Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A "For Dummies" Guide to Why Jodi was found Guilty.

Jodi Arias was found guilty by a jury for the 2008 first degree murder of Travis Alexander.  Other then her testimony,  Jodi had little to no evidence to support her claim she was innocent and forced to kill or be killed.  According to some of Jodi's supporters,  Jodi's testimony is evidence of her innocence and must be accepted as fact unless the prosecutor proved she was lying about it.  Not true, George. Not true.

According to the jury instructions for the Arias trial,  each juror had to start with the presumption Jodi was innocent.  This does not mean they had to keep it.  The goal of a trial is to determine if that presumption was correct and ensure a just outcome occurs.   The jury is on neither the side of the defendant nor the prosecution.  They are on the side of justice.  This requires them to carefully listen to the entire trial, which is what some of Jodi's supporters have failed to do.   The jury will listen to all of the evidence presented by both sides, discuss it, weigh it, and determine if guilt has been proven beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt.

The evidence from Jodi's trial included the testimony of witnesses.  When any witness testifies, including Jodi,  the jury needs to evaluate the testimony for credibility.   All witnesses are treated the same when it comes to this evaluation. Jodi does not get special treatment and is not automatically believed over others.  It is only her plea that has to be automatically accepted as being true.  The prosecutor doesn't have to "prove she lied";  he only has to show there is a contradiction between her statements and the evidence.  It is up to the jury to use "tests of truthfulness",  judge Jodi's credibility, and then conclude if she was telling the truth or lying.

Once the defendant testifies,  her statements become evidence.  The prosecutor will present rebuttal evidence to show a defendant lied such as Juan Martinez did to show Jodi lied about the gas cans.
He presented a witness during rebuttal who testified the three purchases in SLC was a purchase totaling 25.3 gallons of gas.  He showed it was too much for the capacity Jodi claimed to have. The defense had the opportunity to cross the witness but could not discredit her statement that the purchase was 25.3 gallons of gas.   The defense had an opportunity to place Jodi back on the stand during surrebutal to explain the discrepancy but they did not.   Nor, did they present any other witness regarding the matter.   The jury was left with the facts:
  1. When asked the series of questions about her trip from Yreka to Arizona to Utah, Jodi claimed she only had two gas cans on that trip.
  2. The purchase in SLC showed she purchased a total of 25.3 gallons of gas, more than what her vehicle and two gas cans could hold.
The jury cannot make up their own possibilities to account for the overage. This would show bias for the defense.  Again, the jury neither represents the defense nor the prosecution. They represent justice.  The jury can only use the evidence, direct and circumstantial, from within the trial.  They can't make up their own such as many supporters have done.

Using the evidence produced in court, the jury can make a conclusion that a new fact is present. The jury does not have to consider evidence that does not exist, such as some supporter's claim the prosecution's failure to disprove the non-existence of a fourth gas has to be considered.  The evidence, such as that fourth gas can, must be presented to the court before the prosecution is required to show it does not exist. It is the defense's responsibility to present which "possibilities" they want the jury to consider.  Until they do, the evidence does not exist.  The prosecution is not required to disprove a claim the defense has not made just because it is 'possible.'  There are too many 'possibilities' and it would place and unfair burden upon the prosecution to discredit them all.
  1. The pumps were wrong
  2. Jodi spilled two gallons on the ground
  3. Jodi filled up someone else's car
  4. Jodi put the extra gas into two empty one gallon milk containers.  
  5. The ninjas took some gas from her when she wasn't looking.  
  6. The tank in the car had a hole and two gallons drained out before she could fill it up.
  7. Her car was the one Ford Focus in the US that had a specialized 15.5 gallon tank created for it to fit in the same area a 13.5 gallon tank would fit.
  8. Jodi was thirsty, out of money, so she drank two gallons worth of gas.
  9. Jodi was held up at gunpoint and it's all they took
  10. Her friends played a trick on her and stole some gas while she was in the bathroom.
  11. Jodi used the gas to put on a fire show for some skaters.
  12. Jodi purchased a fourth gas can because she changed her mind about it being a waste of money

