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A summary of lies by witness #1

 Witness #1 Marc McGee (MMC)

  • On 04/26/2014 Robert Geffner interviewed Marc McGee in person.  At that time, McGee claimed on or about January 18th 2001,  he and his wife were entering the Bishop,s house and found Travis inflicting physical abuse towards Deanna Reid.  However,  it's not what McGee was claiming earlier.  In 2013 McGee wrote the following that has forever been preserved on Social Media:
  • "I never saw Travis get physical with a woman" --  then how can he allege he witnessed Travis restraining Deanna Reid's wrists,  kneeing her in the stomach, and pushing her down to the couch?   If the incident is not "getting physical"  what is it?

    McGee's Allegation He Witnessed Abuse

     Marc McGee claimed to have witnessed Travis Alexander "getting physical" towards Deanna Reid on or about January 18th, 2001.  He alleged his soon-to-be bride was present and witnessed the incident as well.  Per his report,  she put cool wash cloths on Deanna's wrists as first - aide. McGee stated he comforted DR for 1.5 hours following the incident and it was then DR told him she had been home from her mission for a few days.  He claimed the incident and date could be backed up with his wife's journals.

    Marc McGee's bride-to-be was in the area because it was arranged.   He dated her online for some time and it progressed to the point where they wanted to meet.  Her parents called Bishop Parker and asked if there was a safe place their daughter could stay.  Bishop Parker invited her to stay at his house.  He added it was something he would not have done if there were other male tenants living there (his own family excluded).   McGee's bride-to-be arrived in Riverside at the Bishop Parker's house around late Nov/ early Dec 2000.   The relationship between McGee and this woman flourished and they became engaged on January 24,2001. They  married on March 10, 2001.   After they married,  McGee's bride-to-be would have moved in with him and no longer remained at the Bishop Parker's house.   Bishop Parker confirmed she no longer lived at his house after she married McGee on 3/10/2001.

    McGee claimed the alleged incident was in January 2001 and he stated he verified the date with his wife's journals.   The problem is,  Reid was in Costa Rica in January 2001.   She left for her mission in June 2000 and arrived home in November 2001.   This fact made Mcgee's claims impossible, and it was clear he lied.  He was approached by the defense to give more details to support his claims.  To defend his lie,  Mcgee offered two possible alternatives in his January 17th affidavit he gave to the defense. The first was Deanna Reid came home on a leave of absence from her mission.   As LDS,  Mcgee knows how ridiculous his claim is.  The standards of a mission do not permit leaves of absences.

  • Most missionaries are assigned to serve far from home,  including other countries.
    • Deanna Reid was assigned to Costa Rica, a 6.5 hour flight from her home
  • Missions typically last 18 months for females
    • Deanna Reid was on her mission from June 2000 - November 2001 
  • Missionaries serve on a volunteer basis and do not receive a salary for their work
    • Deanna Reid would have had to save and provide for herself while in Costa Rica.  A $500 round-trip ticket to go home for a few days would have been difficult for her to manage
  • Rarely do missionaries get "Leave of absences."  In short of a death of an immediate family member,  a missionary would not be permitted to leave and come back.  And, even when an immediate family member dies,  a missionary is expected to stay on the mission.
    • "In cases where an immediate family member dies, the missionary is strongly encouraged to stay on the mission"
  • Missionaries are not permitted to date while on a mission. 
    • It would be a violation of the rules
  • A missionary is allowed to have a boyfriend back home,  but cannot be actively dating him.  
    • they are only allowed contact via letters.
      • Deanna stated she could not call or email Travis. She was only allowed to write him
      • DR stated she only got two calls a year to her immediate family: Christmas and Mother's day
        • For rules this strict,  it would be highly unlikely Reid was granted a leave of absence and during that leave of absence would have went to her bishop's house with her boyfriend.
          • it would have violated the rules
  • A missionary can be sent home for a violation of the rules
    • If Deanna Reid left her mission on a LOA for anything less then the death of an immediate family member,  she would have been violating the rules and not allowed back
    • If DR went to her bishop's house during a LOA, she would have been risking getting caught and  not being allowed back on her mission
      • Travis only lived with the Bishop from June 2000 -August 2000
        • no reason for either Deanna or Travis to be at the Bishop's house in January 2001
  • Every missionary is assigned a companion who is with them at all times
    • "Missionary companions are instructed to stay together at all times and not to go out of the hearing of their companion's voice.[20]:30–31 Privacy is allowed only for personal care such as showering. One of the intentions of this strict policy of staying together is to discourage missionaries from breaking any mission rules.[20]:31 Companions share the same living quarters and the same bedroom, but not the same bed."
      • Reid could not have left her mission,  taken the 6-hour flight home,  been gone a few days, and taken the 6-hour flight back without being missed by her companion.  
        • If her companion showed up alone for mission duties for a few days,  this would have been noticed.
          • allowing Reid to leave against the rules and not reporting it would have gotten her companion in trouble as well.
Reid would not be allowed to leave unless it was because an immediate family member died.  And,  Reid could not have stole away for a few days without being missed. As a LDS,  McGee knows this but he was hoping no one on the jury would.   Just in case he opted to allow himself room for another way out.  

