authenticated, she claimed she did not have them.  When asked for the individual who provided the letters she refused to supply the name so the alleged originals could be located.  Jodi's actions showed the letters were forgeries as it was not logical to refuse what was necessary to authenticate them when her life was literally at risk.

There are two theories as to how the letters were forged.  The first is that Jodi directly forged Travis' handwriting, wrote the letters, and sent them to her mother.  An index card with handwriting mimicking Travis' was discovered during a random search of her cell.  It was obvious a forgery and some believe Jodi wrote the letters from her cell and sent them to her mother.   However,  all outgoing and incoming mail was monitored.   The letters contained details of  pedophilia and abuse allegedly committed by the man Jodi was accused of murdering.   The alleged pedophilia would have raised red flags as well as a letter with the victim's name on it coming from the accused killer.

The other allegation is that someone used a cut and paste method to create the letters.  However, it would have required having ample access to multiple examples of Travis' writings.   Evidence supports Jodi had stolen Travis' journal which would have provided that access.  It also meant someone would have had to forge the letters for Jodi since she was in jail at that time when she changed her defense.   Jodi had such a friend who may have helped her out.

During the trial, the friend made it known he would not hesitate to lie under oath to protect Jodi.  She visited that friend en route to Mesa.  If Jodi had the journals, it's possible she accidentally left them there.  Or, she may have intentionally left them there as a safeguard in case she was ever charged with Travis' murder.  The journals were filled with pleasant messages about Jodi and would support her claim that she "would never harm Travis." 


After Jodi moved, the nature of the relationship had changed between the Travis and Jodi.  She was no longer a priority in his life but he still cared for her as a friend.   After the G-chat argument, the relationship changed even more. Travis was no longer treating her like a dear friend.  He was not even cordial towards her.  He was civil but the status of the relationship did not allow Jodi the type of access that she had in the past.  Jodi needed to regain some of that trust and friendship to gain access back into his house where, if he did not give her what she wanted, she could go on with her plan to kill him.

Jodi knew how important the journals were to Travis and what he would allow to get them back....
" Out of all the things in my life that I hold precious, my journals are near the top.  I will do anything....." 
Jodi knew the journals were her pass card back into Travis' life and would cause him to allow her access to his home so she could kill him inside.   Once in, she may have used them to bargain with him for "one last harmless fantasy for old time's sake"  and then enticed him sexually to get him to participate.  Or, he may have been so grateful he put aside his anger, showed her kindness, and it lead to sex.  Whatever happened, it lead to a mutual participation in that fantasy.  At that point,  Jodi had put her murderous intentions aside:  Travis was no longer rejecting her.  However, after the sexual act and guilt set in as it did in the past, he would have been reminded of the G-chat fight.  Jodi once again would have become an unwanted guest causing her to feel the rejection again and return to her murderous plan.

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