The finding of a new fact from other facts already determined is called "circumstantial evidence."  
  1. The facts are presented
    1. When asked the series of questions about her trip from Yreka to Arizona to Utah, Jodi claimed she only had two gas cans on that trip.
    2. The purchase in SLC showed she purchased a total of 25.3 gallons of gas, more than what her vehicle and two gas cans could hold.
  2. The Jury discusses the situation
    • 25.3 gallons cannot fit into 23.5 
    • The defense offered no reason for the overage
  3. And the jury creates a new fact from the other facts already known
    • Jodi lied about having only two gas cans.

IE: 1.  Jodi said she had only two gas cans
                2.  The purchase in SLC shows she had more
                                                                                    >>>>> Jodi lied.

When determining credibility of any witness, the defendant included, the jury will consider multiple factors:
  1. The witness ability to see, hear, or know what they testified to
  2. The quality of the witness' memory
  3. The witness' manner while testifying
  4. Whether or not the witness had motive or bias to lie
  5. Whether the witness was contradicted by herself or other evidence
  6. The reasonableness of the witness' statement


  • Jodi's fog and inability to remember
    • Her expert said it was impossible because the memories never encoded -they were never there.
      • Jodi remembered the impossible after she was convicted.
  • Jodi's memory problems only seemed to occur when faced with tough questions


Side by side comparisons of Jodi's defense testimony against her prosecution cross showed
different responses to the same subject.  For example,  during the defense direct, Jodi acted like a bashful, shameful, embarrassed woman when asked about the alleged pedophilia incident.  When crossed by the prosecution,  she lost the meek embarrassed character and was cocky and direct to the man who was challenging her.

Many of Jodi's responses to the prosecutor were not the meek responses of a woman who "shook like a chihuahua when a mean man like him talked loudly to her."   They were the aggressive cocky response of a woman who was able to stand up to a man, any man.

The change in manner suggests Jodi was not embarrassed and ashamed from something she saw. If so,  her reaction would be the same no matter the person she told it to. Jodi is a chameleon who presents the image needed to manipulate those around her.  It is how she controlled Travis and how she controls many of her supporters.  