The second excuse McGee provided was perhaps his time line was mistaken and the incident happened later in the year.   The defense suggested November 2001 which would fit with the time Deanna came home.  However, it does not fit with the rest of McGee's story.  Other allegations McGee made set the alleged abuse of Deanna Reid to have occurred during the time his wife lived with the Bishop. Mark alleged to have found child porn belonging to Travis on a computer while his soon-to-be bride was living with the Bishop.  McGee made a statement in connection with the story which placed the alleged DR incident to have occurred before the alleged computer incident.  "He (Travis)starts to break down after McGee lays into him about DR and the photos.:  McGee can't lay into Travis about the alleged incident with DR unless it already happened.   McGee stated he was looking at his engagement pictures on the same computer which means the time frame had to be between his engagement on January 24th and his marriage on March 10th.    McGee's wife moved out of the bishop's house when she got married March 10th which means the story about the abuse and his wife being there cannot have occurred in November 2001.   

  • Abuse story could not have occurred in January 2001 because
    • Deanna was in Costa Rica
    • She would not have been permitted to leave unless someone in her immediate family died
    • She could not have secretly left for days without being noticed
    • Deanna would have had no reason to go to the Bishop's house should she had secretly left
      • doing so would have risked her not being allowed back on her mission
    • Travis had no reason to be at the Bishop's house 
      • he moved out in August 2000
  • Abuse story could not have occurred in November 2001 because
    • Mcgee indicated his wife lived with the Bishop when the alleged abuse occurred
      • His wife moved out of the Bishop's house in March 2001


In my opinion,  anyone making fake pedophilia claims has to be a very dark individual.   For every fake claim that is made,  it raises the chance a true victim will not be believed.   It's very sad when this happens and anyone who makes fake claims are helping some very bad people get away with some very severe child abuse.   

McGee alleged he had information to support Travis Alexander was a pedophile.  However,  evidence supports that,  like his lie about the Reid abuse claims,  McGee lied about his information. 

  On 04/26/2014 McGee met with a representative of the defense and told his story:
  • McGee was engaged and stored some photos on the Bishops computer
    • The time frame had to be between his engagement on January 24th, 2001 and his marriage on March 10th, 2001.
  • He allegedly opened the downloads file and pictures of child porn popped up
    • McGee described these pictures in detail
  • McGee alleged the files had Travis' name on it
    • McGee claimed he was afraid to go to the Bishop with his findings so he approached TA instead 
  • McGee alleged he left a note on the computer for TA to come see him
  • He alleged TA woke him at 2 am and they went outside to talk
  • McGee laid into Travis about the photos and DR.  
  • McGee told Travis he would not have a place to live if the Bishop found out
Bishop Parker testified that Travis was not living with him when McGee's wife to be was living there. He would not have permitted her to stay if other young men were in the house.  Additionally,   he testified Travis moved out of his home in August 2000.  Travis was not living there between January 2001 and March 2001 when McGee claims the computer incident happened.   And,  because he was not living there,  McGee had no reason to put a note on the computer;   He had no reason to expect Travis to come and visit at 2 am that evening in order to use the Bishop's computer.  And,  McGee had no reason to tell Travis he would have lost his place to live.  Travis did not live there.  