Jodi's testimony was contradicted by other witnesses.  However, Jodi was the one who had the strongest motive to lie.
  • Jodi's motive
    • Strong
      • her life and freedom were on the line
  • Dr. Horn medical examiner
    • Weak motive to lie
      • his job did not depend on "making Juan happy."
  • Darryl Brewer
    • strong motive to lie in Jodi's favor
      • he was Jodi's good friend and character witness
    • Weak motive to tell a lie against Jodi
      • Said she told him she was going to AZ
  • Ryan Burns
    • Weak motive to lie about Jodi.
      • he barely knew Travis 
      • admitted to trying to develop a relationship with Jodi they both seemed to want
      • Would gain very little, if anything, from lying.
  • Micheal Galletti, West Jordan PD
    • Weak motive to lie
      • "Making an AZ prosecutor happy" doesn't help his job or life
  • R Columbo,  rental agent
    • Weak motive
      • met Jodi twice just to rent and return a car
  • Lisa Andrews
    • Weak motive to lie in Travis' favor
    • Strong motive to lie against him
      • Travis cheated on her 
      • Broke her heart
      • Held a grudge for a long time
  • ALV
    • Moderate motive to lie in Jodi's favor, bias.
      •  given only the evidence the defense wanted her to see
      • Reported Jodi's story of physical abuse as true without any verification
      • Spent multiple hours with Jodi, beyond what is considered appropriate for a non-biased assessment.
      • Stated it made her feel sad  for Jodi that so many people hated her.
        • an expert witness should not have feelings regarding how her subject is being viewed by others.  They only are supposed to give opinions.
      • Stated Jodi told her Travis was looking at child porn on the computer
        • Jodi testified it was pictures
      • stated Jodi told her she shot Travis while he was in the closet.
        • Jodi testified it was in the bathroom
      • States Jodi told her the knife was on the night stand.
        • Jodi testified she didn't know where it was.
  • "I wasn't there"
  • The ninjas
  • Dad said Jodi wasn't honest with them since her teens
  • Jodi invaded Travis' privacy several times even though she knew she wasn't suppose to but she felt she had the right to do it.
    • Her Journal "We continue to violate each other's trust. It's a process I can stop immediately on my part but it drives me mad to not know where I stand."
      • They were broken up and in different states when she wrote it.
    • Jodi continued to violate his privacy even after she moved back to Yreka.
      • She broke into his Facebook account after knowing she wasn't supposed to.
  • Travis caught Jodi in several lies 
    • The text history
  • Jodi admitted to being a liar.
    • Her journal
    • The G-chat fight.
  • PROSECUTION CLAIM:  Jodi planned on going to Mesa to murder Travis prior to leaving on her trip.
  • Jodi 's testimony
    • She planned on going to Monterey area,  LA area, and the up to Utah.
    • No plans to go to AZ until at the last minute while in S. California.
    • Darryl Brewer Testimony prosecution cross
      • Jodi wanted the gas cans for Mesa.
      • Well, not necessarily for Mesa, a long trip.
    • Darryl Brewer testimony re-examine defense
      • "I believe Jodi told me she was going on a long trip to see friends in Big Sur, Las Angeles, and Arizona, and the Grand Canyon I believe.......  She said Arizona, I didn't know if Mesa."
        • Jodi's 'friends in Arizona"  all live in Mesa.
    • Jodi had one
    • Darryl did not 
The Evidence supports the Prosecution's claim: Jodi planned to go to Mesa. 

    • Jodi planned on going to Mesa to murder Travis, the gas purchase was part of her attempt to conceal the side trip to AZ.
  • Jodi's testimony + her journal
    • Travis pressured her to go to Mesa starting a couple of weeks prior to her trip.
    • She told him no each time and he got angry about it one of those times.
    • She arrived in Pasadena w/ plans to go to Utah so she filled up her extra gas tanks and called Ryan to tell him she was coming.
    • The last time they talked, TA "sweet talked/ guilted" her into coming.
      • "the very last time I called Travis, I don't know how to describe it.  He had been very sweet. He had been guilting me...Um, kind of making me feel bad that I was taking this big trip and I wasn't going to see him.... And we were trying to hook up and he kept being busy so he had to postpone his plans to come to N. California.  Since I was driving south he wanted me to come to Mesa.  I told him no the first few times. During one conversation he became angry. During the others he stayed calm but he got....  He has this way of talking in this really sweet voice kind of like baby talk... and making me feel guilty.. and he sounded very sweet.  So, when I called him one more time it was just like 'all right, I'm going" so I went.  Prior to calling Travis and deciding to go to Mesa I called Ryan and let him know that my phone was dying so I wanted to turn off the phone to preserve the battery and he said 'that's fine.'  So I started to turn my phone off and I called Travis one more time."
    • The recorded phone call
      • Jodi told Travis about her plans.  He didn't ask her to come visit him instead.
    • Phone records + Gas Receipt
      • 8:16 Jodi calls Travis
        • Jodi claims she is still planning to go to Utah
      • 8:34 Jodi calls Travis
        • Jodi claims she is still planing to go to Utah
      • 8:42 Jodi gets gas from Arco
        • Jodi claims she is still planning to go to Utah
      • Between 9:00 and 10:00 Jodi calls Ryan
        • Jodi claims she is still planning to go to Utah.
      • Ryan is the last call recorded before she hangs up her phone
        • No record of Jodi's alleged call to Travis after she called Ryan
          • When did she tell Travis she was coming?
            • It would have had to be before she told Ryan she was on her way which shows she lied about changing her mind after telling Ryan she was on her way.  She knew before she told him this but lead him to believe any delay would be because she slept along the way.  (sleep for 8 hours = to time to side step to Mesa for murder if things went as planned.  They didn't because Jodi strayed from her original plan.)
          • How would Travis be aware she was coming and to 'wait up" for her?
The jury must only consider the facts:
  1. Jodi testified to this order of events:
    1. Gas for Utah
    2. Called Ryan to tell him she was coming
    3. Called Travis, he finally convinced her to come see him instead.
    4. She turned off her phone until the next day
  2. The evidence supports this order of events
    1. Called Travis twice
    2. Got the extra gas
    3. Called Ryan to tell him she was coming
    4. Turned off her phone.
  • The prosecution claimed Jodi planned to go to Mesa and purchased the gas to get through AZ without stopping for gas. It is supported by the evidence 
    • Darryl Brewers' testimony Jodi told him she was going to AZ
    • The phone records from Jodi's time in Pasadena.
  • The Defense claimed Jodi didn't plan to go to Mesa; Travis convinced her.  They claimed the gas was so she did not get lost in Utah
    • Brewers testimony shows she did plan on going to AZ to visit friends.
    • The phone records from Jodi's time in Pasadena make it near impossible for Jodi's story to be true:  She talked to Ryan last, not Travis.
The evidence supports the Prosecution's claim:  Jodi planned on going to Mesa and bought the gas so she didn't have to stop in AZ.