McGee's statements about the computer changed as well.   He had statements on social media that referenced catching Travis looking at legal porn.   Marc also made claims of catching Travis using adult porn to someone close to him.  The full story can be referenced here:

McGee's told the defense representative on 2/07/2014 that Travis denied the child porn download being his.   "
"Travis denied it, despite it being from his screen name from AOL and on the computer itself."  Nowhere in the notes from the conversation did McGee add Travis eventually admitted it.  He alleged Travis broke down and told him about his own abuse,  but he never said Travis admitted to the pictures.   However,  in his January 2015 affidavit,  McGee changed his story.   He said Travis admitted the pictures were his.

Bishop Parker's testimony also shows that McGee lied about the child porn incident.  Parker stated Travis moved out in August 2000.  This is at least 5 months prior to the time McGee alleged Travis woke him up at 2am after viewing the note he left for him on the computer. Parker's testimony confirmed that porn-type images had popped up on the computer.  The incident happened during the time McGee's soon-to-be bride was staying with him.   However,  he stated it was not child porn.  The computer was taken to a shop and the pop-ups believed to be from a virus.  No child porn was ever found.  The culprit for causing the download of the virus was discovered.   An ex tenant had admitted to his cousin that he did it.  The cousin told Parker's son and the information got back to Parker.

There is more testimony to come from Bishop Parker,  and I am guessing more will be produced to show the depth McGee went to in order to foster a lie for some woman he did not know.  He spat in the face of both domestic violence victims and those who have been effected by child sex abuse all in order to support a women he barely knew.  It makes one wonder what his family would think about his actions, and do they even know about his involvement in the Arias case?   Is his desire to remain an anonymous affidavit writer based on the fact he fears his family finding out?   He would like the world to believe it is for his safety,  but he has been too vocal on social media for that.  McGee lives in a foreign country were Arias is little known news so he has little to fear about being public in his lies.  Does he not want his name attached with the case because he has concerns about what his family would say?  And what would you say if you found out your spouse used you to support false claims about abuse and pedophilia?   Especially if it was to help out a member of the opposite sex around his same age?  

For anyone wanting to read the up-to-date details about the trial including Mcgee's claims,  please see   She charges a nominal fee of $5.99 per month and the minimum purchase is one month.  


  1. I really look forward to your articles so informative w new info. I did not realize no one other than " her" verified sex recording was made May 10th when do you think it was made ? Thanks


  2. Your such a great investigator,

    Could figure out what was going on with, Parker was shown a copy of the wedding certificate from Jake's wedding, dated November 1999, Where does that fit in? Does that mean Jake was not there that time? or what does it mean? Sometime I find it hard to follow the Tweets.

  3. Thank you for your comments. I try to use multiple sources to get the most accurate information but am always open for proof I am wrong.

    The DT was trying to imply that since Jake was married in 11-99, he would not have been there a year later. They were attempting to make the jury believe only single ppl came to stay at the Bishop's home. However, the jury asked a question which clarified the situation. They asked if the Bishop only housed singles and his answer was no.

  4. I agree with all said, but I'm Mormon and side note for you they can in fact be sent home for periods due to medical or emotional health and often if it can be resolved they have the choice to return to their mission

  5. Thank you so much for validating what I already knew. Jodi has people doing things like this for her. Matt McCartney is another one. She sent him magazines with a coded message. I'm not sure why Marc McGee would even want to be involved in this. I do know that Marc McGees mother provided documents for the defense right before delibrations. I think it was proof of when his fiancée lived with Parker and no surprise here documentation he's being harassed. Big baby. I'm hugely offended that what I experienced in my private life as a child is used in this case. It took me 15 years to talk to a professional and I don't want the convicted murderer placed in and category with me. She's dangerous I'm telling you. Not just for what she did to Travis, she'll be a cult leader at the new prison. She has this ability to make people do things against their own self interests


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