    • Jodi purchased gas prior to her alibi route so she would not have to stop for gas on the way to Travis' home.  
      • stopping for gas risk detection 
        • IE gas station video surveillance 
  • Jodi's testimony
    • The extra gas cans were for cheaper gas outside of California
    • She filled them up in California because she researched the route before she left.
      •   Pasadena to LA area to HWY 15 to  Las Vegas  to Utah
        • She wasn't familiar with HWY 15
    • She filled the cans in  California in case she got lost on that route
    • Jodi filled the cans up in California
    • Jodi lived in Palm Desert before and went to Vegas while she lived there.
      • Directions:  Palm Desert to LA area to HWY 15 to Las Vegas
        • She was familiar with part of HWY 15
          • same route from Pasadena to Vegas
          • Jodi could have saved money on gas and got it before being on an unknown route by filling the cans in Vegas.
          • If she really planned on heading to Utah there was not any excuse not to.
The evidence supports the prosecution claim:  The purpose of the gas cans were to conceal Jodi's presence in AZ.
    • Jodi purchased a third can at Walmart because she needed three cans to get through AZ unnoticed 
    • Jodi used these three cans to get through AZ unnoticed.
  • Jodi's testimony:
    • She only had two gas cans because she took back the third.
    • She only had two, two cans on that trip from Yreka to AZ to Utah
    • Jodi purchased 25.3 gallons of gas in Salt Lake City.  
    • Her tank was 13.5 gallons and she had two 5-gallon cans.  (23.5 gallon total)

The evidence supports the prosecution's claim: Jodi had a third can that allowed her to pass through AZ without having to stop for gas.

    • Travis was trying to get away from Jodi
    • Jodi wouldn't let him go; she was obsessed with him
    • It was Jodi's decision to go to Mesa
  • Jodi's testimony
    • Travis didn't want her to move;  he was angry about it
    • Travis wanted to keep her close
    • Travis was pressuring her to come to Mesa.
    • Travis was happy that Jodi was moving
    •  He was moving on to other women.
    • Jodi didn't want to give up the relationship and move.
      • TA journal March
        • "I have to admit that I will miss her but I think Jodi moving will be good for both of us...... plus, I need to get married and she can get in the way of that and in fact does."
      • TA journal April 3rd
        • "Jodi keeps leaving but hasn't yet.  In fact she pulled out of my driveway this morning headed for California but reshowed back up this evening. I know she is having a hard time but I think I'd be better off and so would she if she would just get out of here."
      • TA journal April 10th
        • I haven't talked to Jodi for the entire day. Wow.  I thought that would never happen. I loved it.
      • TA journal he was moving on with other women and looking for a girlfriend with the potential to marry
      • TA texts:  he was carrying on a sexual-type relationship with Chaitanya Lay via text.  
    • Text -  Jodi didn't want to give up the relationship and move
      • Jodi asks to stay at Travis' home
        • 4-2 5:59 pm JA "Is it Ok if I crash at ur house 4 a few hours? I've been sleeping in the car but no pillow and it's been hurting my neck"
        • 4-2 6:00 pm JA "If you have ppl over that's OK, I can come by later."
        • 4-2 6:16 pm TA" Yah"
      • Jodi is not currently at Travis' home
        • 4-3 11:38 pm JA  I miss u guys already - u and naps that is
      • Jodi is "on the road but lets Travis know she is close by, too tired to drive, and the truck is too uncomfortable to sleep in.  Travis doesn't ask her to come back.
        • 4-4 2:09 pm JA Here's your periodic update. I am at Signal Butte and the 60
          • this is 10 minutes away from Travis' home.
        • 4-4 2:10 pm TA:  No accidents
        • 4-4  2:29 pm JA:  I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open
        • 4-4  2:50 pm TA: sorry about that. I thought I told you earlier I was going.
        • 4-4  3:01 pm JA: nope.  I would have jumped at the chance.
        • 4-4  3:02 pm TA: Se la vie. Now go to sleep.
        • 4-4  3:03 pm JA:  I'm trying to but the chair doesn't recline
        • 4-4  3:07 pm JA:  I'm at the Shell station at Sossamon and Baseline
          • This is only 15 minutes away from Travis' home and not along Jodi's path to Yreka
        • 4-4  3:08 pm TA:  Jodi, I don't know what to tell you and I also don't know why if gas is so important why you are going in the wrong direction. You've been gone 2 hours, why are you doing this?
        • 4-4  3:10 pm JA:  I could't find a good place to park
        • 4-4  3:17 pm TA:  I think we both know this is a ploy.  Now go to sleep.
        • 4-4  .3:34 pm JA:  No, your wrong. I can't sleep. I'm back on the road again.
    • Travis was trying to avoid Jodi before the May fight
      • Texts May 22-26
        • Jodi keeps telling TA to call her over "something important"
          • He says Text it, email it, leave it in a voice mail, not talking to you
      • G-Chat May 26th
        • TA: I tried to stay away this time but you made sure I heard your voice. You knew that was all it would take...  not how many infractions.
          • Jodi called Travis when  he was avoiding her
    • After the May fight, Travis was still avoiding Jodi 
      • His texts to her were cold and only in response to the ones she sent him.
      • The calls he made on June 2nd were because she harassed him until he did.
    • The evening prior to her trip,  Jodi pressured Travis to call her and would not leave him alone until he did. Travis tried to avoid talking to her but Jodi insisted he call.
      • Txt 6-1 10:49 JA:  Please call me later. I've got some thing to tell ya.
      • txt  6-1 10:51 JA:  Oh, things - plural.
      • TXT 6-1  10:52 TA:  What is it?
      • Between 1-3 am
        • JA call
        • JA call
        • JA call
        • JA call
          • the longest of these calls was 17 secs indicating either
            1. JA left a voice mail
            2. TA answered briefly and told her he would call her soon
      • TXT: 6-2 02:06 JA:  Hurry up, I am getting sleepy :)
        • Jodi's text response indicates he told her he would call her soon.
      • TXT:  6-2 02:14 JA zzzzzzz
      • TXT - 6-2  02:13 JAThere once was a T-dizzle, who's things would not fizzle. He always kept his word, and had a whistle like a bird. And when he sang, it would sizzle :)
        • Jodi's "poem" indicates Travis answered the 17 sec call and told her he would call her soon.
      • TXT - 6-2 02:26 "I'm in the middle of something.  I call U as soon as (I) can"
      • TXT - 6-2 2:27 am JA OK T-Dogg.... Night Owl.  How did you like my poem?
      • ~ 3 am TA calls Jodi
        • the call last 18 minutes
      • ~ 3:20 TA calls Jodi
        • the call lasts 41 minutes
      • 6/2 4:03 am JA calls TA
      • 6/2 4:30 pm JA calls TA
      • 6/2 5:28 pm JA calls TA
      • 6/3 12:57 pm JA calls TA
      • 6/3 1:51 pm JA calls TA
      • 6/3 8:16 pm JA calls TA
      • 6/3  8:34 pm JA calls TA
The evidence supports the prosecution claim:   Travis was moving on and Jodi couldn't let that happen; she was obsessed with him.  He did not pressure her to come to Mesa.

    • Jodi made up the pedophile story 
      • Makes her victim look like "no real victim"
      • Makes jury dislike the victim
      • ruins his reputation
  • Jodi's testimony
    •  Left an item at his home, called him twice before she returned to get it
    • Walked in on him masterbating to a pic of a boy in his underwear and ran out
    • He was frantic to get a hold of her so called her lots of times.
    • She refused to answer, drove around for a while, ended up at the LDS center, and then went in for a while to sort her thoughts.
    • She finally called him back the first time and it was decided to met later.
    • They met later and talked, he told her he didn't like that deviant side of himself, and having sex with women made him feel more normal
    • She wanted to help so they had anal sex that night
    • Travis promised her he wouldn't sleep over at a friend's house who had children and broke that promise.
  • Jodi's "pedo letters"
    • Travis already raped little boys
    • Was targeting a friend's kid
    • the anal sex and boy's underwear (Spideys) were a symbol of child sex fantasies
  • Jodi's sex tape
    • Travis told Jodi she sounded like a 12-year old having her first orgasm.
    • Phone history and text history contradict Jodi's story. Travis was not frantic to talk to Jodi and Jodi was not avoiding him.  They never met that night.
      • 3:53 + 4:09 PM Jodi called Travis twice (would have to be the alleged calls immediately before the incident)
      • 4:29 PM TA calls JA for the first time (20 minutes after the alleged incident)
      • 4:53 PM JA calls TA (43 minutes after she allegedly caught him - does not match her story of "avoiding him.")
      • 5:11, 5:20, 5:48 TA calls Jodi three times (Jodi had his car)
      • 5:53 PM JA calls TA ( second call, does not match her story of avoiding him)
      • 6:41 PM JA texts TA (Jodi claimed the incident happened before this and plans were already made to meet that night)
        • "exchange car b4 Family home evening? (FHE)"
      • 7:00 PM FHE starts
      • 7:19 PM JA texts TA again
        • "NVM, not going now"
      • 7:20 PM JA tests TA again, same one
      • 7:24 PM TA finally replies
        • Hey, got a ride so you could get it. Go ahead and do it now,  just let me now" 
          • Travis isn't going to be home so Jodi won't get to see him.
      • 7:25 JA texts Travis
        • "I am almost asleep so we'll see.  zzzzzzzzz"
      • 7:27 TA replied, annoyed and angry, and they had not talked about the alleged pedo incident yet.
        • "you said you really needed it so I went out of my way so it would be there for you and now you are not getting it??"
      • 7:29 JA texts Travis
        • I was already sleeping before I sent u the other text.  I got woke up and sent it."
      • 7:36 JA texts Travis
        • I got a bad headache. I can barely move
          • AKA "Don't be mad at me, feel sorry for me instead
      • 9:11 TA replied 
        • Alright, get it tomorrow then
          • Jodi claimed at this time there were no plans to meet that night; contradicted her own testimony
      • 9:16 JA 
        • "Can you talk right now?"
      • 9:17 TA
        • "Not right now."
          • Jodi claimed Travis was frantic to talk to her.
      • 1-22 11:30 am JA
        • "how long?"  
          • JA claimed this meant how long before they could talk
            • It meant they didn't talk the night before like Jodi claimed.
    • A month after Jodi allegedly received the "pedo letter"  she and Travis had a 'sex date.'  Travis canceled.  Jodi was upset, disappointed, and tried to convince him to change his mind by:
      • Suggesting anal sex
      • using the Spidey's for a sex outfit
      • Telling him to fuck her like a horny little school girl
    • After she moved she didn't tell warn the alleged little boy's parents he was in danger despite her claim Travis already broke his promise to her, put himself alone with children, and she was no longer there to monitor him or relief his sexual needs.
    • After she moved, she continued to use child sex imagery to get his sexual attention when he wasn't giving it.
      • "Would you rather I say I have my fingers in my pussy?  That I am a little girl in need of immediate alleviation?"
    • There was not any child porn or related paraphernalia found in Travis' home when it was searched after his unexpected demise.
    • The sex tape
      • When Travis told Jodi she sounded like a 12-year old having her first orgasm she laughed.   Then, she moaned exactly the same way a bit later in the tape.  Jodi claimed she was faking it.
The evidence supports the prosecution's claim:  Jodi was lying about the Pedophilia.
    • Jodi lied about the 1-21 pedophilia and 1-22 physical abuse
  • Jodi's testimony
    • On Jan 21 Jodi learned Travis was a pedophile
    • On Jan 22 Travis kicked her in the ribs and broke her finger because she wouldn't loan him money
    • TEXT on Jan 22
      • Jodi thanked Travis for loaning her money
    • Jodi' journal Jan 24
      • " I haven't written in a few days cuz nothing noteworthy happened."
    • Jodi lied about the choking abuse
  • Jodi's testimony
    • They had a "come clean" conversation a few days before she left Mesa.
    • He admitted to her he was seeing Lisa while sleeping with Jodi
    • See admitted to him she kissed Abe before she was in a committed relationship with Travis
    • Travis flew into a rage and choked her until she passed out.
    • Jodi said this incident is what caused her to fear for her life on June 4th.
    • Jodi recorded Travis. She said it was May 10th, about 1.5 months after the alleged choking incident.
    • Travis brought up Jodi's kissing Abe.
    • Jodi thought it was hilarious,  laughed loudly, and called him a name and said "that was before we started dating. Your cute."
    • In her July 08 family letter and her late 08 manifesto, Jodi told two separate stories involving the "come clean event"
      • Happened a month before she moved.
      • Happened months before she moved.
    • In her testimony, Jodi told two different versions of how she learned Travis was sleeping with her while dating Lisa
      1. Travis told her about it during the "come clean" conversation
      2. A friend of a friend, Michelle K, came into her work and told her about it.
        • Jodi claimed Travis' angry 4-7 text was because he was angry she found out about Lisa
The evidence supports the prosecution's claim:  Jodi was lying about the pedophilia, being abused on 1-22, and being strangled.

    • Jodi dyed her hair to avoid detection in Arizona
  • Jodi's testimony:
    • She did not changed her hair to hide her presence
    • Pictures show Jodi's hair was lighter in May than on June 3rd.  No matter what some supporters think, blonde hair does not "fade to brown."

    • At the time she was trying to prove she wasn't there, Jodi implied that if neighbors said they saw her they were lying because the last time she was in AZ she was a platinum blonde.  She claimed they didn't know her well enough to recognize her with brunette hair.
    • The rental agent picked Jodi out of a line up but added she was blonde. 
      • he did not say platinum blonde
      • On May 15th, Jodi's hair was dishwater blonde to light brown with blonde streaks in front

The evidence supports the prosecutors claim:  Jodi changed her hair for the trip so she would not be recognized while at Travis' home.

    • Jodi lied about Travis' being the aggressor on June 4th
  • Jodi's testimony
    • Travis was angry that she moved away
    • Travis wanted her to stay
    • She destroyed Travis $6000 car right before moving away
    • Travis tried to help her put the responsibility on Uhaul
    • He agreed to let her pay him $100 a month once she got on her feet in Yreka
    • Travis used sex to "destress"
    • The had sex twice on June 4th, the last time just before his shower.
    • She was taking pictures of him in the shower, they were crouched down looking at them, and she accidentally dropped the camera
    • He got mad,  and body slammed her.
    • She feared for her life.
    • Travis' journal he was happy she was leaving
    • Travis' text about Jodi's need to start paying him for the car
    • Travis only tried to help Jodi after destroyed his $6000 car just before she was scheduled to leave Mesa for good.
    • Travis and Jodi had a big fight from May 22-26
    • Travis tried to cut Jodi loose
      • told his friends he was done with her
      • he only gave infrequent short, cold replies to her texts
    • Jodi continued to call him
      • 11 times on her trip over three days
        • he replied twice on the same day in the same hour
      • 6 texts
        • he replied twice
          • first to avoid calling her
          • second after she kept harassing him to call
    • ALV stated leaving is the most dangerous time for a victim.
    • Travis tried to cut Jodi loose and he ended up with one gun shot, 29 stab wounds, and a slashed throat.
      • Jodi only noted injury was a cut to two of her fingers 
        • The detective stated it was a common attacker injury
      • Jodi stated she had "scratches to her ankles, a hurt shoulder, and a bump to her head"
        • Jodi's credibility was poor as outlined
        • The described injuries are extremely minor.


Is it reasonable to believe Travis was an abuser who body slammed Jodi over an undamaged camera after Jodi came back and they "destressed" via sex x when he did nothing to Jodi when she destroyed his $6000 car at a time she was leaving him?

Is it reasonable to suggest Darryl Brewer would be lying about Jodi's plans?

Is it reasonable Jodi would purchase more expensive gas in California when she was traveling a road she traveled before and she could have purchased in in Las Vegas Nevada before being on an "unfamiliar route"?
Is it reasonable to believe Jodi would be appalled by the alleged pedophilia, want to help him, but use imagery she knew he allegedly associated with sexually abusing a child to convince him to have sex with her when he said "no"?

Is it reasonable to believe Jodi would use a child-related sexual imagery after she moved away and no longer had an ability to "watch him" or "help him" if he already broke a promise to her?

Is it reasonable to believe Jodi would  have anal sex with Travis right after learning he fantasized about children when doing it and then continue to do so?

Is it reasonable to believe Jodi's story she didn't dye her hair when pictures show she did?
Is it reasonable to believe that 1.5 months after a traumatic incident Jodi would find almost dying from an alleged violent crime hilarious but at the same time be so afraid from it that it caused her to kill a month later?

Is it reasonable to believe Travis was still trying to "hang on" to Jodi when evidence shows he was looking for a wife and getting his sexual needs met by another woman?

Is it reasonable Travis would loan Jodi money, Jodi promise to pay him back as soon as she could, then ask her to loan him money the same day, and  break her finger when she said she didn't have it?

There were many more inconsistencies in Jodi's testimony when compared to evidence.  Jodi failed to explain as to why the evidence is not consistent with her testimony.  It is not up to the jury to provide the explanation for her.  The jury has the full legal right to follow the rules credibility to determine if Jodi is lying.  And when she fails to present evidence in her favor other than her own testimony, the jury is left only with that evidence which contradicts what Jodi is saying.  Just because Jodi is the defendant does not mean her testimony trumps all other evidence.   The evidence fell into the favor of the prosecution and Jodi had little more than her own words to use in her defense. Jodi's words are not "evidence" of innocence when the entire picture is viewed, as a jury would do.

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